a fairly innocent attempt to clear up semantic confusion deepens into a ken wilber/marshall mcluhan deathmatch as we engineer a multi-dimensional holocaust of clashing perspectives… and we explain why it is few people really know their own feet.

  lay claim to your postmodernist outrage and rail against the evil of heirarchy and vertical unfoldment here


One thought on “The Mosaic Effect 16: Translation Unto Death

  1. Makes me think of some basic NLP which says that we mainly process the world through a preferred channel. Thing about walking being an unconscious thing reminds me of one Milton Erickson anecdote where it is said that he was able to give you instructions to walk consciously that would make you fall flat on your face.

    I just kind of unconsciously grok what you mean by shifting rapidly between those mode of apprehension, a thing that the world is more and more forcing us to do. Very interesting, a kind of a ‘see-through’ that expose the way things are processed. Deep. Thanks.

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