After a certain amount of deliberation, I’ve decided to go ahead with a particularly ambitious piece of magickal work.

  This series will run concurrently with systematic for the people, although that will come secondarily for the duration of this working.

   As for the what, how and why, I will commend you to our first chapter, in which we set the stage, put forth  the rules and explain our motives in short.

  Those of you versed in western occultism or at least with my site will be able to tell from the title what this is probably about, but you’ll get some hints and backround here here and here, among other places

   Why the mystery? Why not, my friends? … this is ‘occultism’ after all.

 Direct download:AUG1-priming_for_the_reintegration.mp3

Podcast page here

   In short it will probably be either my best work yet, or a catastrophic nervous breakdown captured in audio.  That ought to be worth your time, don’t you think?

13 thoughts on “Augoeides: Priming for the Reintegration

  1. well, it’s not a true physiological fast per se. straight water would be really dramatic and if need be i may do that at the end, but there’s really no danger of serious health issues.

    like i say, it’s really a way of maintaining an altered state for days at a time, and in that regard it more of a psychological fast than anything. just wanted something to kick it in the ass, is all.

  2. Absolutely fantastic Zac! Speaking as a fellow HGA botherer, I’m sure in years to come you’ll look back on this as the best decision you’ve ever made.

    As the nature of initiatory development is fundamentally revelatory, it is not possible to know at any given point upon the path what is necessary to advance (as we cannot know what the effects of a practice might be until we have been transformed by that practice, let alone where we are ‘advancing’ to), although we can make a pretty good guess. If we consider the HGA as the embodiment of that path (being your future magical self), and therefore Guru par excellence, once contact is made you find that what is necessary for the ‘Great Work’ is ‘presented’ or ‘brought to you’ by your HGA (usually via synchronicity). No matter how beneficial the practices are that constitute a self imposed regime, they are not informed by your future revelations and so can never yield the results that working with your HGA will bring. This doesn’t mean that future work will not include what might be practiced prior to HGA contact; but it does mean that (certainly in your case, being the acsetic that you are) you will work less for greater results.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is, the HGA will most certainly bring your voice back, and much louder than before.

    Check out our second podcast (I’m trying to convince Duncan to put it up now). It’s about working with the ego with some HGA bits thrown in – I think (well, hope) you might find it interesting.

    Oh yeah – what ritual format are you working with?

  3. haha you’re absolutely right nick. it is a variation on the male orgasm curve isn’t it? but the saving grace is that I control it, not someone else, and hopefully everyone else is clever enough to decide if they care to synchronize with that consciously or not.

    part of the motive is to definitively prove ‘if i can do, so too can you’, in a way I haven’t really attempted before, but in that regard it’s important to include people in the narrative as it were.

    alan- well, I can’t say I’m too impressed with much of the ritual material out there, so I’ll be kind of making use of my circumstances. the nice thing about the fast is that it gives everything that kind of liminal patina to it after a while. but there will be good stuff: horror, despair, binding of demons, wanderings in the woods.

    you know… the usual.

  4. sort of yes, sort of no. I don’t know if I’d call it a ‘dark night’ in the classic sense, but I could see it going that way if i didn’t do something dramatic soon.

    It’s time, that’s all.

  5. Yes! Wild. As soon as I saw what you’d posted with these, I realized – shit – this is what I’ve been doing the past two and a half weeks. I quit my job, secluded myself in my basement room, began fasting and reading the Bible out loud, burning a “Divine Providence” glass candle, meditating and a variety of other things. I had my biggest results after the end of the first week when I began having insane synchronicity hits around the Bible, which point towards the Gospels as being a covert instruction manual for the esoteric “becoming of Christ”, so to speak. Then my resolve wavered for a few days, slipped back into some of my habits, then at the end of last week started over with a new resolve and now I’m completely flying blind, but my basic premise at this point is to “seek my own death” in some sense. Not in a suicidal sense, but more in the sense that I think Don Juan talks about it in the first book. Dying to the world, to your past. Going for broke basically.

    Funny thing is, you *definitely* know when its time. And that’s about all you know.

    PS. I noticed the most drastic and repeatable cycle being the three day pattern: every third night you either die or are born again/resurrected. They end up bleeding together after a while.

  6. The other thing this all reminds me of is that part in the Last Temptation of Christ where Jesus goes to the desert and then draws that circle and says he isn’t going to leave until he hears what God wants him to do. I can’t remember the exact line, but it’s something like: no bullshit, no funny stuff, just real human words that tell me what you want me to do.

  7. In this piece, you explained how there was a period in your life where you came into knowledge of your “life plan,” a period where you knew in fairly good detail what you were to do with your life. If you don’t mind the inquiry, under what circumstances did this revelation come about?

  8. part of it was latent there from early childhood. it really clicked around the time of the experience I had that I talked about in the 8th episode of systematic for the people, and number 24 of the mosaic effect, if i remember correctly.

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