More on peak oil, slave morality, shadow projection, alchemical questioning, disassociated resentment, morality vs empathy, the internet as sense organ, and ripping people’s hearts out.

Post-moral alchemical demigods, or just twisted by the dark side? A fine way to use a half hour of your life, methinks, as my apparent desire for exile from the arena of civilised discourse continues


4 thoughts on “The Mosaic Effect 9: The Big Question

  1. Haven’t listened to this one yet, but I have a quick unrelated question. The images you use on your site, are they your own artworks, found images, or some of both? Just curious.

  2. The idea of “spirits in animal bodies” takes a different shape than just our imaginations–we also have the Killer Ape and pack-dominator etc. to deal with: this is something all the anarch-prims and the new-agers seem to ignore. “We’ll just fuck off to the hillside and be all feminist and stuf…” Obviously the haven’t looked into the effects of agriculture closely… Again, we have a lot of work to do. Not only is it necessary to figure out an “exit strategy” soon, we need to take a long, hard look into our shadow. Like you said, “No one wants to take responsibility for it.” But at this point, someone must. Again, I look to Reich and see him as an exhausted figure, dying broke and imprisoned on account of trying to overcome an awful system that cemented itself even so much as on a biological level that it opressed even the sex drive, graven on our cells… “The means to ch.ange the means” matters a whole hell of a lot now, we have thousands of years to overturn in a few months. Good luck all, and good night.

  3. I find the images, allison. they’re usually thematically related in some way, or i plug in some salient word into a search engine and see what it spits out. i’m fond of the abstract and symbolic obviously. i’m suprised more people don’t do that with thier blogs. my visual bias talking i suppose. too many comic books.

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