A heart-warming series of hard-won life lessons from a self confessed paranoid neotraditionalist, centering around the upside and downside of consensus, alienation, introverted flagellation, and the erotic dance of self and other, all in the guise of attempting to answer a serious question from a reader. That, and I try to beguile everyone that  I am a ‘real’ person, not just a raving charicature.


9 thoughts on “The Mosaic Effect 6: The Chymical Wedding

  1. Indeed… thank you for sharing your thoughts! The podcast format is a nice alternative from the written word. I just downloaded this latest installment & am looking forward to listening to it, as I have with each of the previous efforts. You present ideas in a very direct & bracing manner that I find very refreshing… definatly a lot to process & internalize. Keep up your excellent work… & again, than you for sharing your thoughts & explorations! They are a great motivator to action!

  2. What they said. I love the new format, and hey, I loved the old format.

    I haven’t listened to this particular session yet. I’m playing catch-up since I got back from a trip. I can say, TME 1 & 2 — great. “The world is not a joke” — my favorite so far. I’ll get back to you on the rest.

    A quick technical question for you while I’m here.. What sort of recording set-up do you have? I’m about to record a self-hypnosis disc and Audacity is giving me hassles, which I remember having before, but forget how I fixed em. Thought I’d see if you had a better suggestion altogether. I find few things more annoying than knowing exactly what I want to do, being all psyched for it, and having stupid technical difficulties slow me down and wreck my momentum. I was SO in the zone.. Dammit!!!

    Anyway thanks zac. And hey, where aboots in Canada are you?
    Just curious. For some reason your writing always spoke to me in a British accent.

    To the point: I’m loving what you’re doing, a lot, so keep bloody well doing it. Don’t make me come over there.

  3. I appreciate the encouragement. the podcasts have been a bit of a slow burn, but they’re gathering momentum as time goes. 300 or so unique IP’s so far. which is not bad for only three weeks.

    I actually use audacity myself. i used wavepad at first, but the free use clause expired on it. i actually like audacity a lot better. the hardest part was getting the added software to allow you to export/import mp3 files, but that was only a small bother.

    it’s not suprising to have someone hear a british accent in it. the inner voice i use when i write is sort of upper class british-inflected. it helps me use some of my more erudite language and patrician arrogance more effectively. somewhere between alan rickman and aliester crowley. my grandmother actually resembled the queen almost precisely.

    I live in victoria in british columbia, just off the coast from vancouver. a longish boat ride away from the gnostic perverts in seattle, and I share a city with father jordan stratford, although i’ve never met him.

  4. Victoria, BC. You lucky, lucky bastard.

    That is fascinating that you ‘use’ an inner voice to alter your sense of self when you’re writing. So I’m not the only one. I quite often talk to myself in different accents (my hypnotist self speaks with a soft, soothing British accent). I also occasionally channel some Russian dude, usually when I’m walking my dog. Maybe she and I were/are russian together in another life. And lately, since seeing Nacho Libre the other day, I can’t stop talking in an overexaggerated mexican / Jack Black-ish fashion.

    Anyway it’s nice to see I’m not alone in this particular brand of ‘insanity.’ I find it quite useful, myself. Adopting an accent pretty predictably loosens up and even alters the nature of my thinking in positive ways. I read a reaffirmation of this recently in a book called the Einstein Factor, where it was noted that talking to yourself in an accent or a silly voice almost instantly shifts you into right-brain thinking, where you suddenly find flowing out of you all kinds of information, insights, and ideas that in ‘normal’ left-brain mode wouldn’t have occurred to you. And what a more fun way to shift hemispheres than much of the new agey or overly convoluted shit that a lot of people try to do.

    But to each their own.

  5. Another technical question if you’ll indulge me a second.. I know this isn’t the preferred use of your comments section and I apologize. But since you’re using audacity, I gots to ask. Have you ever encountered the problem of the mic input volume being way way too low? If so, how did you fix it?

    On my old computer at my old place, a couple years ago now almost, I had the same problem and seem to recall it being something to do with the input settings on the computer itself, but the answer escapes me now. I’ll be playing around with it today some more, so I should be able to figure it out. But if you happen to know the solution off hand and want to save me some trial and error, you’d be my hero for the day.

  6. if you mean your recordings end up too quiet, just open the file and in the gain bar next to the track at the bottom left, just up the gain by a few dB. when you export that as an mp3 the gain will be saved as well and it will turn out louder. hope that helps.

    and not to worry bout the technical questions. if they’re resolved to your satisfaction, you can always erase them later, or edit them for content. or i can.

    i don’t mind the odd email either. i’ve had a couple people sort of abuse the privledge but those are few and far between. i preffer to carry on open ended philosophical discussions in public where everyone can benefit, generally speaking.

  7. Good post. I would like to chime in for the alienated, however, and say that you can be alienated by no fault of your own, e.g., through airplane crashes onto pacific islands, having your desk moved to the basement, etc., etc. I’ll also add that the only real topics where people don’t stand out, and where they’re not individuals, are probably politics, the stock market, and sports, on account of these being the most talkingpoint-itized fields of modern life. It’s not their fault they vote republican, it just spares them a lot of brain activity. It’s an engram, is all, and you can’t judge someone by virtue of their engrams alone, though they do turn into a sort of memetic self-perpetuating mess in their own rites… Nazis, Zoasterian superintelligences, and scientology withing a few days of each other. The Western World has left an imprint on me, what can i say.

  8. Thanks sir zac. The gain thing could just do the trick… And definitely feel more than free to delete any of this off-topic thread at your discretion.

    I’ve now listened to the rest of your podcasts to this point and want to say that you’re a welcome new addition to the feeding of my waking-up consciousness each day, and I dare say a very beneficial influence for, I hope, a growing number of people.

    May you have many reasons to smile today.

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