Augoeides Day 7-11: The Frozen Epoch

 And we return from exile.

 As promised, we are well ahead on the recording, and we resume gracefully with a day passed on the top of a hill screaming my guts out.

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  We continue with a mini treatise on buddhist insight practices, how they work vs. concentration, and how to nearly destroy yourself with them.

 But it all has a happy ending as we finally do heal a long standing rift in the psyche. Thankfully being a dumbass doesn’t always exact a permanent toll.

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Huzzah! zac isn’t teetering on the edge of sheer insanity anymore! ( I can say this with a certain degree of confidence cause it’s been a couple days since then )

 Now watch me go do something entirely new and dumb, in search of the HGA, to fuck myself up…


 And we send the ice out, along with the all the morose psychoanalytic bollocks, to delibrately shift phases in the working. You can pick your own scabs forever, my friends, don’t make that mistake, cause it’s damn easy.

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Augoeides Day 6: Towards the Center of the Weave

In the interest of conserving some of my upload capacity, I thought I might indulge in some text… try out my new desk and all that.

  Much of what I’m doing now is workbench stuff, and kind of catching my breath from the first phase of the working, consolidating the gains as it were.

  The fast remains easy enough. No jarring side effects. I’m concerned I might be overindulging in pureed fruits and veggies, and taking the edge off the fast, so I’m adjusting my intake accordingly.  My need for sleep is minimal and my energy remains high.

  The thrust of the weekend has been casting about for ways to go deeper, and along those lines, on saturday morning I consulted the thoth tarot, as it remains my favorite oracle by far.

I went for a fairly minimal three card layout, with the center card being the core idea of how to proceed, and the outer two modifying or commenting on that.


   the lovers


 the prince of swords                    

a bit of commentary thus:

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following this, I trekked out for a walk in the biting cold rain/snow to attend my martial arts class, which ended up being cancelled due to said weather ( the saturday class takes place outside right now but that’s going inside soon ) but I took the opportunity to plunge into some concentration practice as I walked, which I find I’m pretty good at, mostly aimed at exploring the themes of the divination and such. I find it’s mostly staying at the level of hypnotic type trance, giving some feeling of internal reorganisation. My overall feeling is that a lot of stuff needs to shift to get the contact I’m looking for and my experience so far confirms that. Building the landing strip as it were.

 Saturday evening was spent exploring the idea of some kind of ritual vocal incantion to anchor the process, vis a vis something like the bornless ritual. Arrived at something preliminary but still find the language jarring and stilted. I have trouble thinking my daimon would use language like that or need to hear it. But something verbal and impassioned that appeals to the right brain would be a step in the right direction, indeed.

  As promised I’ve drafted up a list of goals and whatnot for the working, to solidify the intent. It’s worth noting that much of what I specfied earlier has come to pass to a greater or lesser extent. Certainly there is much energy at my disposal right now, so a tighter focus is probably required to go further.

In any event the list is as follows;

( in no particular order as of yet )

 1. Contact experience of the Augoeides/Daimon/HGA ( I will admit to a certain desire for fireworks. buddhism  can be a bit drab. )

2.Break the deadlocked moribund routine of my practice ( I would consider this a done deal, even at this early stage)

3. Renew my sense of purpose ( also well along )

4. Clarify the long game ( ditto. more on this later )

5. Banishing and binding of personal demons ( again, ditto, as we’ve seen )

6. Definitive health fast ( certainly if I end up going three weeks or more, that will be a done deal )

7. Catalyse similar workings in others ( clearly there are at least three going on concurrent to mine, that I know of already, so there is sympathetic intent at the very least)

8. Arrive at the confidence and clarity to make siginificant life choices ( surely the banishing of my demonic critic and cynic will go a long ways in this direction)

I see it is snowing like a muthafucka outside, which is pretty rare for here, so I might take a hint from Mr Laboratarian and scourge myself at the hands of the elements.

So shall it be! Unto the end! Such are the words!

Augoeides Days 3-4: Notes from a Harrowing

for simplicity’s sake, I’ll only do one blog post for these to save time, and update it with whatever I record. thankyee muchly for your financial and spiritual support. I will strive mightily not to let the side down. we all hang together, or we all hang seperate.

Day3: first day of the fast * the temptation of premature confidence * the measured approach to demon binding * to stay and be happy, or go and be happy *  steps towards a fully formed statement of desired outcomes * odd physiological effects

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Day 4: Second day of the fast * the ‘demon’ choronozon * death by self interrogation* misplaced duties* the Bhagavad Gita* the electrolyte knife in the belly

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Augoeides Day 2: commend me into the arms of demons

  No more time to lay the groundwork. Right into the fire tomorrow.  It’s the first three days on the fast, under some pretty outrageous conditions, that will make it or break it, I think.

 But this is the point. Not to hide from it, but to face it. Time to grow some broader shoulders.

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More when I have time…


Augoeides Day 1: Laying it Down


Well, since my mind started to throw up disorienting psychological effects at me before I even start the ritual, I figure that means game on. So we’ll be calling this our first day, even if all we do is go buy juice, and put forth some comparitive history of the HGA in various forms, from uncle AL to Bucky to you and me in our especially perturbed states.

  Expect the updates thick and fast from here on out, at least until I max out my upload capacity for a while, but it shouldn’t kink things up for more than a day or two here and there.

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Augoeides: Priming for the Reintegration

 After a certain amount of deliberation, I’ve decided to go ahead with a particularly ambitious piece of magickal work.

  This series will run concurrently with systematic for the people, although that will come secondarily for the duration of this working.

   As for the what, how and why, I will commend you to our first chapter, in which we set the stage, put forth  the rules and explain our motives in short.

  Those of you versed in western occultism or at least with my site will be able to tell from the title what this is probably about, but you’ll get some hints and backround here here and here, among other places

   Why the mystery? Why not, my friends? … this is ‘occultism’ after all.

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   In short it will probably be either my best work yet, or a catastrophic nervous breakdown captured in audio.  That ought to be worth your time, don’t you think?