I join the nefarious ranks of those who cannot stop rehashing the sixties counter culture, or any other counter culture for that matter, but redeem my bad taste by talking up the myth of convergence, surfing the wave of novelty, the vortex effect of group gnosis, rooting out poseurs and formulating a strategy for cultural change that doesn’t rely on rank stupidity and simple answers.

    Behold the “vanguard’ of the new “movement” here.


9 thoughts on “The Mosaic Effect 14: The “Final” Revolution

  1. Were do you think the geographical HQ of the new explosion will be? Do you personally see any hot spots at the moment? Seems to me like the internet has decentralized this stuff quite a bit.

  2. Zac, I don’t see the beginnings of such a revolution, or mass movement at all. That doesn’t mean there won’t be individuals changing their lifes because they suddenly get what went wrong. There always were and will be people willing to take their life into their own hands.
    But people “awakening” are rarely into mass movements. It’s a very personal and private thing, and although they probably like to compare notes, the “seekers” know that this is not the stuff revolutions are made of. It doesn’t work as a movement. And most people love the comfort of sleep: You can put out all the info, the framework, but the numb just won’t be interested in deciphering it.

    Anyway, I also wanted to say Thanks for your podcasts. I really enjoy listening to them. Food for thought on my way to work.

    Greetings from Germany!

  3. well, i agree entirely michael. i don’t see the begginings of it either, nor do i think it will lead to mass enlightenment.

    but that’s because i wasn’t claiming either of those things were true.

    let me be more clear: the kind of group ecstatic altered states that i’m talking about have little or nothing to do with the classic kind of mystical illuminations that the typical seeker has or wants. they could be a doorway to such things, but percentage wise very few people go that way.

    I’m suggesting that the group consciousness change you see in counterculture movements has more in common with ritual magic, or such things as vodoun possession than it does with sitting in zazen or contemplating the infinite.

    what i’m proposing is that up till now these movements taste these altered states and then start to think that they have to transform the world to maintain their high. when in actual fact they would be better served to move the ritual to the forefront and learn to hold their high better than they are doing, and the changing of society will follow from that.

    and what i do think is happening is that the understanding of these technologies is getting to a level of popular penetration that you could concievably do this and make it work, and that the social conditions are ripe for some kind of explosion. whether or not anyone get’s it together to combine the two is another question altogether.

  4. You touched on some really powerful stuff about the way movements start up, spread out and then coagulate into the new pile of crap / culture / religion / whatever. The new priesthood. And it is such a good question to address: How do we get beyond that cycle? Personally, I can see ways. On a larger, social/cultural scale? Yikes. I don’t know.

    But as far as the individual goes, your analogy of the surfer, and the way creative people can become self-conscious and let ego fears and vanities creep in, start fucking up the flow and knocking them off the wave, that was well said and all too true. That’s why I’m devoted at least as much to working on myself, strengthening and stretching and disciplining the ego, as I am to creative endeavors and all the rest. Without the first one the rest would be pretty much doomed in the long run.

  5. Heh, for some reason I ended up thinking about the Bolshevik Revolution throughout this podcast. I know the “point” was the cultural revolutions of the 60’s, but my mind just kept trying to map what you where saying with what happened in Russia. It doesn’t really follow, since those cultural movements “failed” and the Marxist movement, for all intents and purposes, succeeded, and you were discussing why the failures occured. I guess the two are different in that the point with the hippies and yippies was “the experience” and social change was an afterthought, just trying to hold on to “the experience”; while the whole point of the Red Revolution was the social/political change…ya know…this line of thought isn’t really making much sense…it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere…oh well…I’ll just say good installment, and I really appreciate the section at 18:35 discussing the ego vs. the flow.



  6. i would say the marxists failed more spectacularly than most, actually. the philosophical content was upended by a murderous beuraucracy that made a sham out any noble principles at the heart of marxism. I mean, the state hardly ‘withered away’ did it?

    i guess my thinking would count a takeover by the nascent priesthood that then goes on to institute some program of horizontal translation rather than vertical movement as just as much a failure as those movements that self destruct.

  7. Hmmm…

    I have a different view of it, actually. The reason I refered to the Bolshevik revolution as a “success” is that they were able to take over and had the chance to implement their ideas on a large, social scale in a very direct manner, whether or not those ideas ultimately panned out. The sixties counterculture, on the other hand, was never able to establish themselves as “the power,” and so their ability to affect change was more influential than implementational.

    I see the ultimate failure of the Soviet ideology as coming from the inherent contradiction between the idealized content and the process of manifesting that content on such a large scale. It seems to me that they weren’t able to figure out how to move past the consolidation phase of taking power…partially due to WWII and the Cold War…and partially due to some inherent flaws in their practice of Marxism…and got stuck with half-ideology and half-powergrab.

    But I agree that, in the end, it was a spectacular failure. It wasn’t able to resolve any of the internal contradictions and completely sef-destructed.

    And I’m having some trouble with “horizontal translation rather than vertical movement”…I take it you mean rearranging the content (for example: rich become poor, poor become rich, system stays the same) rather than creating a new agenda/value-system/way-of-doing-things. Am I right?


  8. Hey zac and anyone else,

    I had a thought the other day (I know, stunning) that I wanted to run by you guys to see if it made any sense.

    The basic premis of synchronicity is that there are underlying connections between apparantly disparate things. Now when we stumble across these connections, become aware of them, we call it synchronicity. We are shocked and amazed, “how wonderful is this world,” etc. But the only reason we are amazed is that we are operating in an ego-consciousness, which is fundamentally defined by its separateness from everything around it (that is not-me, that is not-me, that is not-me…thus I am left with me). If we were operating from the flow (I personally call it R-consciousness), then we wouldn’t be shocked when the synchronicties arise because having synchronicities occur is the standard operating procedure. The flow is, essentially, surfing those underlying connections. This type of consciousness assumes those connections and, frankly, would be shocked if they DIDN’T come up. Does this make any sense to anyone else?

    Also, I was a little drunk when I wrote the damn college thesis on Soviet Socialism above. Forgive me. Sometimes I REALLY am a pretentious ass.


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