A slightly more introspective turn as we probe an intuition of mine to explore, in no particular order: hurricane katrina, the 2004 elections, grant morrison and the doom patrol, psychic nomadism, emotional dislocation, and the etheric foreshock of the physical apocalypse.

Rejoice! The end of the world has already happened. The new world starts now.


5 thoughts on “The Mosaic Effect 15: The World That Has Ended

  1. Thanks zac. I don’t know what exactly of what you said made me feel the way I feel now, but some latent or unacknowledged emotions have been awakened, and I keep crying for what seems like no reason. And yeah, it makes perfect sense that the physical, external change follow, not precede, the psychic, internal change. You don’t hear thunder till a few seconds after you see lightning, because sound travels slower. I wonder when we’ll ‘hear the thunder’ as it were.

  2. well now i know what the topic of my next podcast will be…

    say, you wouldn’t happen to be one of these ‘trolls’ i keep hearing about, would you? cause i’ve been looking around for one. it’s far too polite and civilised around here. gotta toughen up these delicate doilies, i’m telling you.

  3. [delurk]Can’t speak for anyone else, but yeah, us nutjobs don’t get laid often enough, especially those of us who work overtime, it was like six days ago last time I woke up confused with stained sheets in a full bed surronded by empty bottles of beer and whiskey with a rolled-up twenty-dollar-bill and some speed residue nearby on my copy of the I Ching. But it looked like we used condoms so it doesn’t count, so, yeah, you’re right mr. Mallery.[/delurk]

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