What do lions, tigers, buddhism, 80’s cinema and the epidemic of crystal meth have in common? How do you get everything you wish in the blink of an eye?

  All this and more in our latest display of improvised mental agility. 

  Questions answered, and all beings humbled without compunction, HERE.


11 thoughts on “The Mosaic Effect 2: Culling your Spiritual Cokehead

  1. Since I’m coming into this several months after the Alchemy for the Braindamaged series got started I almost feel like I need to rush and read them all and do the exercises later :p The way you’re using humility is pretty clear to me now thanks to the comments in the last post and your comments in this piece. Ever since I read Castaneda I’ve considered that the ego needs to be put into its place but never thought about humility in terms of treating a part of me that way. I liked this a lot! Especially the coke head analogy. My favorite part had to be the end though with the “Fuck the pictures…,etc.”

  2. So right as you were telling your listeners to build a relationship with reality, I tipped a bowl of soup into my lap.

    It’s been a couple days since I last meditated.

  3. I concur with the idea that our culture “imposes a neotany on us,” which apparently never ends. Here’s a question which I already have some answers to: what structures exist above the ego, and what do that act like?

  4. Ok dude, now you’re really starting to freak me out. The night before you posted TME2, I was half-heartedly watching tv and thinking to myself, “you know, the ego can’t be ALL bad. Nothing is completely negative. I wonder what the good points of the ego are.” I mindstormed it for a while and came up with (or stole from somehere) this idea of a bunch of shamans, yogis, and magi “creating” the ego so that future generations could overcome it to higher forms of evolution, in the whole Nietzchean vein of “the greater the ‘obstacle,’ the greater the development in overcoming it.” Mind you, I don’t think this is a historical idea or that it “really” happened, I just think it’d be kinda cool.

    I really like the idea of the ego as scaffolding. It makes alot of sense for an undeveloped consciousness to throw up a temporary mediator with reality while it gets its act together. Too bad the mediator ends up thinking that itself is king, and fucks the whole thing up.

    I picked up “Culture is Our Business” and “The Gutenburg Galaxy.” I see where you’re getting this whole mosaic theme from. I’m gonna read both at the same time to get into this mosaic game myself.

    Oh, thanks for the rec, Kylark. Sorry about the soup. I always feel bad at the loss of a good meal…well, any meal. It was funny as hell, though.

  5. To elaborate, thank you for this.

    “Fuck the pictures

    Fuck the words

    Build a relationship with reality”

    Keep doing what you are doing.

  6. Don’t be afraid to comment. Assert yourself! Express yourself

    Okay. 🙂

    Zac, I don’t have much to say except that this is great stuff. As Anton says, keep doing what you’re doing…

  7. I was thinking of something. This is basically a blog for crazy people, it seems to me, at least in the eyes of most people. It is weird not seeing your reality mirrored in other people, I mean most of my friends can’t relate at all to these kinds of things (alchemy/mysticism etc) when I mention them. I guess this was pretty off topic and I don’t really have a point but still, it’s pretty weird when everybody you know don’t have a clue why they do what they do and run around hunting projections to cling to without reflecting at all…
    It makes for loneliness, which I guess I’m ok with, and it makes for confusion when navigating the quite different worlds of consensus reality and your own custom-made delusions… How do I keep my (in-)sanity somewhat stable when I can’t share my reality with others in real life?? And how do I communicate my madness to them?

  8. SAAKeT – Once a few months back I had this idea (which actually goes with the audio too…) about how shamans sat around and told stories and we forgot that they were stories, sort of like you’re them creating the ego idea. I put it up on my (unmaintained) blog if you (or anyone else) want(s) to read it.

  9. Hey kopernikus, my suggestion is that you learn to play, at least in turns, a different role or two. Some of us get born into Outsider roles, while some of us end up there for other reasons. And to a great extent, there will always be a difference–but this enables a sort of power-structure, where you can switch and change rapidly. Try, e.g., acquiring some charisma, in the older sense of that word–after all, if you have light, no one may be able to see the source, but they feel the light, get it?

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