The divinatory impulse, abandonment to the irrational in the guise of intuition, consciousness alienated from unconsciousness, the killing of the king, the pattern ‘recognition’ of our ruling class of prognosticators and false prophets, and who’s really in charge when no one is in charge?

   oh yes. it’s a barrel of monkeys this week, my friends.

8 thoughts on “The Mosaic Effect 12: Reign of the Oracles

  1. Ah, and the synchronicities abound. I had just figured out on Friday that “my weakest link” in my magician’s toolbox is divination, and that I need to do some daily throws (which I began yesterday) to bulk up a bit. Not that I’m some amazing sigil-casting, egregore-creating, servitor-enchanting Gandalf in every other aspect of magick, just that I my experimential understanding of divination is very weak compared to other areas of magick. I think I’ve always steered away from it because of an association in my head with fortune-telling. I (consciously) know that its about insight into your current mind/situation, but I still get flashes of gypsies sitt’n around a crystal ball and going,”you’re going to die by the next full moon, ahahahahahah!” damn gypsies….


  2. Oh, and your exposition on the unconscious archetypal game we’ve been playing is brilliant. All of us invovled in this game of enlightenment need to get our collective heads out of our asses and become major players in this world game, otherwise the archetypes are gonna eat us for breakfast. We need to get over this disenchanted outsider complex (god, i’m so weird; nobody understands me; damn, I can’t pay rent next month, etc) and make some real fucking progress–spiritually and materially–or,as you said, we’re gonna be stuck scavenging through the dark ages all over again. In the great words of Pete Carroll: “…I would prefer my descendants to perfom their sorceries among the stars rather than huddled in the ruins.”


  3. yeah, i think much of the current thrust of the ‘new edge’ is going exactly the wrong way; ie embrace the archetypes, abandon oneself to the irrational and regressive and run away from progress.
    this is part of the reason i find people like daniel pinchbeck ( another example of a modern day oracle) so troubling. not so much the message, just the fact that he seems to be filling the niche that someone like uncle terrence used to do. the voice of the shamanic as it were, when it’s abundantly clear that pinchbeck has swallowed the red pill and lost his wits in the stories various people plants and chemicals have been telling him.
    instead of ‘live without closure’ we have ’embrace the dimensional shift’

  4. I’m not terribly familiar with Pinchbeck, but from what I’ve heard lately he’s kinda bought into this “messenger of some Divine fuck’n thing or other” and milking it for what its worth. I read a comment somewhere (maybe it was even here) about the gods needing to figure out that prophets with divine revelation don’t really catch on anymore…the gods need to figure out a better transmission method.

    Hell, I think thats what fucked up the Thelemites, Uncle Al going “I’m the prophet of Aiwass” and a bunch of otherwise intelligible people buying it hook, line, and sinker (well, he might truly have been, but become your own prophet, dammit, don’t follow the Beast). I actually sat through a debate at a Thelemite lodge (an hour I will never get back again) about whether Crowley was just a good poet, or the greatest poet to have ever lived…argghhh…just thinking about it makes me want to pound nails in my ears…


  5. I’m going to keep this brief to avoid slander, but Pinchbeck in person can be extremely impatient. He does take his “transmission” from “Quetzelcoatl” fairly seriously: while he’d probably say otherwise, there’s a strong Luciferean sacrifice of freedom I think he’s made, hence the impatience… Though I suspect McKenna’d be really chomping at the 2012 bit here in 2006 as well. That said, Pinchbeck’s idea about the need for “multiplicity of technique” is pretty golden. I haven’t read 2012, as full disclosure. The Quetzelcoatl thing still bothers me, though: the Aztecs had written records of sacrificing thousands at once to this guy, and somehow Pinchbeck shows up with some New Age Luv-da-Urf message and doesn’t feel a bit perturbed?

    I suppose that’s one of the issue with psychedelics, you mistake the fact that they can “heal” and lift moode & improve your life with some “Jesus!” experience: you go from being a needy, grouchy jerk to a much happier, more competent individual: to use your terms, Zac, going from 1 to 8 on a scale of 1 to 10 might seem to someone who’s only ever been a 1 or 2 like going from 1 to 10,000 on a scale of 1 to 10, i.e., godlike… That’s not to discount the reality of, e.g., JC, Krishna, Buddha, etc., it’s just, take a step back and examine. I’ve seen at least one person lose three years to the revelations of two or three nights’ chemical adventures.

    And in that sudden shift, it seems very much like a “bundle of intention” just might parasitize you. Pinchbeck himself mentions picking up one such parasite/co-skinrider after using DPT. If you go to far–and it’s very possible when you’ve quadrupled the amount of neurotransmitters in your brain–you might find yourself given over wholly to a current, or archetype, or deity, or what have you?

    All that said, I agree with just about everything you said, Zac, in that we need to get a hold of the program rather than just piss around and let whatever current floats our boat drive us. At the same time, the amount of power accessible through them demands our proper use of them. You all but said the JFK thing was a sorcerous act to invoke a particular force–certainly something that tremendous can be directed for good, to work in tandem with things. At the same time, it takes some pretty rigorous work and self-examination to Clear all that shit that demon-plagues us every day and get one’s own intention working.

    For what it’s worth Crowley despised “channelling.” That seems related in a way.

    I haven’t even commented on the political aspect. Maybe tomorrow, but excellent call on the market as faux-oracle with a fooled oracular class around it.

  6. Heh, I’m sitt’n here with Kudlow’s CNBC show on in the background, and it just hit me how dead-on your financial-analyst-as-oracle take is: commodities, utilities, commercial REIT’s, non-dollar assets, VIX index, CPI/PPI, hedonics adjustment, geometric vs. arithmatic weighting, inflation/stagflation/deflation…just to name a few terms that have come over the airwaves in the last couple of hours.

    Now I have a base understanding of what these are individually, but tying them together into some sort of rational understanding of world markets and economies…yeah, right. Maybe Buffett can do it (Oh Great High Priest of Small Caps and Commodities), but the general population? I doubt even most “financial experts” can do it. And how is this any different from ascendants, conjuncts, accidentals, quadrants, and the whole lot of astrological analysis (which is basically completely meaningless to me)?

    Dead-On, man.


  7. The Quetzelcoatl thing still bothers me, though: the Aztecs had written records of sacrificing thousands at once to this guy, and somehow Pinchbeck shows up with some New Age Luv-da-Urf message and doesn’t feel a bit perturbed?

    My understanding is that Quetzalcoatl did not demand human sacrifice. But, in general, I’m suspicious of people who claim to be God’s (or god’s) personal messenger.

  8. It’ll be a while before I get to listen to this but I just realized the picture is from Dune and Dune is my favorite book ever. Nice job on the picture!

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