More of an appendment to our prior discussion than anything else, but filling in some necessary blanks in the SD model.

   Once you’ve listened to that skip over here and watch this superb george carlin clip ( thanks to deconsumption for this btw) and examine what he’s saying and how he’s received, in light of what we’ve been talking about. Who’s he talking about, and who’s he really talking to? His barely contained fury is a good barometer for where certain segments of society are headed.

8 thoughts on “The Mosaic Effect 20 1/2: Knots in the Spiral

  1. Just more of Carlin’s tired old angry man schtick. It’s leftist rabble-rousing rhetoric, designed to make you feel abused. Thus the use of anal rape imagery.

    But I don’t think his audience will be taking it to the streets. These aren’t radical anarchists ready to smash windows at the nearest Starbucks. They laugh and applaud, but otherwise they just politely, passively sit there. The theater in which he performs is like those free-speech zones where dissent is safely confined, vented and defused. The chain-link fences have been replaced by the doors and walls of the theater, but it’s really the same thing.

    Although Carlin might imagine himself to be another Lenny Bruce, I didn’t see any jackbooted police come up onto the stage and arrest him for speaking forbidden truths…

    The actual effect of performances like this will probably be nothing more than an inclination to vote for Democrats in the upcoming election. That’ll really stick it to the man, won’t it?

  2. I should add that, not being one to follow instructions, I posted the above BEFORE listening to the podcast. I’ll do that now. If it changes my opinion of Carlin’s allegedly “superb” piece, I’ll let you know.

  3. well nothing you said has much to do with anything i reffred to in my podcasts, so I’ll simply assume you’re not much of a fan of george carlin, but then again, neither am I.

    i just felt like it crystalised several levels of consciousness and how they interact.

  4. Regardless of George Carlin’s un-funniness–hell, I’d probably say he has it sideways, the people up top are bumbling, misinformed, propaghandized morons but to a few men, they just unconsciously enact a game that has long effect–the podcast does in fact crystallize levels the interactions of these different modes of conscious, particularly about the severing of alternatives to dominant value-memes. I suppose the question arises, then: why didn’t this happen before? Or has it? Catal Hayuk appears to have been razed, possibly in some similar collapse. But if a single “first tier” value can rise to such dominance as to cause structural collapse through eliminating lower levels–doesn’t this make the theory seem a little broken? I suppose one could assume that the second-tier individuals & groups must exist in a certain number in order to balance & direct the lower tiers, but then we’re back into Traditionalism & caste again and I’m only comfortable with one of those.

    For the record, I hope the Integral Institute cultists will shut down their New Age Wallet-Dream/Church of Scientology 2.0 crap.

  5. the thing to remember i guess, is that any program of attacking the lower levels always undermines oneself, as they are required to support the growth of the existing.

    thus any self destructive collapse will exhaust itself partway through the act of self destruction leaving the system to realign itself at some lower level and reapproach from there.

    every cataclysm has it’s survivors and they always rebuild eventually.

  6. Let me guess: he’s talking to blue, and he’s talking about the orange. That’s an interesting lens to look at the world, and a you say, one that seems to fit the facts. Reading some Wilber now and enjoying it!

  7. i’ve always hated george carlin because he seems like such a crabby unfunny douchebag. but i agree that this video is “superb” because it crystallizes things you have been talking about, not because carlin is especially different or better in this piece than he ever is.

    Reading through the comments on that MySpace page the video was posted was also extremely revealing, because almost to the man, the two things people said were that carlin was “funny” and “true.”

    I recently had a stoned revelation in which my brain linked the idea that when we say that we think someone is “funny” what we often mean is that we wish we could be like them. I don’t know if that’s a universal or if that’s just my stoned brain talking. But in this case, I think it may be true, because the comments on MySpace seem to indicate that the people admire him because of his ability to speak the truth.

    Whether or not speaking that truth is actually harmful is another issue. I would tend to agree with Corky’s analysis that any harm is contained and channelled by allowing Carlin these media spots to begin with. Same thing with V for Vendetta, which I wrote about somewhere else. Someone in the culture is smart enough to recognize that these feelings and frustrations exist. And they can simultaneously release the social pressure these ideas might cause while also making money off it at the same time.

    Pretty sweet when you realize that suppressing revolution is actually commercially very successful as well!

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