The Mosaic Effect 20: A Developmental Conspiracy


   A little more spiral dynamics, as we uravel a bit of the confusion around ‘conspiracy’ politics.

   A rousing four part monolouge turns to the illuminati, globalism, the venetian oligarchs, freemasonry, the perrenial global debt-leverage scheme, and the how’s and why’s of why everyone, (even you) is part of a conspiracy.

    yes you. really. come see.

 RAW was right, and you should see the world as being run by a tightly knit group of powerfull insiders.

  You and your friends of course.

The Mosaic Effect 19: Unreality of the Rulers

   A sequel/reapproach to some of the themes of malthusian catharses, in which we front load some more theory, this time from ken wilber, don beck and spiral dynamics integral to take a more developmental look at our current predicament.

   conventionality, the religion of competition, ego death and developmental pathology, and the spoiled brats who would rather bomb the world than grow up and play with the big kids.

   unpack your vertical aspiration and swing from the spiral here.

The Mosaic Effect 17: Fables of the Insurrection

   To comemmorate the crossing into psychic apocalypse and the latest tragi-comic convulsions in the mediasphere, we change pitch a little bit and talk the conquest of the world and overthrowing the leviathan.

   The dreaming machine, dancing with the wave of chaos, knowing what you stand for and sundry invocations of force and fire. The air is thin up here and getting thinner all the time, so if you’re keeping up, god bless you and keep you.

 The literature is very clear on how to deal with dragons. So, as tommy lee jones was heard to say, in one of his movies:

   ” you tried to kill me… so welcome to the revolution  

The Mosaic Effect 14: The “Final” Revolution

   I join the nefarious ranks of those who cannot stop rehashing the sixties counter culture, or any other counter culture for that matter, but redeem my bad taste by talking up the myth of convergence, surfing the wave of novelty, the vortex effect of group gnosis, rooting out poseurs and formulating a strategy for cultural change that doesn’t rely on rank stupidity and simple answers.

    Behold the “vanguard’ of the new “movement” here.