To celebrate the purchase of more upload capacity, things take a somewhat lighter turn as we discuss current events, the chapel perilous, cosmic horror, 911, the dark night of the soul, pernicious drugs, uncle AL, liber thoth, seizing your moment, and the death of the world according to rudolph steiner.

  yeah, it’s dense. buckle up.

6 thoughts on “The Mosaic Effect 4: Atu 18 Overdrive

  1. My understanding of Steiner largely comes from one of his books, which was published as a stand-alone work even though it’s very, very, very dense–and from the here-dreaded Daniel Pinchbeck (he’s impatient is all, you’d be two if the whole planet was headed for a bottleneck in less than eight years and had to make a career out of constant trip reports), and one essay in the Disinfo anthology on the occult. So in my feeble understanding, the “New Jupiter” exists to allow us to reach a higher vibratory stage and avoid the clutches of Ahriman, who wants to delude us with an idea of the Moon–power given at the expense of vibration, to make us dense and bound to the “earth” spiritually. Pinchbeck suggested part of the reason we see the insanity and incompetence among politicians etc. stems from them being stuck in a Jupiterean position but having to work out this new vibratory state, much in the same way that new exercise could initially hobble someone.

    And this thread is probably more suited for the Hitler refrences. I don’t like the idea of culling out *the majority* of those who won’t, in Terence’s terms, make it through the bottleneck at the end of time. I’ve seen that type of shit happen very close to me more often then I’d like, and it’s true, if you’re trying to get everyone off the ship before it sinks, you’re fucked too and while the sentiment is noble it’s ultimately ineffectual. And, as usual, the world could stand to be free of some fundies of all stripes, but I don’t know if it’s necessary to take them on and find yourself alone and the only one breathing in a bloody throneroom so much as it is to just tell a goddamn story, to draw a new painting on the cave wall–though there is that nagging issue of shadow… I’d like to think that the Integral Institute has cooked up a way around it, but so long as we’re hanging out in the Kali Yuga, nobody but us black magickians will have any real practice in the Tradtion–in fact, the shadows cast by the priests have to rise to their place and supplant them.

    At the same time, I also wonder whether if any efficacy can come out of attacking the Ahrimanic edifice with simple intention (and by that I mean sex magick). I have used an enhanced neurology and bumped into that shit and it was too fucking huge to want to even go inside though I thought about it, I didn’t have enough resources on hand to deal with it.

  2. Another good one. I think I’ve been at those gates and refused to go through, just another part of the breakdown I went through last year. I’m eager to be presented with the opportunity to go through them again, a little more bravely this time.

  3. wow, somebody’s on a roll…

    Here comes all the accusations of fascim…

    Its funny that no one ever mentions the fact that any time you create a system of values (or goals) that you wish to see manifest in the world, you automatically “create” a bunch of enemies-people, values, institutions, traditions, etc-that want to block or obstruct you…even if those values are (in your mind) good, ie the evolution of humanity, peace and goodwill, etc. Its the nature of the relative world, of which values and goals are most certainly a part of. Everyone attempting to be a reality engineer needs to become aware of these “enemies” and consciously figure out a way to deal with them.

    A couple of your previous posts about not setting yourself up against the enemy (thereby playing into his hands) has really clarified for me a concept Nietzsche used as a tool for dealing with an enemy- agon. In Nietzsche’s view, you grow by competition, by overcoming obstacles and enemies and using them and the action of dominating them to fulfill your goals. Note that this is not setting yourself up against them or attempting to destroy them, but using the opposition’s strengths and weaknesses to fulfill your goals and increase your growth. Put them in their place so that they don’t fuck everything up, and then you can use them when you need them to grow. Its a form of respect for the enemy, while still understanding that he is your enemy. Unfortunately, how to accomplish this with those whack-jobs with the nuclear weapons is still something I’m trying to figure out.

    I’m kinda rambling here and not sure if I got my point across, oh well…

    Be Good,


  4. oh, i’m well used to the possible accusations of fascism. i’ve been playing on the edges of that since day one, what with the open admiration for evola and guenon, and my occasional forays into demagougery, militaristic metaphors and authoritarian phraseology.

    in a world full of tepid neutered cowards who fall in line behind the gangster with the most non-threatening appearance, you sometimes need to poke them on the nose to get their strict attention.

    and the nietzsche association is a significant part of where we’ll be going with this in the near future, so i’m sure the shrill, raving paranoid, neo nazi disinformation inteligence patsy limited hangout accusations will be in full effect at some point.

    at least, i hope so. i need my amusements, after all.

  5. with any luck i’ll be the canadian version of david myatt, albiet swapping out the naziism and cthulhu in favour of what null calls my ‘heretical’ buddhism, and william blake.

    …ahh the thought tickles me just enough to get me moving this morning.

  6. By “heretical buddhism”, I mean the no-mind heretic, like Austin Spare or some such character. Peter Carroll dabbled in this but he’s first and foremost a math nerd despite his exercises in “random belief”.

    As a useless aside, after I bought two of Evola’s books through amazon, I kept getting auto-recommended Mein Kampf and neonazi propaganda. And yes, in a bizarre way, it made me proud, but don’t take that the wrong way, I am not a nazi, racist moron.

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