Well, since my mind started to throw up disorienting psychological effects at me before I even start the ritual, I figure that means game on. So we’ll be calling this our first day, even if all we do is go buy juice, and put forth some comparitive history of the HGA in various forms, from uncle AL to Bucky to you and me in our especially perturbed states.

  Expect the updates thick and fast from here on out, at least until I max out my upload capacity for a while, but it shouldn’t kink things up for more than a day or two here and there.

 Direct download: AUG2-Laying_it_Down.mp3

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5 thoughts on “Augoeides Day 1: Laying it Down

  1. A Crowley text I found really helpful is “John St. John” (Online version: http://www.hermetic.com/crowley/libers/lib860.html). It gave me some ideas for what you might actually *do* in a working like this, and also showed how you don’t need to withdraw from the world entirely to be successful at it.

    I’ve also seen *The Soul’s Code* by James Hillman recommended as a philosophical discussion of HGA. (Has anyone read it?) Not been able to get a copy, yet; every 5 weeks Amazon emails to say it’ll take another five weeks… Are they sourcing their copies from the other side of the Abyss?!

    Go, Zac!

  2. Did I sense some terror in your voice early on there? 🙂 Good luck with this thing. I was thinking that perhaps the reason none talk of the experience is that they literally cannot. As Terence would say it can’t be englished. Also, regarding those transitory feelings of its all coming together etc, that is happening to me all the time recently. I read a bit about the male orgasm narrative and AHA! Until I read a bit about hylozoism and AHA! But then I think about fractals and Joseph Campbell and AHA! I realise I’ve been sitting around in my underwear for three days and my unruly beard is beginning to scare my family. I hope your HGA doesn’t tear your eyes out…

  3. Wow. This is some interesting stuff you’re doing. It really makes me think how measly my efforts really must be in comparison.

    I think I hit a wall in my practice; and I’m wondering if something hardcore is needed to push me through this. I’m hoping I just need to be patient and stay consistent, but I wonder since the effects seem to be nonexistent.

    I’ve never fasted, and I think if I tried I’d end up a skeleton considering how fast my body burns calories.

    Anyway, I’ll definitely be listening in on the updates.

  4. Out of curiousity, what kind of blender do you have? I read a book about juicing several years ago and I always wanted a wheat grass juicer but I could never find one.

  5. I have to second the point about having some *gross* poop while you’re fasting. Beware! Hehe. Also, for people who are going to try this at home, if you’re not taking in any (or enough) fiber, well, you’ll see.

    I’ve also seen *The Soul’s Code* by James Hillman recommended as a philosophical discussion of HGA.

    Yes, the Soul’s Code is traumatically boring and I’m not at all fond of James Hillman. He is no successor to Jung. I actually only realized this today, but I think the best book I have seen on this subject is Marie Louise Von Franz “On Dreams And Death” which is ostensibly a book about just that, but in actuality is an EXCELLENT resource on Egyptian magic and how it influenced the early Christians, such as Origen, on the creation of the “Resurrection Body” with which you would be able to transcend death.

    One other personal anecdote: the last day of my job, two days before I started my own similar “ritual” was the second time I’ve ever *heard a voice* speak to me directly about my own life, telling me not to worry:


    Also during my ritual time period, I should point out, that I had an extremely bizarre business lunch with a tech company representative who is working on “augmented reality” technology. I took it as a kind of literal manifestation of what I was going through internally, trying to influence reality itself through my actions.

    Zac, I will be very curious how well you are able not to continue this, but to continue talking about it at some point. I had a variety of things happen to me during this time period which I felt ought not to be “betrayed to the masses” although a good part of that may simply be fear and the rest may only be the need to adequately integrate before moving on.

    But part of me wonders still whether there are certain mysteries which you shouldn’t profane even though you can. Although, at the same time, if you use somebody like Philip K. Dick as an example: it simply won’t matter if you blabber it all out, because people won’t be able to understand you until they do it themselves. I want to write about this more, but we have a HUGELY strong tendency in our culture and time to believe that we can vicariously gain someone else’s wisdom which they gained on their own through diligence, sacrifice, and monumental hard work. You cannot. If you feel like you are gaining it, you are not. You might be getting something out of somebody’s struggle which helps you understand your own, but you still have to pony up and do it yourself. And that’s the scary part.

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