This will be somewhat out of sequence with the podcasts, kind of running alongside that. A few thought experiments that work better as text.

   I just realised I hadn’t updated my goals list lately, and I’ve been inspired by the Laboritarian’s protestant work ethic to do so.

 Partly it’s that sense of being locked in that’s the reason. If everything I do has that sense of inevitability to it, then why set goals? In some ways making the lists was almost a mental trick for me to find a way out of that, to find some unpredictability in the timetable.

  Now it’s a case of Will. Will to what? What Indeed.

   So, divided by category; 

Spiritual ( see here.  some overlap, but we’ll sort that out soon enough..)


 -take my ordination test

-start conducting study groups for the sangha


-achieve optimal flexibility in my neck and inguinal area.

– perfect my weightlifting form

-clean up my diet definitively, so as to remove my recently acquired allergies and maintain good energy levels.

-continue to fast regularly once a week.


-uproot restlessness, need for distraction and entertainment

-one hour of jhanna, seated, every day

-stop swearing altogether, except for artistic usages.

-assess my material possesions and dispose of anything extraneous asap.


-acquire some portable recording devices to open up more possibilities for podcasts.

-maintain an incrementaly increasing level of invested energy and consistency in this site.

-compose at least one written piece a month, just to keep those muscles from atrophying completely.


-be more mindfull of social niceties, and observe politely automatic customs.

-visit seattle to cement my burgeoning friendships there, and lay the groundwork for my involvement in hollow earth radio

-actually talk to the people I live with.


-promote myself for medical massage work

-quit security asap.

-get the website up to a traffic level where ads and donations are a significant portion of my income.

-variously, attract business propositions on the basis of my work here.

so that’s a starting point. long timers may remember I stopping doing this about here. So consider this finshing what I began there.

7 thoughts on “Augoeides : Until the Final Iteration

  1. It’s not my Protestant Work Ethic, it’s my Capricorn-Capricorn Saturn nature. Whole lotta stubborn accumulation goin’ on.

    I’d advise checking out “Getting Things Done” and “Simplelogy”–the two provide some alternative views on what constitutes a “to-do” item and what makes for a goal, and some stupid human tricks to make them happen faster.

    On self-promotion:
    I don’t know what your place of residence is like, but get some of those understated “I paid a professional $100 to design this” swanky business cards with your name and a slugline like “Medicinal Massage, Traditionalist Psychospiritual Fascist Madman”, your phone number and email, and leave it in places like indie video and book stores or upscale bourgie-hippie grocery stores and someone will notice it and pick it up. I’m looking at one right now, in orange with the letters in white, and I picked it up at the local DVD rental library: “Firstname Lastname: Yoga Instruction [yawns] and Thai Yoga Massage”. It fell into my hands, what with the Thai massage therapist getting too pregnant to use most of the exercises and not being able to find another one in months. Even if the pickup rate is 1 in 20 and the call rate is 1 in five, that’s still a number of clients. That, and what is all the NLP and demon-summoning good for if not for wreckless self-promotion and salesmanship?

  2. my dillemma isn’t so much getting things done. it’s what to do after i get them.

    and it just so happens i live with a professional graphic designer. and the card thing has been done, but you can throw a rock and hit some kind of ‘alternative’ bodyworker in this town. i think i radiate a certain kind of callous brutalism that frightens the weak. which is odd since i have softer hands than my girlfriend.

    if i used your ‘psychic fascist massuese’ strategy, I’d end up making 100$ an hour in the BDSM community, which has a certain charm to it, but maybe not where i visualised going.

    no shortage of sick people. just gotta track them down. slightly perverse, but there you go…

  3. -stop swearing altogether, except for artistic usages.


    This list is suspiciously similar to lists I have been creating and revising obsessively (Capricorn nature as well) for the past month. I also found it extremely helpful to get a bunch of yellow “legal” pads (legalism?) on which I write down “to do” items which invariably fall into the over-arching larger goals and directions I have written down on the whiteboard in front of my desk.

    As I spend all day every day sitting around in my house, I write down things I need to do and then cross off things I do, no matter how small they are. I find it very gratifying and an exceptionally helpful way of making sure I stay on target and keep up with various goals and things.

    Then every week or so I go down and read the list and evaluate what I didn’t accomplish and why and then decide whether or not I really do need to accomplish it. At that point, I write an entirely new list with items culled from the old which I still deem worthy and then summarily throw away the old list.

    In fact, I think I’ll go do that right now while I’m thinking of it and my resolve is high (my list has gotten rather long in my laxity)

  4. One other more general thing I’ve been thinking about. You may notice that the “fireworks” you are looking for don’t actually occur until some time after the physical fast is over. And in fact, the physiological effects of the whole thing may actually be *worse* after you start eating food again.

    I think is what has been going on with me: a bit of a time-delay between my intention and its ultimate physical manifestation

  5. I do massage therapy in one of those Northwest cities where 1 in 3 is some kind of healer/bodyworker/guru/anarchist/polyamourous SOB.

    What you need are fans. I think the callous brutalism can work in your favor, as long they see a dash of natural compassion, or something down-to-earth that they can connect with. Its a mix between connecting with people and maintaining your boundaries. Most people don’t like the sappy, touchy feely bodyworkers, and those that do I assume you don’t want as clients.

    Doctors can be an excellent source of referrals. My experience is most aren’t interested, but maybe one or two are. Better yet, if you have a client seeing a doctor for a “condition”, and that client feels you are helping them, give the client some business cards and ask him/her to tell the doctor. Or you can write a doctor, “I’m seeing a patient of yours…so and so…blah blah…”

    Another big one for me early on was onsite chair massage. You meet alot of people, they get to feel comfortable with you…over time some will see you at your office.

    Talk to groups. I have many clients with MS and fibromylagia. I’ve given a short little talk at various support groups and sometimes I get new clients and sometimes I don’t.

    The thing to understand is, while on the one hand it seems like people have short memories and may forget about you, the more you’re in the air, even when you are not in the air, you are in the air, and eventually you’ll get calls from people referred to you by people only saw once years ago, and it builds.

    The point is, do something physical towards the goal, but you know this better than I do.

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