believe it or not, i do occasionally listen to people. this weekend is housekeeping mostly as i un-kludge some of the kludginess of my sites if possible.

  in aid of same, here’s a page of direct links to all my podcasts so far. you can always go to the page itself if you care to own them, play with them, remix them with porn films or whatnot, ( which i’m totally okay with)  but for sheer listening, go no further.

from most recent to least:




































new stuff in a couple days. i’ll add some descriptions of the tracks when i’ve more time..


9 thoughts on “Podcast Roundup

  1. I finally found your old blog site so I have some context where some of your podcasts are coming from. For people just joining, it is hard to get the 30,000 foot view on your work. You might want to consider a summary and introduction page. Heck, who are you? Other than what you mention in the podcasts and a few entries from 2002, I haven’t seen much about the man behind the casts and the writing.

  2. Recently you recommended Daniel Ingram’s book “Mastering the Core Teachings of the Buddha.” My birthday was recently, and for the last two weeks I lamented the fact that I forgot to include that on the book list that went to my parents. To my delight, though, I just yesterday learned that the book is available for free online. You may have mentioned this prior, but I thought I’d post it here in case anyone else was in my same boat. PDF and .doc versions can be found here

  3. well thanks al, and please don’t feel i’m ranting at you or anything, but I’m not sure i could satisfactorily summarise my ever changing worldview in a short space. I mean, this is it. all of it. I’m right here. I hate to rob anyone of the satisfaction of putting in the time to get the 30 000 foot veiw on their own steam.

    no need to go to the old blogger site or anything if that’s what you mean. the whole archive is right here, on the right.

    I’m always amazed, on a slightly tangential note, to hear how supposedly stupid/easily confused internet surfers are. there’s all this empahasis on making things ‘easy to navigate’. the pleasure of mystery, discovery and depth involvement seem to be disvalued in the ‘attention economy’.

    not that i defend bad design, but I keep hearing how us content folk are supposed to enable people to use our sites with the least amount of effort. that may be true in the case of click through advertising but nothing i do is supposed to be ‘easy’ or superfical. does anyone really think their work is meant to be skated across in a second, easily digested and forgotten?

    more effort! more! this is not the supermarket!

  4. I asked this in an earlier entry but I’m curious as to what strand of esoteric Buddhism you are involved with since you mention the connection to Bujinkan. I went through Jukai earlier this year and received the pratimoksa vows from a possibly related group since I am studying Tendai and one of the main Americans in our lineage is Stephen Hayes.

    It is interesting to run into Vajrayana practitioners of various types who have gone from being Hermeticists, Chaos Magicians, or what-have-you into embracing the dharma. I’ve seen this quite a lot over the years. I was lucky enough, a few years ago, to meet a small group of such who helped me understand the dharma better and see how my path related to it. This led me to take refuge with the Sakyas at the time and to have the opportunity to meet and work with some amazing teachers.

    You don’t speak much in the podcasts or the blog about the explicitly Buddhist aspects of what you do and I would love it if you did.

    I still think a bit of a autobiography would be helpful but if you want to have people work for things a bit, I understand. 🙂

  5. As to things being available at the right, I somehow saw that and then forgot it while looking for more information. Google turns up your old blog on searches for “Alchemy for the Braindamaged” and I didn’t realize the material was duplicated. Good to know.

  6. To throw in my two cents on the design issue: it’s one thing for content to require an adventure, it’s another for it to be nigh-inaccessible… “Easter Eggs,” “Private Entrances” and “Secret Gardens” ( will always rank higher on . The basic “hygiene” issues can unnecessarily drive away otherwise interested people instantly and seriously drop perceived credibility. That said, I make plenty of spelling errors myself. Particularly as the audience increases, it makes sense to increase accessibility. The difficult part can be in the understanding and in the executing, not in the finding… A whole lot of people might walk by the meditation bench everyday and only a few are going to sit on it but that’s not cause to obfuscate it, is it?

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