Well, here’s

where we dip fully into some of the material which I came across, by pure accident, a day or two after recording this, in the video I shared earlier.

So: a nice neo-platonic rap on the life lived for essence, the Good, the True, the Beautiful, following your chosen virtues up the trunk of the world tree, and other such sundry considerations.

Direct download: AUG12-A_Single_Thread.mp3

podcast page here

I’ll be off the ranch for a couple days, but there’s plenty more to come.

Things get better, then worse, then better still. It ought to be somewhat predictable for me by now, yet somehow it’s not..


One thought on “Augoeides Day 13: a single thread

  1. I loved this. First, your talk of your struggles with boredom confirmed another mini-event in my little dream about you and tim, then you proceeded to kill me softly with your words.

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