as a lark, before we resume the practical stuff, we simultaneously do a halloween extravaganza, an election preview special, and an example of how to plunge oneself into a totally paranoid hellworld, where luciferians rule the earth.

 there’s some stuff about american politics, the metaphysics of light, half assed futurism, world war 3, the illuminati, and global macroeconomics.

  Don’t drink the kool-aid. at least no more than is somewhat fun for you…


4 thoughts on “The Light at the End

  1. Well, funny how this takes us full-circle again, doesn’t it. And I’ll answer with resonance rather than reason.

    We see these Lucifereans appear possibly afew hundred years ago, which dovetails nicely with the rise of the Modern mentality–which immediately points to “science” to me: taking a cold, hard, materialistic approach to things. And as the Luciferean trend works its way through the halls of power, inspiring all sorts of ideas among the upper echelon, the Scientific increasingly dominates the more horizontal aspects of life, providing more and more possibilities and understanding more and more. All well and good. The top of the pyramid wants all of us to live in moral peace and righteousness and meanwhile all around us, the Am ha’Aretz, have, despite a growing lack of purpose, more freedom and more capability in each of our hands. And we can see how the rise of a more rationalistic power structure, with pretentions to “democracy” and “republic”, gradually, sometimes violently, superseded a sickened authoritarian ideology, even if the structures remained remarkably similar.

    But these Luciferean and Ahrimanic forces danced separate from each other, and without respect for fundamental truths about the self, impermanence, or natural cycles. And as such you can see how among elites who are explicitly members of these groups there’s a schism–The Temple of Set, largely composed of child-raping Military geeks, is explicitly a “Night” religion, while you see at the same time the rise of the Lucifereans with all their white-light overdosing ready to hook everyone into the matrix to create permanent bliss as soon as they get the technology. And all along they’ve lost the plot but been given the keys to the most recent round of the Risk gameboard, possibly b/c only they have the wherewithal to sit through more than one round of that shit… Regardless, when one degenerates so much that one sunders the images that were initially the key–

  2. this was a strange one. in some ways i am so over this shit it’s not funny. steiner and all. but it’s hard to be ‘over’ something that carries so much defintive history and reality to it.

    I remember the near apocalyptic despair and hysteria after the 2004 elections, and i can feel something similar, even worse coming down the pipe. if i all i do is bullwark myself against that, then so be it. this shit is chess, not checkers. just deal with it.

    and i wanted to introduce a few new concepts vis a vis the solar mythos and whatnot, cause it feels a little more true to me than the laboured steinerian schema in some ways.

    and, i guess i’m starting to verge into heresy vis a vis peak oil and all that. the more i go into it, the more this malthusianism phase everyone is in stinks to high heaven. everyone so worried about being played by the media and fascist conspiracies…yeesh. check your heads, people.

  3. I was over Steiner after slugging through seventy pages of a poor translation of even worse German of him describing his “understanding” in terms that make absolutely no sense. But that said, I think the basic Lucifer-Ahriman scheme isn’t all that bad. But in my more paranoid moments I can’t dismiss the possibility that there may in fact be evil kung fu masters named “Lucifer” and “Ahriman”… or for that matter that earth was seeded with life to become a weapons factory.

    And the Peak Oil problem stinks for a lot of reasons, a lot. Oh, oil will peak, it just isn’t going to be the “Global Clusterfuck” Jim Kunstler et al talk about. Though it may end up precipitating one on account of the reactions and plans of the ruling class.

    And something crazy will have to happen to keep a democrat table-turning from happening. But it’s worth noting how liberal-conformist and communitarian the dems have been when they’ve been in power–they ain’t changing shit.

    I might just say that long story short, the control on the flow of information, particularly with regards to the market and political news, is such that it’s not worth deciphering. I’m going to be at the altar and on the meditation mat regardless–some things never change.

  4. I really liked the delineation of the differences between worshipping the sun vs. worshipping light in this one. Very important. But at the same time – I think Riggs kind of touched on this above – it seems like there is necessarily a dark side to their mythos, whether or not they intentionally created it. It has been spawned regardless in at least the popular mind with Satanic Ritual Abuse, etc.

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