The culminating chapter in our quest for the perfect map, and the ultimate futility of such.  Henceforth will come the promised transition towards greater practicality.

   The map and territory, using the map to find your purpose, steve pavlina and heartwarming personal development questions run headlong into global genocide and extinction level events. Mystical experience and the creative void at the heart of everything …and I threaten to tell people what the fuck I’m trying to do with all of this.

    Hook yourself up with the gaian hypermind and contemplate the cause of life on this earth and beyond.

8 thoughts on “The Mosaic Effect 24: The World To Be Saved

  1. Thanks for the great resource in Steve Pavlina — esepcially his audio section. Over the last few months, I’ve been increasingly amazed at the vast amount of great podcast resources the net has to offer (espcially with this site). In the future, foresee everyone’s “links” sections forking to include the great audio treasure troves out there. If anyone has any other recommended storehouses of podcasts, hook up the links. I have plenty of commuting time to burn. (I cannot beleive I used to listen to so much music.)

  2. Best podcast yet. I love the concept of being a ‘champion for life’ …it evokes imagery of the noble warrior… & is a welcome alternative to the negativist attitudes that often arise is the face of life’s challenges, both large & small. Keep up the good work & fight the good fight. I for one intend to do the same.

  3. My favorite episode yet.

    When you first mentioned the possibility of a cataclysmic impact from a meteor, I felt a huge sense of relief, as if a burden were being lifted from my shoulders. That would absolve humans of all responsibility for the terrible damage we have inflicted upon the world. It’s all temporary, right?

    And when you sketched out a possible purpose for our existence, why Gaia would continue to let these destructive clever monkeys live, I felt the burden settle right back on again.

    Which isn’t to say that’s a bad thing. I was just startled by the brief lightness I felt. It’s good to find one’s purpose, and aligning yourself with your own highest and best does also align you with what is best for the Earth and her people (and by “people” I mean all of the life, not just human life).


  4. well, part of the point is that regardless of what most of us do individually, human beings are already in a position to fullfill that purpose. so long as we maintain that capabilty at the minimum, we’ve justified the expense of our existance.

    I have no doubt whatsoever that we’re evolving into a higher state. the very fact of things like primitivism proves our evolving consciousness of nature and the earth. it’ll all come out in the wash.

    so just set that burden back down, sister. it’s a done deal.

  5. You hit upon in interesting point in this article, one that evokes a question that has nagged me for quite some time. In looking at the “rational” approach to finding one’s purpose–that is to say using various models to outline reality to the best of one’s ability and inserting a personal “role” into that framework–do you belief it is possible for somebody to accomplish this task satisfactorily? In other words, it is reasonable to expect one to gain an accurate picture of reality through rational and methodical studies, or would one be better served by invoking a guide–whether we call it an extradimensional alien, the Infinite, the Higher Self, God, or whatever–for this purpose? I know that a lot of your work deals with this sort of thing, where the object is to play with the mind so as to faciliate such visionary experiences, and I’m wondering if you see that sort of thing as being useful in the search for an accurate picture or model of reality.

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