The Mosaic Effect 13: Intimations of the Nightmare

  A sort of exansion of our previous installment, as we examine the case history of someone poised on the knife edge of oracle hood, one Richard Grove.

  From there, we proceed into paranoia, pronoia, Carl Jung and synchronicity, neurogenetic mass mutation, sith lords, evil kung fu masters, and the species alarm clock.

   Is it too good to be true, or too much to handle? Dreams are like car wrecks: any one that you can walk away from is probably a good one.

The Mosaic Effect 12: Reign of the Oracles

  The divinatory impulse, abandonment to the irrational in the guise of intuition, consciousness alienated from unconsciousness, the killing of the king, the pattern ‘recognition’ of our ruling class of prognosticators and false prophets, and who’s really in charge when no one is in charge?

   oh yes. it’s a barrel of monkeys this week, my friends.

The Mosaic Effect 11: The First Corner

 what starts as harmless speculation on reviewing your personal history quickly devolves into an orgy of time distortion, pointless reverie, some brutal advice on handling your career and relationships, wild missappropriations of systems theory, and big stinky turds in the rat maze, as well as some disjointed refferences to steven wolfram’s a new kind of science

    come on in and totally disorient your sense of time and space.

The Mosaic Effect 10: World Without End

   Deftly changing the subject for everyone’s comfort, we leave aside genocidal nietzschean fascism, to instead discuss the world forming powers of the mind.

     Thwarted magic, getting what you want ( or not), thugged out crack dealers and hipsters, the dreams of the godhead, psychoplastic schizoid disorders, and the benefit of having few goals and even fewer role models.

   Lucid dreamers say if you can read text in what you think is a dream, then you’re not really dreaming, but maybe you are and you just think you’re reading this… smoke another joint and listen to our latest installment as you mull it over. you know you want to…

The Mosaic Effect 9: The Big Question

More on peak oil, slave morality, shadow projection, alchemical questioning, disassociated resentment, morality vs empathy, the internet as sense organ, and ripping people’s hearts out.

Post-moral alchemical demigods, or just twisted by the dark side? A fine way to use a half hour of your life, methinks, as my apparent desire for exile from the arena of civilised discourse continues