…and we pick up exactly where we left off, as promised. You’ll be running a few days behind me, ( about a week actually) but I doubt anyone’s hearts will break from the suspense just yet.

   As we resume, we have some retrenchment, renewed resolution, and the real issue behind the whole thing, from macrocosm to microcosm

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5 thoughts on “Augoeides Day 12: the human problem

  1. Good thoughts, but you’re still problem-focused, or that’s how it sounds. Of course it’s best to resolve things in one’s own time, but “as long as we are alive we will face problems and suffering” (Israel Regardie), “Everything is Suffering” (Fat Man), and “Less Talk More Rock” (Laboratorian). It’s not so much about constantly fixing problems as getting the ones that are hampering your development fixed to free up that energy for advancement. Like Ken Wilber (yuck) says, if you have 20 units stuck on psychosexual issues, and 10 on intellectual ones, and the other 70 on social/personality, but it takes a good 80 to get to the centaur/5th circuit/whatever step, you’re going to have to free up some of that hampered energy. But you don’t need to get all of it, not right away at least. On the other hand, some thorough house-cleaning might cause the discovery of enough change to buy a pizza, if you check the deepest, darkest parts of the couch…

  2. he actually wasn’t the fat guy. that’s someone else. the chinese got confused.

    but yes, I was sorta hanging on by my fingernails that day. the ocilation from one day to the next is really quite alarming. it does sound a bit agonised in retrospect, but I’m obviously going to come away from this experiment with some blemishes on my indomitable facade.

    it’s not really about a Total Solution ™ but learning to not pass the buck and empowering ourselves sufficently to deal with our own issues, as a microcosm of dealing with the world’s issues.

  3. well all i can say is i really felt where you were coming from on some of the stuff in this podcast but we’ll catch up about it in person this weekend rather than trying to belabor the point here

    but yeah youre being too hard on yourself in the end. but at the same time thats all you can do if youre serious about anything. whatever it is you face after this – the rest period – is gonna be really rewarding so cant wait to see where you go with it

  4. I agree that the world’s problems are intimately our own, the macrocosm reflects the microcosm and all that, but sometimes I’m just so f**king tired.

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