As we come to our penultimate chapter dealing with the limbs of ‘yoga’, I have to cease my relentless browbeating and instead exhort one to love, reflection, relaxation and release from false evidence appearing real.

In so doing, the door opens to infinity, or at least some really kickass moves on the basketball court.

Peak experiences, boundry dissolution, foci for concentration, and why some things are easier to focus on than others.

as tyler durden once said; you are not special, you are the same decaying organic matter as everything else. Who knew he was referring to the fundamental unity beyond the ego?

step right in,  space monkeys…

Direct download: wave_of_dissolution.mp3


3 thoughts on “Systematic for the People 7: Wave of Dissolution

  1. Guess everybody has dissolved and doesn’t remember 🙂

    Had a foretaste of ego dissolution when doing some concentration practice on an object a few days ago.

    Stopped smoking since more than a week also.

    It is hard to keep up a regular practice, still stuff in the way, but the outline you’ve made so far is very clear and practical. Just have to work at it.

    Reading ‘The Yoga’ from Mircea Eliade along, very interesting. When your views are added, this book finally makes sense 🙂 (been reading it on and off since I was 13 or something!)

    How’s everyone else progressing so far?

  2. In one of the mosaic effect podcasts Zac said “If you really only had one goal, then you’d get it” (Whichever one was about cocaine and pictures and words, maybe #5) so with this series I’ve tried to boil down my desires to four basic things every day. Studying for 30 minutes, exercise/yoga, meditate, and write something. I was doing ok for a few days but since I want to do everything in the morning instead of at night, it’s a really big struggle (and so far an unsuccesful venture) to get out of bed in the morning. My back really sucks so sitting for more than 10 minutes is difficult but I’m wondering if the preliminary stages of meditating where my mind chatters a lot is like something you have to go through to get to the boundary dissolution point. But I’m finding that I become more aware of when I’m not focusing on my breath than I did in the beginning which is encouraging.

  3. Don’t know about you, but ‘concentrate on the quality of your concentration’ really helped me get jump started (access concentration).

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