I’m going to assume that you don’t want to be decrepit and sick, that you want to live long and stay active, that you’d like to be able to fight and win when you need to, and hold your ground in a clash of wills.

With that in mind I feel good in recommending the practice of asana.   It’s not like pilates. Although you ‘d probably end up with a decent six-pack anyway if you tried hard enough. Magick is good for all kinds of things…

So suck it up, stand up straight, and get ready to pull your shit together.

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11 thoughts on “Systematic for the People 3: Walking the Walk

  1. as a pointless tangent, don’t be so rough on the mixed martial arts crowd. I learned more with kickboxing and jiu-jitsu than I did with any traditional external styles and probably got more postural exhortations as well. At least they know how to throw a punch better than any tae kwon do guy I’ve met. I think it’s a problem with all the external styles, even the circular ones, be they traditional, close-combatives, or sport.

    Regardless, I had a few days ago posted the word “Posture” on my computer monitor after Kundalini yoga cracked my spine back into place. It’s hard to undo years of abuse and there’s a lot of pain from adoption of an improved posture after years of neglect, but it’s better to do it now than at at hunchbacked, breathing impaired 70.

    The advice on being mentally “seated” is far more than I would have imagined with “asana,” though. I was expected 20 minutes of abuse on the need to sit still but your suggestions about charisma etc. are excellent.

  2. much as i dislike mixed ‘martial arts’ it’s truly cruel to compare their efficacy to something like tae kwon do…

    it’s almost as bad as these ‘christ-centered martial arts’ you see from time to time. gives em something to do at jesus camp i guess.

    but yes… huge digression

  3. Well, well, I wonder why there’s so little response.

    “Sit up straight? Exercise? Eat healthy? What does that have to do with Supernatural Powers? Fuck all that “spine” crap, i’m a magickian!”

    Yeah, and a pale, bloated one at that. go smear your precious bodily fluids on the back of those store receipts and keep talking about “hypersigils” and stay hiding in the basement. Us warrior-monks and psychic vikings will push you out of the way when it becomes necessary.

  4. let it never be said i don’t have enthusiastic fans.

    almost entirely so actually. i almost never get someone showing up to give me shit. don’t bother trying to instigate shit here! everyone loves my ass here!

    it’s like a cult of murderous fanatics who never have any enemies show up at the temple…

  5. So I’ve just got round to catching up with your podcasts and I’ve got to say I’m impressed, probably the best commentary of the Yoga Sutra’s I’ve heard/read. You’ve really made me go back and think over them anew and I’ve only got up to part 4 :-).

    Adding to that tangent started above regarding mixed MA, Though I agree over-emphasizing cardio and strength can often lead to a stiff and unwieldy body, there are equally many practitioners of internal martial arts that are so fucking deadly they could kill you with their little finger, just don’t ask them to run up any stairs. I know this from experience, having practiced Tai-Chi for many years where there is surfeit of arm-chair masters who use the label ‘soft’ martial art as an excuse for avoiding anything that may raise a sweat.

    Anyway thanks for putting this stuff up, it’s really interesting and it’s got me thinking in new ways about concepts I once thought familiar. I’ll get around to putting some money in the tip-jar soon.


  6. yeah no question. it’s embarrassing to see’ internal’ martial artists who are too fat to touch thier toes, or whose cadio is shit. i just tear my hair out watching these UFC fights where it’s clear that a combination of stupid rules and faulty logic have turned most of the movements to garbage and yet this is presented as the ‘real deal’. if they were in there with knives, even fake ones, or fighting on cement, it’d be clear real fast who has their shit together.

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