And we return from exile.

 As promised, we are well ahead on the recording, and we resume gracefully with a day passed on the top of a hill screaming my guts out.

  Direct download: AUG8-I_AM_HE.mp3

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  We continue with a mini treatise on buddhist insight practices, how they work vs. concentration, and how to nearly destroy yourself with them.

 But it all has a happy ending as we finally do heal a long standing rift in the psyche. Thankfully being a dumbass doesn’t always exact a permanent toll.

Direct download:


podcast page here

Huzzah! zac isn’t teetering on the edge of sheer insanity anymore! ( I can say this with a certain degree of confidence cause it’s been a couple days since then )

 Now watch me go do something entirely new and dumb, in search of the HGA, to fuck myself up…


 And we send the ice out, along with the all the morose psychoanalytic bollocks, to delibrately shift phases in the working. You can pick your own scabs forever, my friends, don’t make that mistake, cause it’s damn easy.

Direct download:


podcast page here


2 thoughts on “Augoeides Day 7-11: The Frozen Epoch

  1. Well, I’m glad to have inspired you to use my patented “Damn-is-it-cold-outside” technique to turbocharge your yogic hypertech. Interesting to hear about the physical side-effects of your outright psychosis as well. Anyway, carry on the Work.

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