Day 5: end of the third day of the fast * the supremacy of choice and intention * musing upon PKD * massive cross-disciplinary banishing ritual * remedial self metaprogramming and demon binding *

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8 thoughts on “Augoeides Day 5: …all of me that you’re going to get

  1. Sure, binding one’s personal demons may seem “remedial”, as it were, but it always amazes me how just externalizing something then showing it who’s in charge a couple days in a row can bring about dramatic changes almost instantly–I suppose the line is Frogs into Princes, after all. And likewise the suggestion to install a positive force in place of the negative one, or at least imagine a positive transformation for the negative entity.

    I’m only really surprised you did it at work.

    Good point about most modern magicians working from the collective effort of generations, as well, it explains how even a chaos magician with the concentrative capability below that of a first-grader with terminal ADHD can still achieve results. I like the sleeker layout, as well.

  2. I’ve done some of my best ‘work’ at work. oftentimes it’s been when i was utterly alone, sleep deprived and bored out of my mind. wonderfull prods to altered state meditation for sure.

    so in that sense, i can be thankfull for my detour into wage labour. i doubt i’d have gotten much done hanging drywall or lugging shinges up a ladder for years instead. both of which I’ve done and didn’t find especially facilitative to inner work.

  3. I’ve been pretty interested in the physiological tidbits of information coming out of the series actually. If I decided to try and do a fast (I’ve done one or two day ones before) it’d be good to know I think, since most of the websites/books I’ve read never mentioned any of it. Also sort of a side benefit is it makes me wonder about my day-to-day situation such as “If I’m overeating, how much of my energy is getting tied up in digesting food constantly and how would reducing my intake free that energy up?” One of the problems I’ve experienced when I fasted was that I’d freak out before hand and eat a ton of food and think “well, now I’ll be fine for the next couple of days!” and then afterwards I’d eat a lot again because I’d been thinking about everything I wanted to eat, so I wonder if cumulatively it helped very much at all.

    As far as modern magicians being familiar with NLP, submodalities, symbols, etc. I’ll sort of explain my point of view since I’m relatively new to all of it. Bsaically last year for whatever reason I really got into chaos magic which led to reading about more traditional (?) ceremonial magic (also what brought me here somehow) and I thought “I’m going to read every webpage about this stuff! I’m going to read all of Crowley’s books! I’m going to read all of Israel Regardie!” Somewhere in the midst of that I started to read the Alchemically Braindamaged series and I don’t know exactly what it was but I was basically like, “Jesus Christ my energy is all over the place, I need to just pick one thing and focus on that.” So I decided to just try and do meditation and disregard everything else until I could do that for a fair amount of time, hoping that the increase in concentration would be more beneficial in the end than having a little bit of energy spread everywhere. Consequently, I also gave up banishing because I just couldn’t get into doing a morning and a night LBRP everyday in a place where it was easy for people to hear/see me. Maybe it was when I did one of the AB exercises of writing down 10 things or everything you wanted and I tried to see what I wanted everyday and the list would get longer…and longer..and longer…so I decided to go down to 5 things that I wanted to absolutely do everyday and now I think I’m at 3 instead because even 5 seemed to be difficult with life. No particular thing in mind except maybe some more explanation about banishing since you mentioned telling people to do banishing even if it doesn’t mean anything right now, and since you did it at work, I’m guessing you just have a mental one not requiring vocals or elaborate gestures. But certainly other comments/suggestions/ideas would be appreciated.

  4. yeah ultimately if you have to choose one thing to start with, i’d say setting up a good platform of meditation would be it, beyond that expand into the supporting structure of the limbs of yoga, and beyond that into the symbols, nlp, hypnotic tech and the more exotic meditation states.

    the reason i could do it at work is that i could go far enough into my own mental imagery that i didn’t need to do anything physical. that takes some practice, but people do things like it all the time with thier emotions so you just need to reorient the skills everyone already has in their own emotional worlds towards something a little more intentional.

    most people can whip themselves into all kinds of states just by imagining it. it’s not especially different. think about quitting a job you hate, or a realtionship that sucks. that relief you feel thinking about it, is not terribly different than banishing, at least at the initial level.

  5. Ah, I forgot to ask, how do you practice getting into those different mental states? I read a book but it seemed like alpha, delta, theta, were all just different kinds of meditation like visualization, something.

  6. just another way of saying the same thing. you’ll get to know them by feel if you meditate often enough. most of the lighter meditation states are depths of alpha and when the inner dialouge starts to vanish and the imagery too, then you’re getting into theta and delta. look into it if you want but yogis got along just fine without it for thousands of years. if you happen to have a brain machine it might be usefull, but not so much otherwise.

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