for simplicity’s sake, I’ll only do one blog post for these to save time, and update it with whatever I record. thankyee muchly for your financial and spiritual support. I will strive mightily not to let the side down. we all hang together, or we all hang seperate.

Day3: first day of the fast * the temptation of premature confidence * the measured approach to demon binding * to stay and be happy, or go and be happy *  steps towards a fully formed statement of desired outcomes * odd physiological effects

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Day 4: Second day of the fast * the ‘demon’ choronozon * death by self interrogation* misplaced duties* the Bhagavad Gita* the electrolyte knife in the belly

Direct download: AUG5-Rise_Up.mp3

podcast page here

4 thoughts on “Augoeides Days 3-4: Notes from a Harrowing

  1. The Bhagavad Gita always comes in handy in moments like this–it’s odd, it didn’t make much sense to me when I read it, but having actually done the homework now, it’s tremendously quotable in its wisdom.

    My suggestion might be to out-insight your intellectual dissections–if you start screaming “thinking” or “moping”, or use an NLP anchor, at yourself everytime you start to pick apart things, I’d imagine you might accelerate your practice… If everything is ultimately for naught, then so is being miserable about it, right? The rub, of course, is to remember to do this when all the melancholy sets in.

    Regarding the diet, or lack thereof, I’ve been drinking about 16 oz of V8 to cover the sodium angle, and taking coral calcium and magnesium (apart from one another) to keep my electrolytes balanced and my nerves firing fine… follow your own advice, sometimes it’s good! That said, I’m going to see how I hold up in the gym right now.

  2. well, i upped my salts, so it’s probably all good. might be withdrawls off refined sugar, too, in which case i’m fucked, and i’ll have to writhe around like mark renton in trainspotting for a few days. but it’s been smooth sailing in that regard today, if nowhere else.

    the gita seems to have polished off the interrogation. avatars are good for that. seems to have been a passing phase, as we peel the onion somewhat. the specific doubts were replaced by the big demon of doubt himself whom i think i’ve dealt with decisively, but more on that soon enough.

  3. Since you mentioned that you could still be pretty physically active on a juice fast, assuming that you’re still meditating (…assuming you did regularly to begin with…) how is this affecting your concentration? At least for me right now at night if I’m tired it’s really difficult for me to focus, so I’m wondering how other physical symptoms can affect it.

  4. If anything it seems to help. fatigue or exhaustion are well known shamanic trance inducing techniques, and can transit well into concentration states.

    in my particular case it’s more mental distraction and fragmentation that erodes concentration practice, and the consolidated focus it takes to maintain the fast bolsters meditation quite nicely I’m finding, the added blood available also helps as the access states primarily involve shifting bloodflow in the brain.

    the latest update deals with concentration at length..

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