A sort of exansion of our previous installment, as we examine the case history of someone poised on the knife edge of oracle hood, one Richard Grove.

  From there, we proceed into paranoia, pronoia, Carl Jung and synchronicity, neurogenetic mass mutation, sith lords, evil kung fu masters, and the species alarm clock.

   Is it too good to be true, or too much to handle? Dreams are like car wrecks: any one that you can walk away from is probably a good one.

12 thoughts on “The Mosaic Effect 13: Intimations of the Nightmare

  1. Finally had a chance to ‘spin’ this one last night. As per the usual: damn good, thought-provoking stuff…

  2. wassup,

    now, as to pronoia, I’ve gotta question. I think the first time I’d come across the idea was in RAW’s writings, but he seemed to think (if I remember correctly) that it was a good thing, the antidote to paranoia. You, on the other hand, equate it with fantasy (ie not a good thing). You seem to be saying better to live in reality than fear/fantasy. But reality is shaped by belief, no? So wouldn’t it be better to live in a pronoia belief system than a paranoia belief system? And how do synchronicities and “meaningful order” differ from Universe actively helping or hindering you?

    Hmm…I’m not sure my question made logical sense…need to go back to rhetoric class…regardless, I’m just looking for a little expansion on the theme…thanks.


  3. Hey Zac
    The podcasts are really good … i listen, but am not one that naturally retains audial delivery of thoughts. I admire your writing so much and miss being able to read your words. I have printed most of your posts and often re-peruse them for new insight, as the mind is constantly changing it’s view of the relative world. I do listen to the podcasts, but they do not have the same effect as the written word does for me. Anyway, i’m still here … surely the mind will adapt in due time. Cheers! 🙂

  4. Oh Jesus Fucking Christ. I’m walking home today, completely lost in my thoughts (ya know, being the enlightened being that I am), taking a route I don’t normally take (I have no idea why), when I pass by a bookstore and stop to look at the books in the window display. What do I see front and center in the display…I shit you not…”Pronoia is the Antidote to Paranoia: How the Whole World is Conspiring to Shower You with Blessings.”

    What the fuck?!

    I hereby officially ask you to make the topic of your next podcast “Winning the Lottery, or Synchronicious Gambling.” I swear to God that I’ll go out and buy a damn scratcher…Swear To God.


  5. i’ve encountered the same book. it must’ve been floating round the back of my mind . but that’s how this stuff works, i suppose. resonance.

    …and maybe not ‘how to win the lottery’ , but how about, ‘how to bring about the apocalypse using synchronicity’? that’s our next show.

    let it never be said i wasn’t ambitious.

  6. I’m long used to the feeling that your podcasts and posts are timed to be especially relevant to me and my particular situation. Glad to know I’m not alone.

    I have that Pronoia book, by the way. It’s good – I recommend it. It’s sort of snippety and lighthearted, the perfect thing to pick up and put down.

    re: apocalypse: Bring it on.

    Now if only I could get more people to read Promethea…

  7. I agree with Kylark. It is both amazing and a bit frightening how each installment is always echoing my thought and preoccupations of the moment, like it was especially made for me. Kind of a relief to see that I’m not the only one living this.

    Now, how does it come? Are we all synchronizing, getting together in resonance? Does one thing you are talking about naturally leads to another? Is the synchronization coming from outside?

    Much thanks for the time you are taking doing this, anyway.

  8. Ah, the Apocalypse. Well, I guess if I’m not gonna win the lottery, then the complete restructuring of humanity is a close second…bring on Kalki, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kalki

    Oh, and Kylark, I guess I’m gonna hafta go back and at least read the book now that you’ve said something. Mcluhan’s “Business is Our Culture” was excellent, thanks for the rec.

    Zac, how has the conversion to audio been treat’n ya? Has it changed the way you go about each installment? I’ve noticed a spike in comments (including one of my earlier ones…I got over it) that complain in some way about the switch. Are we so shaped into a linear print culture that we can’t handle a tribal audio culture anymore? Ya think there is gonna be a generational crisis between the old school print “literates” and the ipod tribal “illiterates”? Hmmm…Apocalypse you say…


  9. Good call on the Grove character. I listened to one of his specials and while the amount of information he possesses is amazing, about twenty minutes in the guy’s paranoia overwhelmed me. I wrote this on the YYPH forum about him:

    “The first guy’s talk is a little hard to believe–not the details on the attack, but his personal narrative. He very much is a paranoid, with the requisite delusions of grandiosity. I mean, come on, going to Harrison Ford and Larry Flynt? For a guy who claimed to make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, he doesn’t have much pull. I’m also not totally prepared to believe that HAARP is a tesla weapon installation used to create the huge tsunami last year–but I’m not totally opposed to those ideas, though. ”

    In a resonant reverberation, check out “Who Killed John O’Neil?” for a great dramatization of this paranoid process.

    In short, I was amazed that a guy so rich could be so easily unraveled by running into a few “coincidences” out of place. But that’s all bridges under water right now. It is amazing in that many people seem mentally unequipped to handle resonant phenomenon–the “Flatland” critique is great here; without a vertical approach, people get backed into a mental corner where they end up having Greys and demons and the Illuminati all working in concert to fuck shit up. I’ve met some Greys, and they really don’t seem all that involved in the One World Government fraud.

    “Resonance” is simply something I think our culture breeds out of us, and hence many people exploring it are doing so out of a reactionary tendency and therefore they do so childishly. E.g., astrology columns. The significance of random passages from the Bible. Talking about “The Lord” making things happen (that last one gets under my skin–death to Yaldaboath.)

    Re: the Fantasy world of pronoia and –while a lot of people can benefit from that view–it is very useful in framing one’s life as a story, so long as you don’t let some alien parasite called “The Lord” run the show–it’s just as patently wrong as the paranoid view, or, more properly, Israel Regardie might say it’s “confusing one plane for another.” Zac got at this saying that there’s a heavy “Neurogenetic Circuit” involvement here–there are other things to consider, like action and causation and intention in the other seven circuits. Another pitfall is that the pronoid dissolution, like the paranoid dissolution, can potentially shift your locus of control to the external, which is basically victim-scripting.

    For the record I hate the word “synchronicity”, my reactive mind starts to take over whenever I hear anyone mention it without a good deal of lead-in. “Wow! That’s a Synchronicity!” It’s like the word “post-modern” at a college campus, but for mind-blown new-agers.

    To close with an exercise, I have begun to notice a great number of occurances of various things, but usually only two items resonating at once. My current goal is to increase the number I can apprehend–this is a form of pattern recognition, I suppose.

  10. Who killed john o’neil was kind of disturbing. i don’t know what kind of a headspace you’d have to be in to be able to use that as entryway into 911 financial corruption. it was sort of enjoyable from a ghoulish perspective. the ranting monolouge style got to be a bit much though.

    and yes saak, there have been a few people left cold by the witch, but by and large,i’ts been extremely well recieved, and I’m still doing good numbers. I’m up to 1000 unique IP’s in terms of downloads and the average dl’s for each show keep going up. i haven’t even tried submitting it to any pod aggregators or whatnot yet. there are a lot of them out there. I’m pleased just to polish my chops for a while before i get into the self promotion trip, if I ever do.

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