By popular demand, I’ve recorded a long overdue piece of introduction to myself and my work. Slightly meandering as is usual for me, but if you arrive here utterly baffled about this raving charicature and his work, then your pleas for surcease have been answered.

 for the sake of clarity:

direct download Introduction.mp3

and podcast page here

  On another note, I’ve successfully added myself to the podcast directory for itunes, amongst the sundry broadcasts dealing with fairies, fundamentalism and watered down practices of various stripes in the religion and spirituality category. searches for me by name, or for ‘magick’ the ‘occult’ and strangely enough ‘peak oil’ amongst others will send you my way.

  just look for the six of swords tarot card

 a little smaller than this, though.

It says ‘science’ by the way…

  thanks for comin out, and have fun.

..and while you’re at it, if some of my fanatic legions who happen to use itunes could go write some reviews that would be swell. the conquest of the mediaspace continues on schedule.


3 thoughts on “Introduction: You Can’t Get There From Here

  1. Zac, I’m having trouble finding your podcast in iTunes. A search for “occult” returned a bunch of results, but not your podcast. Can you help?

  2. itunes is stupid to navigate… if you narrow the search at the top to podcasts, you’ll see it near the bottom.

    …and i notice if you just type ‘alchemically braindamaged’ in the search that works too now.

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