In which I slip on my neo-traditionalist drill sergeant hat, and engage in headstrong polemic against self satisfied slackers, dilletentes, and postmodern whiners everywhere. I extoll the virtue of discipline, objective standards, and reality checking, then top it off with an inexplicable rant against the simpsons.

  If I’d been thinking about it, I would’ve just sufficed to borrow the tagline from the viking youth, and say ‘quit dreaming like a pussy’, but you know me… always the long way around.

11 thoughts on “The Mosaic Effect 5: The World is not a Joke

  1. Ironies abound. Jeff Wells’ most recent post says the world really is a joke. A sick one, but a joke nevertheless.

    He even has the cool Saturn-eating-his-young pic that I think you once used!

  2. While I didn’t feel the urge to jump in on the shootin the postmodern theorist fish in a barrel, I spent my ride home

    tonight reading from a “postgraduate” (i.e., “I’m never, never, never gonna grow up… and a Ph.D. is a lot like growing up”) paper on computation as culture: “Word Made Flesh”–and I wanted to kidnap the author, take his learned but suicidally postmodern, anti-“phallogocentric”, privileged ass and drop him off at that place Batman trained at after they let him out of jail.

    Thing is, “Postmodern” profs and students exist as a goddamn control mechanism. This is part of the reason I loathe the thought of getting an advanced degree. You take a bunch of bright kids, then fill their minds with trite shit, tell them that everything that involves struggle, reason, devotion, ecstasis, is the product of “White Hegemony” and “the Male Gaze,” (whoever coined the term “male gaze” must have been an ugly son of a bitch upset he couldn’t get any of the girls to look at him sideways), and then reward them for regurgitating new permutations of the same 100 neologisms over and over again, making sure to point out how anything that smacks of gnosis is really just “male opression.” I had a girlfriend who–among other things, like getting jealous and starting screaming matches over the fact that I tried to exercise for an hour and a half out of the week–claimed that my concerns about the state of affairs were just rebellious juvenile sentiments about “consumerism” and not as important as “male opression.”

    Why is it important that, e.g., despite being “stoachiastically restricted and therefore not in fact ontologically unlimited” Burroughs and Grison’s cut-up technique undermines the false structures of ego, culture, politics, despite being limited?


    You can worry all you want about the plight of the persecuted middle-aged, upper middle-class woman after we stop turning this goddamn suicide course, okay? “Postmodernism” is just a goddamn parlour game for the rich and wealthy, it just recruits its shills from among the educated middle class. And while it has all sorts of dialectical and discursive phrases that mimick those of “enlightenment”, it just boils down to so much bullshit. If an unenlightened being spouts off about the whole world being the play of illusion, great. Notice the active parts: “unenlightened being” “spouts off”. Ken Wilber has said this in some far more eloquent terms, that in seeking to avoid the dialects of progress and capital accumulation and domination, the postmodernists, the feminists, and the econazis have embraced the same goddamn fundamental belief, that all you see is all there is, that all vertical aspiration is folly, and that’s not a far leap to “do what you want.” You don’t get instant enlightenment, you lazy little coddled rich white kids. Go back to your un fucking paid internship in DC pulling trains for Senator Child-Rapist’s staffers (D-New Jersey) and helping destroy every goddamn last beautiful thing there ever was or could be.

    Thanks, postmodern fucktards, for the last and greatest betrayal of the last and greatest of human dreams. I’ll spend the next million millenia murdering your ancestors in hell.

  3. Jesus, I think Null’s about to fuck…some…body…up…

    Yeah, nihilism in any form, even dressed up intellectually, is pretty disgusting.

    The Existentialists figured out,”hey, there is no Meaning to Life.” Everything since then has been,”if I can subjugate myself to an institution or an ‘ism’ (modernism) or just come up with this cool, meaningless linguistic phrase (post-modernism), then I won’t have to deal with the fact that..oh fuck…Life is Meaningless…what am I gonna do…I need to get a job…”

    I think Null’s about to sacrifice a post-modern virgin on the altar of Crowleyan Will to Power and fuck the remains in a bloody tantric ritual of animal offerings and cigars, all the while laughing maniacally and sipping a nice Chianti…

  4. … and calling himself ‘The Aristocrat!’ *snarf*

    Zac – mind your P’s and B’s (your Q’s are fine). Getting an inexpensive lav/lapel mic can do wonders for vox sonance, and eliminates those pesky ‘puffs’ (or try holding the mic under your chin).

    This is the first one Ive listen to all the way, and matches perfectly my whole outlook (and maybe mentioned somewhere here before) – guarding against self deception. As you say it’s all too easy and when combined with denial creates an ugly ignorant culture.

    How about giving President Bush some credit? A big condition that helped create the slacker generation IMHO was the end of the cold war. Without an inyerface opposing “idea” it’s hard to get psyched enuff to sharpen your iron. (Consider the Roaring ’20s-post war-to-end-all-wars – pre-fascist -euphoria). ……… least Bush has got alot of people woken up!

    Who want’s to be self-deceived? It’s worse than getting conned by others, but who want’s to ask that question???

    You gotta start young, that’s good. Check the ego mind at the door. Strike the balance between reason and rationale. Keep “don’t know” zen mind, only go straight. have faith the holy spirit will guide you in all truth! Peace is better than comfort, and a priceless achievement.

  5. oh, before I got carried away (in the spirit!) … I meant to say also: great stuff! Keep preaching brutha!!

    … and what the hell is “male gaze??” My ancestral slave-owning genes just shat themselves!!

  6. I think Null’s about to sacrifice a post-modern virgin on the altar of Crowleyan Will to Power

    Oh! Oh! Can I volunteer?

    I can’t believe the bullshit I filled my head with in college. I grew up poor – both my parents were dropouts – and I had no idea what to expect. I was so excited by the idea of meeting like-minded people and having intelligent discussions, signing up for Women’s Studies and Cultural Studies classes, thinking I was learning to be subversive because I knew what “hegemonic” meant. Learning to deconstruct things is great, but without the grounding in Western culture the profs themselves undoubtedly enjoyed, it turns out to be kind of an empty exercise.

    The only useful classes I took were some film classes, one biology class, and a Humanities class where we read Goethe, Voltaire, Rousseau, and Pope. The class was taught by a WWII vet who had bad hearing but was very sharp. He and one other old guy were the last remnants of a department that had been almost fully dismantled.

    Null is right when he says that anything that smacks of gnosis is scrupulously not taught. I had no idea how liberating Leaves of Grass was, for example, until I picked it up, years after college. There’s an air of dustiness surrounding Whitman, Emerson, and the other American Transcendentalists that is just completely swept away when you sit down and actually read them.

  7. Though I’d feel guilty holding up your show, I’d like to clean it up. “A Prayer for Derridda” or something like that. Gimme a few days, I’m going to be at work overnight tomorrow (mmm, the deadlines) and a bit short on time.

    I’m not sacrificing anybody. though good luck with the finding a virgin thing, they discontinued that model I think. I’m still upset with the indoctrination of my generation into complete nonsense and blindness. But I don’t have much time righ tnow. Goodnight.

  8. Might as well save it for your own show, dude. gotta safeguard your intellectual property and all that. you’re gonna have a brain hemmorage as it is, with all the shit you’re doing.

    and somebody better sacrifice some virgins round here at some point. how am i supposed to ascend to colonel kurtz style godhood in the digital jungle if nobody’s killing anything?

  9. Just listened to this podcast and think this from Joseph Campbell might be relevent:

    ‘Universal too is the casting of the antagonist…in the role of the clown. Devils-both the lusty thickheads and the sharp, clever deceivers-are always clowns. Though they may triumph in the world of space and time, both they and their work disappear when the perspective shifts to the transcendental. They are the mistakers of shadow for substance: They symbolize the inevitable imperfections of the realm of shadow and so long as we remain this side of the veil cannot be done away’
    The Hero With A Thousand Faces, p.294

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