The Mosaic Effect, part 1 : the humble godlings


First in a series free form excercises on randomly chosen topics, to test the medium, answer questions, establish some background details, play with ideas, and provide an entry point for new audience members.

In our first segment, we discuss manifesting intent, the value of humilty, wanton lust, self destructing adepts, and the demiurgic imagination.

Alchemy for the Braindamaged XX: To Stand at the Edge of the World

    And here we are. the pod and direct download are both still a bit prone to go 404, but if you try either a few times in succession it should work.

  I will polish the rough edges off this system in short order, but I’m sure you’re all clever enough to find your way around it for now.

  As to content, well, you’ll perhaps find  me faltering in my speech, awkward with the mic, and painfully earnest, but i think I get the point across. In retrospect, perhaps I shouldn’t have tried to compose my thoughts in real-time.  

  This is not truly the end of the series mind you, merely a change of form and substance. In fact, new material should come with even greater regularity, as it’s much easier for me to rant for half an hour than hunch over a keyboard pecking away for two days.

  But enough for now, I’m already thinking of the next one. For simplicity’s sake keep the comments here if you can.

   Having come to the end, change. Having changed, pass through

God is not mocked, He knows our Business

    While i wait for my file hosting service to get unfucked, I thought I'd continue my habit of sharing all the interesting/unsettling/edifying materials I've got in the footlocker.

   Long overdue is a link to what i think is the very best text on meditation and buddhist style practice anywhere, Daniel Ingram's Mastering the Core Teachings of the Buddha. This is hard core stuff for hard core practice. There is way more detail and precision of language here than you will ever need to achieve your meditation and insight goals. all the traditional states, their names, and how to get there on a predictable time table. the only danger is losing your shit completely, and he goes into that as well. pure gold, right in the bank.

   and courtesy of channel null, if you aren't down with the the viking youth power hour, you are fucked in the head. Imagine a group of accomplished adepts pretending to be drunken idiots. or maybe they are drunken idiots. or maybe they're ascended masters, guiding us all to the pure land. penetrate the mystery here.

   And i think it's overdue that i give some mad props to mister null himself. not only does he relentlessly pimp my writing for no reward to himself, he's also putting in the work and and he's moving up in the world, unlike many who simply talk shit and conceal their ignorance. he's recently become a made guy in the key23 syndicate and will soon be putting cement shoes on anyone who isn't down with the program of spiritual advancement.   keep your eye on that lot. all chaotes are dodgy bastards, I'm telling you. but i'd rather have them on my side than not.

   you may have noticed or inferred my faltering steps into audio format and podcasting and whatnot. expect that to gather momentum rather quickly. I'm thinking I need a way to shake out the bugs and test the medium, so i tell ya what:

  anyone who wants to fire a question, comment or request for expansion on some point, do it now, in the comments thread and I'll read them and record the answers to be broadcast in about a week's time. do a real mcluhan esque audile/scribal synesthesia type thing. It'll be fun. no topic off limits. the alchemy is in the way we use our brains, my friends, not what you put in them. that's my story and i'm sticking to it.

  …return to more carefull wording and less swearing after i sleep for about 16 hours.