To comemmorate the crossing into psychic apocalypse and the latest tragi-comic convulsions in the mediasphere, we change pitch a little bit and talk the conquest of the world and overthrowing the leviathan.

   The dreaming machine, dancing with the wave of chaos, knowing what you stand for and sundry invocations of force and fire. The air is thin up here and getting thinner all the time, so if you’re keeping up, god bless you and keep you.

 The literature is very clear on how to deal with dragons. So, as tommy lee jones was heard to say, in one of his movies:

   ” you tried to kill me… so welcome to the revolution  

11 thoughts on “The Mosaic Effect 17: Fables of the Insurrection


    There is only one way to take action: by devoting yourself entirely.

    Make a transverse cut across your life and examine it. There are two kinds of things: the useful and the useless. Leave the superfluous and concentrate on the important. Examine the important. Choose now what is really important. It will be evident that you must dedicate yourself…In order to do so, gather your armies, take a deep breath and jump. Focus on your goal and never lose sight of it.

    Immerse yourself in your task and dedicate yourself to it with Warrior discipline. Work day and night with unbreakable tanacity and Will. Rest when it is necessary, repose for a moment and then continue again…When you are finished you can go to a forest, lie on your back and rest. You will surely fall asleep! — L. Estrella Schultz


  2. This is really off topic – did anyone save Channel Null’s articles? I was moving to Japan when he posted the message and missed everything. 😦

  3. google has most of them cached. the man himself has them on his hard drive, i’m sure. start a petition. spread the love. keep null alive!!

    ….now go back to throwing molitovs and meditating, while civilisation burns.

  4. Hi Zac! I listened to most of episode 17 this morning while on my way to work; I’ve missed the last 3 because of busyness but something about your intro to this one conveyed a sense of urgency so I fired up the mp3 player and hooked up the cassette deck.

    You said something early on about bloggers retreating or giving up. I just want you to know that this is not the case for me at all; I’m just taking the game to a more intimate level.

    The past two weeks have seen a 180 degree turnaround in my life. The unveiling is happening for me on a very personal level, and suddenly I feel as if I’ve been given the key to… well… everything. I like my job, I think I’ve met the person I’m going to marry (after having walked away from a toxic relationship), I’m reconnecting with my friends. And that’s just what’s on the surface.

    I’m incredibly saddened by the events in the Middle East, but I don’t know what I can do about it. All I can do for the time being is be good to myself and the people around me, which I’m doing to the best of my ability.

    I’ll be listening to the other 3 installments as soon as I can; I’ve got them queued up.

  5. getting happy and healthy is the precondition for anything else i think. good work.

    and i don’t think there’s much point either in fixating on a particular manifestation of this situation. as usual, i use the ones that are common reference points for convenience sake, but the catastrophe and all it’s dimensions occur on every scale inside and out i think.

    anything that can be done, personal or otherwise, is a step in the right direction.

  6. This is possibly my favorite zacpod yet. As usual you’ve managed to voice many an unformed feeling I’ve been… feeling. And take them further. I realize too that I’m already doing what I need to be doing, but with your inspiring words, I redouble my efforts. Re-evaluating my values has been very clarifying for me as well. Not much to change, but a couple of little-yet-essential adjustments seem to be making a big difference already. Thanks.

  7. zac, I have a question for you, curious to hear your thoughts. It has to do with communicating some of these ideas/concepts to folks who are otherwise VERY unfamiliar with any of this stuff. let’s face it, many questions have terrifying answers that most people would be happy not knowing (as you’ve addressed).

    in brief, my wife is taking a class about latin/south american issues to wrap up some final credits in a degree. she has been shocked to learn about America’s continual involvement “down there”, mostly having to do surpressing rebellions, installing dictators, drug war stuff, etc. as much as all of this stuff is bothering her (she had no idea of this part of the US’s foreign history), I feel that the textbooks aren’t following through and “connecting the dots,” so to speak.

    Upon hearing her rant about some of these sad facts for consecutive days, I began mentioning some other parts of US history wrought with holes — mainly the 911 story (I’d just read the great “coincidence theory” post at Rig Int you have linked). After hearing these, she was looking at me like “that cannot be possible, the USA surely couldn’t do such a thing, could they? Our leaders wouldn’t let that happen, would they?”

    Keeping it going, I did my best to explain the idea of what a puppet ruler is (again, an idea her kind heart had never considered). I did my best to explain how those making decisions (or having incredible influence) aren’t the personifcations of the Gov’t (as a whole) or the “USA” (as a collective entity). It isn’t the “govt” making choices (I tell her), it is key people in key positions with key connections (am I mistaken?). She looked at me bewildered, almost unwilling to believe, but intrigued in some way.

    And then the next day, after more lessons about the horror of US foreign policy, she comes home determined to have me show her Loose Change (an example of something to expose her to an idea or two, if for exposure and nothing else).

    So, my point and ultimate question — for people who are entirely unexposed to any of these ideas, how are the concepts best introduced? My wife is such a compassionate person that she has a hard time believing such artrocities are even possible (“how could a person DO such a thing?”). I certainly am not well-read on all this stuff by any means, but I’ve seen enough stuff to know there are at least some dots to connect. Not sure if this is clear, but hopefully you get the gist.

    This experience has reminded me of your Mosaic Effect episode where you raise the idea that most people would chose not to end all of this global horror if they had the choice (since our US security/well-being is founded upon the whole mess). I’ve relistened to a handful without luck in finidng it again… do you remember what episode it is? I sense that what I’m looking for might be found therein…. thanks!

  8. Sounds like your wife is doing just fine so far. the important thing is to allow them room to follow their own curiosity and not presume upon what it is they ‘need’ to know. people will make up their own minds about it. if you force the issue they’ll resent you and resist otherwise cogent facts.

    noam chomsky spends a lot of ink on latin america in his books. his overall view is somewhat limited but in his area, there are few equals.

    i think the one you’re remembering is number 22 of the mosaic effect. the 911 episode.

  9. Over time I’ve found that people *already* ‘know’ whatever it is they should know (or put another way, they are naturally drawn towards those things that interests them at a core level), hence there is no action needed on our part to take some form of aggressive role in preaching and whatever; their interest will simply lead them to whatever it is they’re curious of. I suppose the most you could do is answer their questions from a place of genuineness, and just stay clear from any sort of imposing of your views.

  10. thanks for pointing out the episode i was looking for! just re-listened and it is perfect. also, the catherine austin fitts recommendation is HUGE — a nice “safe” sort of voice, to steal the term you used for steve pavlina. (that is, of course, meaning no offense to you). she has an audio seminiar (interview, q&a, etc) up at which i’m excited to start with. i’ll be slipping this in the car CD player on the long drive we have later today…

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