No more time to lay the groundwork. Right into the fire tomorrow.  It’s the first three days on the fast, under some pretty outrageous conditions, that will make it or break it, I think.

 But this is the point. Not to hide from it, but to face it. Time to grow some broader shoulders.

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5 thoughts on “Augoeides Day 2: commend me into the arms of demons

  1. At the very end of listening to this podcast, I began having the distinct impression that the events described in it took place quite some time ago, and that you were recording it or I was listening to it well after the fact. Not sure how to describe it…

  2. “Coincidentally” I also scheduled a fast without awareness of yours, which makes you, me, and Pop-Occ birds of a feather. My intentions differ from yours–I am on a retirement, not a “reintegration”–but best of luck with your reintegration in the face of the hoards of human misery. In the meantime, i’m headed to the Off-Track Betting site here to put some money on your success.

  3. you mean a ‘Great Magickal Retirement’ surely, don’t you?

    I’ve suspected there was some bird feathering thing going on for a while now. but i will claim ignorance of all details in court.

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