Systematic for the People 2: Furious Engines


Say it with me: crap practice equals crap results.

So with that in mind, we strive at the outset to make sure that you take all your newly pent up energy and do something useful with it, in hopes of you not ending up some sad, crazy, burned out fucker who thought he/she was too hardcore or sophisticated to follow the rules, talking shit about all your ‘attainments’ to a bunch of neophytes who might eventually know better but probably won’t.

…inner and outer hygiene, contentment, building up heat, hitting the books, and surrendering to real power.

cleanse your jaded pallete and hook yourself up with some basic training here.

Direct download: furious_engines.mp3

Systematic for the People 1: the new school, same as the old school

The hour is late, and the stakes are high. Time to sweep aside the cowards, flakes, basket cases and fantasists. Leave them to trade their debased currency among themselves.

There is no mystery to magick. It’s a tool for a job, and if you want to get the job done, you better turn to someone who knows how to use the tools.

If you want it done right, you turn to a professional.

What the fuck does all this mean? and does this signal the long-dreaded return of aggro drill sergeant zac?

No mysteries here. We strive for professionalism, and we align ourselves squarely with the professionals.

welcome to the system.

Direct download: the_new_school_same_as_the_old_school.mp3

The Mosaic Effect 24: The World To Be Saved

   The culminating chapter in our quest for the perfect map, and the ultimate futility of such.  Henceforth will come the promised transition towards greater practicality.

   The map and territory, using the map to find your purpose, steve pavlina and heartwarming personal development questions run headlong into global genocide and extinction level events. Mystical experience and the creative void at the heart of everything …and I threaten to tell people what the fuck I’m trying to do with all of this.

    Hook yourself up with the gaian hypermind and contemplate the cause of life on this earth and beyond.

The Mosaic Effect 23: having come to the end, change

In hopes of dispelling some of the futilty and fatalism in the current social mileu, we pause to consider the psychological shifts that need to happen both to embrace the future and to abandon it.

the pyramidal structure of life, energy politics, hysterical ridigity amongst our favorite political whipping boys ( that’s right, them again ) dieoff, dieback, retrenchment and the positive value of catastrophe.

And ultimately, how to walk the fine line between order and chaos and learn to love it. kind of like how i can be a buddhist in my mind, a taoist in my heart, and a thelemic heretic in the rest of it.

I got your ‘inevitablity’ right here….

The Mosaic Effect 22: …and the shadow exploded

 our somewhat belated september eleventh ‘memorial’ episode, which I had to debate even doing for some time, untill i found an angle that didn’t engage with the morally and intellectually degrading myth of ‘terrorism’ that’s being shoved down our throats.

  so: from another angle… shadow repression, prohibition, the submerged world of money, drugs, and unacceptable neccesities. nods to the work of webster tarpley, catherine austin fits, and mike ruppert, and the ever looming threat of paranoid implosion of our whole psychic and spiritual moorings as a society.

     step onto the ghost train, and take a tour of the underworld

The Mosaic Effect 21: The Sleep of Forgetting

   An extra long and extra wild foray into a wide range of disturbing topics, and plugging them all into a horizontaly and vertically integrated developmental model.

   Ritual abuse, occult crime, recovered memory, the hosanna church coverup, the franklin call-boy ring, project monarch, swarm logic, holistic understandings, and why the evolutionary process sometimes gives rise to assaults on the past and the future.

    settle down with your inner mind controlled sex slave and sort this muthafucka out.

The Mosaic Effect 20 1/2: Knots in the Spiral

  More of an appendment to our prior discussion than anything else, but filling in some necessary blanks in the SD model.

   Once you’ve listened to that skip over here and watch this superb george carlin clip ( thanks to deconsumption for this btw) and examine what he’s saying and how he’s received, in light of what we’ve been talking about. Who’s he talking about, and who’s he really talking to? His barely contained fury is a good barometer for where certain segments of society are headed.