A little more spiral dynamics, as we uravel a bit of the confusion around ‘conspiracy’ politics.

   A rousing four part monolouge turns to the illuminati, globalism, the venetian oligarchs, freemasonry, the perrenial global debt-leverage scheme, and the how’s and why’s of why everyone, (even you) is part of a conspiracy.

    yes you. really. come see.

 RAW was right, and you should see the world as being run by a tightly knit group of powerfull insiders.

  You and your friends of course.

9 thoughts on “The Mosaic Effect 20: A Developmental Conspiracy

  1. in reference to your ideas regarding the gradual supercession/subversion of the nation-state, a blue structure, by the orange/green banking structures–hard to imagine a libertarian environmentalist but nonetheless the ideas are so closely related–is this a healthy progression? From the perspective of emergent phenomenon functioning over a period of time greater than a single life, it seems so. But looking at individual cases, it seems awful–half the population is broke, starving, and without care. Regardless. Isn’t it unhealthy to push forward too quickly, and all stages are necessary? Even with drugs that might catapult, or acid-test, one through to higher stages of understanding, they all have an intense induction phase–peeling off the layers of the onion, if you will, and I suspect the reason so many people “freak out” is that they fail to anticipate the rapid change.

    How my luciferean honky ass voiced that perspective, I’m not sure.

    From another perspective, that of a closeted Marxist literary theorist, I look at the circumstances in Africa, the old Soviet Union, and the Middle East and feel that these are still suffering a sort of colonization, forced into “red” existence to help fuel the “blue” (white, indian, and chinese) nation-states–does this mean that to develop a true orange-green structure, it’s necessary to further increase the chaos to the extent of, say, Land of the Dead? This would fall in line w/ your theories about Full Spectrum Collapse, w/ the Go and No-Go Zones becoming even more sharply defined. And what about pushing development even further, into yellow? nightmares, only nightmares tonight.

  2. This episode went in a different direction than I expected it to.

    Ever since reading the Illuminatus! trilogy by RAW I’ve been enchanted by the idea that I’m part of the worldwide conspiracy. This idea that nobody knows what they’re doing, that the usual suspects are far less competent than most people give them credit for, and that the “average” person has a lot more power than he or she usually suspects.

    It goes along with what I said in a comment a few days ago about how I feel like I’ve been pretty much given the keys to life. I still have the usual problems, but my life is going so well. And synchronicities are piling up like snowdrifts.

    I know there’s severe problems in the world, and we’re beset by idiots who feel like they’re in charge of things. When I think about the atrocities being comitted in the Middle East, and the looming threat of economic and environmental collapse, I feel guilty for adopting such a devil-may-care attitude toward life. But I really think it’d be cool if you addressed the idea of how each of us shapes our mental landscape, the interaction between the mind and the world, and how we can form a conspiracy to make the world a more enjoyable, stronger, wiser place.

  3. Funny how thing are evolving, just check out steorn.org, this gets us back to the free energy and stuff debate, and I think it is going to be a major quake in our society. Will settle the energy and pollution thing; Had to be done, not very elegant, but inescapable anyway.

    Anyway, I’m drunk, and I’ll probably regret that comment tomorrow, but still…

    Have you noticed how much you used ‘You know’? I know you are getting carried away and talking about things that interest you, and goddess, how they do interest me! You are the more forward, interesting speaker I ever heard, but I can’t help counting the occurrences. I think it would be pretty straightforward to cut back a bit on them.

    Please keep it up, you make sense and are broadening my apprehension of the world in ways that are downright… Hu. Bad ass? Thanks a bunch. Invaluable perspective, been following you from the start.

  4. oh yes, tom, i’m well aware. one of the pitfalls of working unscripted, alas.

    i tend to think of them as commas when i’m talking very fast. if i slow down delibrately, then they diminish. one of my long term projects i guess. once i develop some trademark raps like terrence used to do, it’ll get a bit more polished.

    and kylark, darling…nobody told you?

    this IS the conspiracy. always has been.

  5. After reviewing Who Killed John O’Neil and taking notes during it, I am not totally sure that the current neocon rampage–they’re too involved with the Council on Foreign Relations crowd to not be tied to the bankers–is intended to extinguish the nation-state. Banks stand to gain from stronger federalism–this has been the case ever since Alexander Hamilton, and especially after the Civil War here in the States–and while the right-libertarians might be busy mastrubating over the idea of complete de-regulation of business, corporatism benefits from having a heavily policed society, at least with regards to individuals… Even if nation-states do dissolve, a one-world gov’t has just as much incentive to police individuals. I suspect this may be part of the reason we’re seeing the sudden shift away from what Political Science-types call “Realism,” where only states can be agents in history, and the sudden clash of states against bands of individuals, i.e., “Terrorists”: it’s something of an arranged puppet-play to condition us to accepting the need for regulation of the individual. As Mark Pesce puts it, we will have to, and are being, asked “to what extent should we allow free will?” And the Rulers are busy giving us the answer, taking away our shampoo and phones from planes and freezing our assets if we pay off too much debt at once.

    At the same time, the upper levels are, as Mr. Zac has said, a “pirate’s paradise”, as these guys will stab each other in the back in front of each and every senate investigation. E.g., Ollie North outing Barry Seal. Clinton mentioning Mena, AK. Etc. So it’s not totally unimaginable that these characters have employed conspiracies w/in The Conspiracy in order to fuck with each other. Wheels within wheels.

    But I’ve already had one paranoia attack so bad I had to leave the house today. What is the best way to implement yellow, turqoise, and coral conspiracies?

  6. awesome man. just awesome. i have finally caught up listening to all these episodes and they have really blown me away and shored up my understanding of so many things. i really appreciate you putting them together.

  7. the average person has a lot more power than they realise………this is the one true thing.
    conspiracy is part of the power.
    when you were all little kids on the playground,did you not get with your friends and plan to do things that the teachers wouldn`t be happy with?
    has that changed?

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