An extra long and extra wild foray into a wide range of disturbing topics, and plugging them all into a horizontaly and vertically integrated developmental model.

   Ritual abuse, occult crime, recovered memory, the hosanna church coverup, the franklin call-boy ring, project monarch, swarm logic, holistic understandings, and why the evolutionary process sometimes gives rise to assaults on the past and the future.

    settle down with your inner mind controlled sex slave and sort this muthafucka out.

16 thoughts on “The Mosaic Effect 21: The Sleep of Forgetting

  1. Probably the most sane analysis of this phenomenon, though I suspect that even the suggestion that these things have occured is enough to ire the “skeptics”–It’s funny how when well-documented history runs headlong into cognitive dissonance, arrogance, not truth, seems to win out.

    It is strange to see these victim monologues. Like Kathy O’Brien–Guerilla News Network did a documentary on her but never finalized it, including some disturbing shots, taken during a medical exam, of what appears to be a distorted, iconic face carved into the wall of her vagina. These people saying these things tend to be legitimate victims of *something.* But as Zac says, whether it was Hank Kissinger or just some twisted shit, I don’t know and it kind of doesn’t matter systemically. At the same time, I do suspect that a number of these “recovered” memories are not exactly real the way e.g. remembering what you did last night is, in that it seems to be people accessing something floating in collective space. I’ve known one or two people that complained pretty seriously of having a lot of negative, satanic fantasies–in the sense of “phantasmagoria”, not necessarily but not excluding sexual fantasy–that revolve heavily around ritual rape etc. As someone said, “it’s all out there astrally.” Ken Wilber briefly talks about this, saying something like it’s a processing error where you end up mapping a memory of maybe a night terror or a transcendental “state experience” (bad trip) of horror over the memory of, e.g., Mom holding a knife while she’s carving up a turkey. I don’t agree with that entirely but it’s another consideration.

    When do we get to alien abduction? because those greys fuckers are wierd, they don’t understand emotions and just stare at you.

  2. Interesting and eerie coincidence. Just yesterday I looked into this for the first time, having followed comments somewhere where a woman had mentioned “operatives” attempting the abduction of her daughter away on a trip. These operatives, she believed, were from the same group that had abused her when young, causing her Dissociative Identity Disorder/ Multiple Personality Disorder. Strangely her blog ended a few months ago with a blockbuster post “The Illuminati’s Biggest Secret” (a well written blog, but not sure if I should link to it – let me know if interested).

    This sent me off to research the variety of illumati legends, and actually found some very helpful objective (plus some not at all objective) info online. Interestingly, anti-semitism factors greatly in many of the constructs. Funny, I thought it was white anglo-saxons that controlled everything!(?)

    Well I certainly appreciate the effort you’ve made here, and the discussion involving many subjects and perspectives unique to me. It’s big picture ideas like these that help me integrate the variety of deep concepts I’m already familiar with, but have a lot of catching up to do, it seems.

    It’s the sobering weight of such matters which will hopefully provoke a few of us on to a greater level of commitment to ease the ‘suffering of all beings.’

    Forum feedback: I like the podcasts, but miss the text, which was easier to reference. Any chance of including a cleverly disguised outline/summation on the page? Also it seems that older files are removed? I couldnt dload some of them.

    Thanks for the link too. Shine on!

  3. so far as i can tell the all the old files still work. my stats say pretty much everything i’ve got gets DL’d at least once a day, even the very first ones.

    and do you mean i should do a short summary of the content of each podcast on the blog page? i kind of thought i was, but maybe they’re a little too oblique and/or clever. i try to avoid anything that could be construed as talking down to my audience. i like to assume that everyone has at least as much intellect as me.

    i know people do miss the text from time to time. it’s very much a practical and time management thing for me. i can push content so much faster this way and it’s really the only way for me personally to keep up with the pace of my thoughts.

    I am slowly plugging away at shaping some of the older stuff and updating it into some sort of book/books form. I’d hate to just issue a compilation of old stuff without adding some value and new insights there.

  4. I’m glad you’re working on book-ifying your old stuff (and adding to it). Just point me to where to buy it when it’s done and I’ll be there.

    Haven’t listened to this podcast yet, sadly for me. It’s been pouring rain here for days, and I prefer to listen to you on my hikes, not sitting inside. If I had a fireplace, maybe. But I don’t. I’ll be back with comments when the rain stops.

  5. I think you do a great clever & oblique lead-in to the story! What you do is fine, and time efficiency is always a big concern. My feedback is only suggested in a helpful spirit. While thinking of ways to re-reference the concepts you speak of, it just seemed like a cool idea to include – maybe a link – to the conclusions you make regarding the subjects introduced. Perhaps creating a written record, solidifying your own thoughts after you record and listen again is good … but then maybe (probably) it’s a bad idea and the listener should be making the connections and taking the notes (myself)! *grin*

    Your final thought there is very intriguing. I’d love to see you revisit the “old stuff” and update and compile it. Take all the time managemnet shortcuts you need!

  6. Hey,

    I’ve been Playing/Working hard lately, so I haven’t had much time to soak in the internets, but I had my itunes going on shuffle during the morning, and as I got out of the shower your podcast 17 was playing, and if I didn’t make it absolutely known in the comments for 17, this one really kicks ass.

    “Those of you who are conscious, who are becoming conscious…you need to stand up…you need to quit being paralyzed and shit-scared of whats going on…because, You’re Going To Win. You Will Win…Everyone who has the ability to get themselves up need to stand the fuck up and Do Something…”

    Great words, man.

    Haven’t had a chance to listen to this new post yet, but I’ve really enjoyed and learned a lot from this Wiber/Spiral Dynamics topic. You do a good job of giving a newbie an overview.

    And I just gotta say, on a personal and completely unrelated note, the futhark kicks ass for divination. I’ve always tried using the tarot, but could never get any real, meaningful readings. I started using the runes about a month ago, and man, I’m shocked at the results. Topical, accurate, and unbelievably helpful and insightful. All thanks to the All-Father, and, for those of you who haven’t tried ’em, DO SO. They’re like a streamlined, laser-focused div tool. Plus, all the paper in your house ends up scrawled with cool looking rune-stavs and bind-runes. Its really starting to freak my roommates out. 🙂

    Be Good


  7. Oh, and I forgot the coolest/weirdest synchronicity aspect. Just a few weeks ago, this murder of crows set up shop in a grove of trees outside my apartment. Now I know crows aren’t ravens (though all ravens are crows, take that, LSAT logic section), but fuck it, close enough. I now wake up every morning with crows cawing outside my window, which puts me in the perfect mindset to throw the runes…


  8. (If you need someone to re-read stuff, or clean up text, let me know. I wouldn’t dare talk for her, but I think miss Kylark would love it too).

    The show is spot on, as usual, btw.

  9. Hey zac, I don’t have much to say except some words of appreciation/encouragement. I’ve been following your work for well over a year now and I always find it valuable.

    At first I was a little ticked off at the change from text to podcast, but now that I’m having to drive a longer distance to get to work, it’s great to have your podcasts to listen to!

  10. Another wonderful one-sided conversation, zac. A little wordy at times, but even that’s good exercise for my brain. The archetype explanation for repressed memory syndrome was setting off my not-bullshit detector all over the place; it makes the most sense of anything I’ve heard or read on the subject to this point, by far. Also, I hope you’ll talk some more on how all these seemingly small or isolated occurences, happening in all these seemingly seperate areas of life, are connected, and are symptomatic of greater things going on within a whole system. It’s a subject of particular interest to me, and obviously my particular interests should be the basis for your chosen subject matter. Thank you. Good day.

  11. Ronin,

    I’ve never heard of the futhark but you sure make it sound intriguing. If ‘futhark’ is just the proper term for rune divination, then okay, I’ve heard ‘of’ it. But I’ve never tried it. I shall have to give it a go. Any chance you’d write up a little something about it for my oracle blog? Nothing fancy or anything (unless you’re feeling fancy). I just can’t believe I’ve not come across it before, in all my years of fascination with such things.

  12. Allison,

    “Futhark” is simply another name for the runic script, just as “alphabet” is another name for the English script. The term “futhark” comes from the first six letters of the runic script: Fehu, Uruz, Thurisaz, Ansuz, Raidho, Kenaz (F, U, Th, A, R, K).

    And yea, I’d love to do a writeup for you. Again, I’m no expert on the runes-I’ve only been using them for about a month now-but I had done some research before I started using them, so a writeup would be a good way to put it together in my head. Just…give me about three weeks…as I mentioned I’m running a little full right now. I’ll piece it together and submit it to your site- which is quite pretty, by the way.

    And definitely try using ’em. They’re great fun and very insightful…

    Be Good,


  13. Thanks Ronin. I’ll definitely be trying it out. And I look very much forward to reading your post, whenever you’re up for writing one.

    Be good… Can’t promise anything there.

  14. By the way, the invitation to guest post on my blog is open to anyone with the interest and inclination. It seems like a pretty specialized subject on the surface, but there’s plenty of room to play around within it. Sorry zac if plugging this here is not cool. Feel free to delete.

  15. It has been years since I saw it (& only vaguely recall its salient points) but for some reason the film ‘Altered States’ comes to mind. Not sure if it is appropriate to this discussion; nevertheless… In listening to this segment I am reminded of the ‘biogenetic law’, a.k.a. the biological ‘theory of recapitulation’ (best known for its summarizing phrase ‘Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny’) that figured prominently in that film. (I have only been recently been introduced to Wilbur’s color meme theory through your excellent podcasts, so bear with me please as I try to make sense of it all.) You mention that at any given higher ‘color meme’ we reiterate the process of conceptual integration, for lack of a better term, that had to be undertaken in order to successfully integrate prior memes. This process repeats itself in predictable fashion as we proceed ‘up’ the color meme spectrum. If we think of human consciousness (mind? perception? soul? a combination thereof? as an evolving trait that adapts to new experiential/ environmental factors similar to – but not necessarily limited or related to – biological/ physical evolution, then it seems to me that the common process of complete integration at each level of ‘color meme’ is not dissimilar to the process of successful integration of biological traits that got our physical forms to where we currently ‘stand’ (pun intended). Given the head-spinningly volatile combination of ‘outside’ stressors such as the newfound ubiquitous-ness of information, the vast natural resources at our disposal, & the precarious, potentially lethal, state of an increasingly integrated, nuclear-capable world that finds itself poised on a bio- & nano-tech revolution… it is not unreasonable to propose that our individual (& collective?) human consciousness is undergoing an accelerated adaptation necessary for survival. The individual & collective process of consciousness evolution may be recapitulating past archetypes then, as opposed to prior biological forms, as it seeks a new state of safe equilibrium. If the ‘integrity’ of our current system is at risk of breaking down, then it is not unreasonable to expect that our consciousness is seeking a new state of homeostasis. Adapt or die.

  16. ahhh… it’s comments like this that make it all the more worthwhile. I do think you’re very right. I’ve had similar thoughts myself.

    It may be though, that there is no new homeostasis to be had, and we’ll simply be going through a kind of wild creative ocilation as our new ‘steady state’

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