A sequel/reapproach to some of the themes of malthusian catharses, in which we front load some more theory, this time from ken wilber, don beck and spiral dynamics integral to take a more developmental look at our current predicament.

   conventionality, the religion of competition, ego death and developmental pathology, and the spoiled brats who would rather bomb the world than grow up and play with the big kids.

   unpack your vertical aspiration and swing from the spiral here.


5 thoughts on “The Mosaic Effect 19: Unreality of the Rulers

  1. I’m sure there’s a level of prostitution there, but everyone needs to eat.
    on the other hand, i’ve heard talks beck has done with ken wilber and they more or less agree that it’s better to give this material to people you might not agree with philosophically, than to just let them muddle around at the level they’re at.
    in the case they mentioned, it was prefferable to get the world economic elite to move up from green to yellow, rather than let them try to fix things from a green perspective, cause it would probably result in a malthusian style population collapse. as i’ve kind of talked about here before.

  2. Hey man,

    I’ve always steered clear of Wilber because I figured that once I get into him…well, there goes about six months of my life. So I’m not overly familiar with him and his ideas (but of course I brush up against them every so often). I’m wondering, does Wilbers levels have any correspondence to Leary’s eight circuits of consciousness?

    I cringe every time I hear you put Strauss and Nietzsche in the same sentence. I mean, I know you’re talking about the Strauss’s perspective of Nietzsche, but I swear, next to the Nazi’s, Strauss fucked up Nietzsche more than anyone else in history (and with the amount of bad Nietzschean scholarship out there, that’s saying something).

    Be Good,


  3. there is a certain amount of overlap to the eight circuit model, but mostly it’s just another adumbration of the developmental premise.

    over time i’ve sort of found the eight circuit model abit contradictory and spotty in it’s scholarship.

    i know what you mean in regard uncle freidrich. i keep wanting to really do him some justice, but to understand what’s going on you usually have to spend more time with the lower waves who keep misunderstanding him, rather than take it at the level he wrote from

  4. Walter Kaufmann is an excellent Nietzsche scholar if anyone is interested. Nietzsche is pretty tough, his prose seems simple enough but turns out to be dense and overheated and people are still trying to unpack a lot of it.

    The eight-circuit model survives because of its simplicity, though Mr. Zacharius is correct, it is inconsistent. Timothy Leary claims to have “adapted” the idea from various sources but that was really him dodging ownership of it, and it really only survived through R.A. Wilson’s popularization of it, which is not very consistent… Never mind that Wilson intentionally included red herrings, or that New Falcon, the original publishing source for most of this, can’t edit or fact-check. At one point Wilson equates with Crossing the Abyss and Da’ath (9.5) with the Fifth Circuit, then later equates the Eighth Circuit with the “Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel”, which is at Tipareth (5).

    Wilber’s model is pretty good, and Wilber elucidates a lot of stuff, but I don’t really trust his spooky cultism or Zen egomaniac business scheme.

    Good call on the bankers vs. the Neocons, it does seem like that’s part of the New Age conspiratorial plan, to let a crisis happen on purpose and in about thirty or forty years strap everyone into the Bliss Generators while the planet sizzles and we renounce all our potential. But: What does a world of Yellow-conscious Rulers look like? Fu Manchu Goes to the White House? Or is he already there? Will the banking conspiracy develop into the Evil Kung-Fu Masters? And does anyone understand Turquoise or Coral? Because I’m having trouble there. What does the Mean Coral vMeme act like?

    It’s funny, the more one moves up the ladder the more urgent the drive to fix those remaining problems in one’s own structure becomes, even though time passes more slowly, or, better put, more carefully.

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