So continuing, another  snapshot of where my head is at right now.

It’ll make more sense if you realise that I’ve got about ten podcasts ahead of what you’ve heard thus far.  notice some more rigour in thinking about my finances and work.  Some health related stuff as I wrap up the extremities of the ritual, and transition into a more ongoing process of improvement again.  I’ve done my seattle trip and hit bottom a couple times since my last list which might be reflected somewhat. I’ve also cut out the stuff I feel I’ve already done to my satsfaction.

 a bit rough, but so be it.  a few curves next time. we ought to be at an interesting place once the podcasts for this have all gotten out.

-contact experience of the Augoeides/Daimon/HGA

-one hour of jhanna, seated, every day

-clarify the long game

-banishing and binding of personal demons

-take my ordination test

-start conducting study groups for the sangha

-stretch my neck and inguinal area twice a day rather than just once, as I do now.

– perfect my weightlifting form

-clean up my diet definitively, so as to remove my recently acquired allergies and maintain good energy levels ie; eliminate bread, dairy, pesticides, additives and whatnot as much as possible.

– transition into eating one meal a day, plus juices.

-uproot restlessness, need for distraction and entertainment

-stop swearing altogether, except for artistic usages.

-assess my material possesions and dispose of anything extraneous asap.

-acquire some portable recording devices to open up more possibilities for podcasts.

-maintain an incrementaly increasing level of invested energy and consistency in this site.

-compose at least one written piece a month, just to keep those muscles from atrophying completely and/or spend a couple hours a week polishing old material into some kind of book form.

-be more mindfull of people’s expectations in social situations

-print and distribute introductory massage coupons as has been done before, and make myself available to take on the resulting business ( ie: quit my security job).

-further, be prepared to continue this and keep doing cheap introductory treatments for as long as it takes to build a client base.

-get a cellphone and revise the design of my business cards so as to promote myself for medical massage work better and look into borrowing/renting a portable chair for same.

-get the website up to a traffic level where ads and donations are a significant portion of my income ie; post something every day, for starters.

-variously, attract business propositions on the basis of my work here.

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