Fate delivers us to the door of Uncle Terrence, and we rhapsodise wildly about heroic doses, neoteny, and the ‘human problem’.   

 I’m contemplating purchasing a bit more upload capacity from libsyn. the cost is negligible to my mind, but I was curious to see how far i could stretch the baseline level. For the moment i am at my limit for the month, but I’ll let you know what i decide.

   In any case, I come dangerously close to incohate ranting on this one, so enjoys youselves.


4 thoughts on “The Mosaic Effect 3: Revolt of the Elf Machines from Hyperspace

  1. A quick technical thing — I don’t know what happened with the sound in this one but it is really quiet compared to the other two on my system.

    I’m missing some parts of the McKenna lecture on Shamanism with Metzger and then again on Amazonian Shamanism with Nicole (both lifted from Futurehi.net which has a lot of stuff if anybody’s looking). Do you have them?

    When you talked about people backsliding into conservatism in the face of adversity (on a grand scale I guess, like war) instead of looking for solutions it reminded of this part in the “Diamond Cutter” where Geshe Michael Roche writes about a corporation having a little lower turnout, and then decreasing some aspect of their employees benefits, productivity falling because of that, the company changing the 401k, productivity falling again…etc. into a feedback loop where they basically end up fucking themselves over. Whereas he proposed doing the opposite and trying to increase productivity despite the loss or something like that. Anyway, I think the idea is similar because in both cases someone tries to fall back on the ideology they were taught irregardless of how far they’ve moved away from it because of its “safety” but the safety at this point is more like a hazard.

  2. yeah. the levels were a bit low this time around. it felt like i was speaking the same volume, but it might be i was thrown off by some backround noise.

    and yeah i’ve got everything they have up on future hi, deoxy, the big archive that usually circulates of terrence’s stuff, and few bits besides. gettin a bit few and far between in these latter days.

    i think people respond to that conservative nonsense out of a sense of safety, but the ones actively shilling this garbage know full well they’re trying to roll back decades or even centuries of social progress. usually becuase they subscribe to some distorted quasi-traditionalist notions that refute the idea of there actually being any such thing as progress, only natural aristocrats and slaves or some such warmed over toss.

  3. Hey, just wanted to say thanks for the pointer a few posts back to the Dharma Dan site. I downloaded all of that shit and even printed “Mastering the Core Teachings,” went down to kinko’s, got it 3-holed punched, and stuck it into a binder.

    I had gotten out of reading Buddhist texts because I had gotten it into my mind that Enlightenment was just some sorta fantastically mythological state, and any real pursuit of it was kind of a farce cause, hell, you’re already enlightened (too many BAD zen books). I just didn’t see any real point in reading shit that told me I was the man when I knew instinctively that I was no such thing.

    Anyway, reading Ingram’s site and an initial skim of his book quickly threw that bs out the window. He reminded me of this concept in Wilson’s “The Outsider”: “…we know enough about Outsiders to know that his symbols usually correspond to a psychological reality.” The Buddha was most certainly an Outsider par excellence, and I shoulda made that connection a long time ago and given Him his due. Oh well, no time like the present….

    Be Good,


  4. while i don’t neccisarily think buddha dharma is the way for everyone, i obviously like it a lot. so if i can help anyone set their feet on the path, that pleases me to no end.

    just be carefull with that stuff, and pay very very close attention to the warnings when using the vippassina jhannas. i had a teacher of thirty years backstopping me when i screwed up with that stuff. you probably don’t.

    that said, all growth is risk. so weigh them carefully and have fun.

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