A slightly grungier-than-usual sounding sermon under the bridge, as we plumb the life and inspiration of buckminster fuller.

   Life, death, rebirth, the highest good, and the alchemically smelted self run headlong into carbon nanotubes, metaprogramming and playing spirit horse.

   pull up a chair and unleash your “mini-christ”  here


8 thoughts on “The Mosaic Effect 7: Pattern Integrities

  1. Your skill w/ the spoken format has improved considerably. If I were you I’d be dressing up the podcast with a brief intro, but that’s just because I have an unkillable need to decorate everything.

    With regards to the “designer” science and integration of personalities, I have a couple points.

    First, I feel like an augoeides must stem from all the daemonic parts of the psyche fused together. Like Mr. Eckhart, Brother of the Free Spirit, said, Be careful getting rid of demons, for one’s demons are one’s angels in disguise. It’s just necessary to, like in Jacob’s Ladder, play Chiropractor to the Soul.

    Second: so what do you do with negative traits? My current practice is to “bind’ them as it were, and employ them to get past metaphorical blockages I encounter.

    Third, do you have a codified technique or three you use for this? My attempts at integration are scattershot: I do it, but don’t know how I’d begin to point to just one thing, which makes me feel like I haven’t examined the process enough and must be missing something. It may simply be that it’s like a toolbox and you need all the tools but not all the time so seeking a reductive technique might be pissing up a rope, though I tend not to think so.

    Re: “Mini-Christ”s, I think that the future, for better or worse, is going to have a lot more of that shit, genius capabilities and messianic pretentions included. And Church of the Process style shit isn’t exactly going to disappear, either. Imagine what happens when anyone can get a megadose of LSD or pharmaceutical ibogaine for a couple bucks so long as she’s willing to leave the loving automatic small arms of the well-patrolled financial districts.

  2. man… i hope you don’t feel like i’m ignoring your comments dude. everytime you reply to something it either echoes something I’m planning to talk about, or makes me want to talk about it at length
    vis a vis intros and other such increase in production values, I’m giving some though to it. the text parts of the blog posts seem to work well enough for now, and it’s hard to put the intros in, in real time as i’m just making shit up as i go along, so i don’t neccisarily know what i’m going to be talking about. we’ll see.
    I preffer not to categorise traits as positive or negative per se. any such definitions are only counter productive in the end. I’m more of a tantric in that way, as it’s all energy to be reprocessed at some point. albiet some forms of energy are a little hotter and heavier than others, and seem more attuned to the dense egoic emotional body, or firing off agressive or fear based hormones and sundry biochemichals, which mostly has to do with the symbols and language you wrap those forces in to make them more pallitable to oneself. a rage or fear addict will wrap any thing in the symbols of rage or fear inevitably
    kind of obscure i know, but another time surely.
    as to the how… well i’m kind of spoiled insofar as i’ve had a farily rigourous sequence of mind strenthening exercises inculcated into me by my teachers, both in martial arts, and buddhism. for me it’s more a matter of persistance and agility than heavy lifting but that’s largely what it ends up being. the usual answer to a lot of these things is not neccisarily more esoteric and symbolic gymnastics, so much as it is like the way in weightlifting; ie lift more weights.. there’s more than enough detail out there for most purposes. just gotta be willing to break a sweat consistantly as it were. not neccisarily the anecdotal ‘five hours a day for a year’ concentration practice, but you’d be suprised ( or maybe not) the contortions people will go through to avoid putting nose to grindstone for hours at a time.

  3. No worries about the lack of reply on my end: I’m just saying, the use of text and the internet as communicative medium really does increase the amount of resonance ongoing in one’s lebensfeld (german for “life-field,” i.e., the spaces you move around physically and mentally), if you will. Or put rightly, maybe it’s just more obvious. Insert pabulum about quantum observer created synchronicities here.

    “a tantric in that way, as it’s all energy to be reprocessed at some point. albiet some forms of energy are a little hotter and heavier than others, and seem more attuned to the dense egoic emotional body” I had forgotten that perspective, but it is useful and I’m going to work w/ it somehow.

    By intro, I meant a recurring audio clip to bookend segments. Out of curiosity, and here’s a technical question, do you know if audicity can take the computer’s output and use that as a line in through software alone?

    Re technique, I ask partly because looking at my own stats I get a lot of hits for people after information about magickal practice, which I have very little of, and, truth be told, isn’t all that accessible: your response I understand, what with the metaphors about agility etc. being very apt, but I have experience: there’s a lot of “how-to’s” and a lot of higher-level discussion but very little intermediary material, which I suspect turns a lot of folks off unnecessarily, I mean, I’m all for that buddhist thing about waiting outside the monastery but at the same time, there’s a lot of fish in the sea and I can just go somewhere less rude–I may feel the need to carve a little niche of technique out.

  4. hey zac,
    i hate to bother you about old stuff, but i’m still having trouble with some prayer stuff.

    the main problem is that the technique is so inconsistant and unreliable; sometimes i’ll do a prayer or a sigil or whatever and it’ll work perfectly, other times i’ll get no noticable result at all.

    i guess i just want to be able to count on it working.

    is this just the way it is or am i doing something wrong?


  5. Zac, thanks (as usual) for the inspirational post. This weekend I’ve been alternating between ecstasy and deep funk. Your recent installment gives me a little perspective.

  6. Hey Zach. If you are interested I can mail through some hypnotic beats I made in reason to consider for the intro to your show (or not if you dont like them) I can encode them as as low bitrate mp3 then provide a better quality ones later if you want ? Just thought Id put myself out there.

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