Deftly changing the subject for everyone’s comfort, we leave aside genocidal nietzschean fascism, to instead discuss the world forming powers of the mind.

     Thwarted magic, getting what you want ( or not), thugged out crack dealers and hipsters, the dreams of the godhead, psychoplastic schizoid disorders, and the benefit of having few goals and even fewer role models.

   Lucid dreamers say if you can read text in what you think is a dream, then you’re not really dreaming, but maybe you are and you just think you’re reading this… smoke another joint and listen to our latest installment as you mull it over. you know you want to…

9 thoughts on “The Mosaic Effect 10: World Without End

  1. Haven’t listened to the podcast yet; just wanted to say I’ve read text in dreams many a time, though I don’t always remember it on waking (and sometimes it seems really really important that I do).

    Also I can’t light up because I’m still job searching and I might have to pee in a cup for science.

  2. Usually in my dreams text fuzzes out and turns into other text as I read it. It’s an interesting phenomenon, though.

    This is a pretty good segment: it ties together NLP “ecology” and “modelling” into the practice of “invocation,” things that all go hand-in-hand and that everyone does all the time even if they don’t know it yet. Not much else to add, but it is good to hear the ideas developed enough to make some practical use of them.

  3. As follow-up, it does amaze me the degree to which the “dreaming” metaphor works. I remember reading in the Invisibles and some of Grant Morrison’s other stuff about this being a story written by someone above us, and initially disliking the idea. Then I had a series of dreams where I attained lucidity and, for whatever reason, felt absolutely compelled to follow the “plot” of the dream–one of them I kept waking from, and courtesy of some beta-carbolines I could re-enter almost upon closing my eyes–in many ways, we’re each co-dreaming things, but like dreaming in the mind of god, little semi-autonomous servitors than sometimes can realize the bigger picture but with enough godhead in us to make our own pictures too.

    Jeez, that was blissed-out. I need to remember that line to feed to somebody of spiritual persuasion when I want something from them.

  4. you have no idea. my friend jeff showed me how to make this trap. it’s called a bone keeper. you take a spring loaded deadweight and a hollow bone that you’ve sharpened and then there’s the snare loop…. oh wait.. that’s probably not what you meant…

    the podcast, right… fun…you betcha….

  5. Hello all,

    I went on Holiday for a few weeks only to return to find you’ve covered (to name a few) Nietzche, Peak Oil, anarcho-primitivists, Malthus and Strauss (I don’t care what he called himself, he completely missed the boat on Nietzche)…jeez, talk about covering the gamut. At least I didn’t miss Christian Dominionism and Power-Elite Eschatology (Hmmm…starting to sound like a class I took at Cal…you’re all damn liberal hippies, no…conspiracy nuts, no,cultist wackjobs…we need a sacrifice, where’s the virgin…no I don’t mean olive oil, dammit). Zac, you’re comments section seems to have exploded as well…good job…looks like I’ve got some hardcore listening to do, as well as catch up from a nice holiday, so I’m off…whoosh…look, up in the sky…


  6. PS look for the missing “S’s” and find your salvation…”And truly it demands something Godlike in him who cast off the common motives of humanity and ventured to trust himself for a taskmaster.” R.W. Emerson

  7. So you know the technique for looking at your hands in your dreams to go lucid? Yeh, doesn’t work for me. I think it did the first time, but now I can sit there and look at my hand, and it’s stable as it is any other time I look at it. Also Morrison’s Animal Man series is a lot better for the story written from above than the Invisibles I think because in it he actually goes and meets Morrison at his house.

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