While i wait for my file hosting service to get unfucked, I thought I'd continue my habit of sharing all the interesting/unsettling/edifying materials I've got in the footlocker.

   Long overdue is a link to what i think is the very best text on meditation and buddhist style practice anywhere, Daniel Ingram's Mastering the Core Teachings of the Buddha. This is hard core stuff for hard core practice. There is way more detail and precision of language here than you will ever need to achieve your meditation and insight goals. all the traditional states, their names, and how to get there on a predictable time table. the only danger is losing your shit completely, and he goes into that as well. pure gold, right in the bank.

   and courtesy of channel null, if you aren't down with the the viking youth power hour, you are fucked in the head. Imagine a group of accomplished adepts pretending to be drunken idiots. or maybe they are drunken idiots. or maybe they're ascended masters, guiding us all to the pure land. penetrate the mystery here.

   And i think it's overdue that i give some mad props to mister null himself. not only does he relentlessly pimp my writing for no reward to himself, he's also putting in the work and and he's moving up in the world, unlike many who simply talk shit and conceal their ignorance. he's recently become a made guy in the key23 syndicate and will soon be putting cement shoes on anyone who isn't down with the program of spiritual advancement.   keep your eye on that lot. all chaotes are dodgy bastards, I'm telling you. but i'd rather have them on my side than not.

   you may have noticed or inferred my faltering steps into audio format and podcasting and whatnot. expect that to gather momentum rather quickly. I'm thinking I need a way to shake out the bugs and test the medium, so i tell ya what:

  anyone who wants to fire a question, comment or request for expansion on some point, do it now, in the comments thread and I'll read them and record the answers to be broadcast in about a week's time. do a real mcluhan esque audile/scribal synesthesia type thing. It'll be fun. no topic off limits. the alchemy is in the way we use our brains, my friends, not what you put in them. that's my story and i'm sticking to it.

  …return to more carefull wording and less swearing after i sleep for about 16 hours.


10 thoughts on “God is not mocked, He knows our Business

  1. Looking forward to listening to Chapter XX again. Yeah, the volume was low and sometimes difficult to hear, but it was good … the Stream through your instrument. Liked it very much and thanks for your writings which have guided me through some darkness. Blessings to you.

  2. Thank you very much, I am flattered. And I don’t ID as a “chaote,” though I might move in their circles. Coincidentally enough, I bought a microphone two days ago. and can get a $10 USB camera at RadioShack. And regading “concealing my ignorance,” it knows no bounds… there’s nothing I won’t do twice. But tonight is a special night.

  3. zac,

    Many thanks for that Dharma Dan link. After browsing the site for a while, I downloaded and printed everything I could get my hands on. Its nice when a personal, amateur hypothesis based on a little research, a little practice, and a whole lotta guessing is proven viable by the intense work of an expert (I just KNEW that Buddhism was more a tool than a dogma).

    Also, am I blind? Where is this streaming audio everyone is talking about? I rooted around and couldn’t find it anywhere.

    Other than that, be good…


  4. Who are you using for server space, and can you recommend them? I understand Dreamhost is excellent if you’re willing to drop US$12.00/month.

  5. i dropped the 5$ to try libsyn for a month but so far it’s a comedy of errors. it seems they are a favorite whipping post for scammers spammers and hackers of all stripes. i uploaded my talk two days a go and it still hasn’t appeard in their archives.

    i’ve already uploaded for free to sendspace but their bandwidth is shit and you have to get in a queue to download anything. i may have to resort to that if this keeps up.

  6. Thanks for a good discussion about a subject I have much interest in. I enjoyed the Alchemy for the Braindamaged series, and suddenly feel a need to do some old homework. Best wishes to you and I look forward to your broadcasts.

    One thing you touched on was the principal importance of humility in manifesting intent. You said that when the humble ask for help, they usually get what they’re after. Abramelin springs to mind; a magus would purify and consecrate himself to the point of saintliness in order to call on his Angel Guardian, and receive divine instructions in magic to invoke demons to do his will. Whoever wrote that book seemed pretty sure that his magic works and made it clear it was not to be fucked around with. But I would say that few people today would even be able to attempt an undertaking of such spiritual magnitude, given the sheer amount of obstacles in the path towards virtue, and cultural conditioning to the contrary.

    So it seems that we have fallen from great heights. Our true will, squashed out of us. What I’m really wanting to get at, is how does this magic shit really apply to you or me given the circumstances of our present day, such as they are? Reality priesthood and all that, running the whole show. How do you get yours? How do you make yourself worthy enough to receive that which you ask for?

    On a side note, is it okay to focus your will in prayer to get the attention of your favorite higher power, and then humbly request to get mind-blowingly laid and filthy stinking rich? If so, we’re all signed up. However, for some reason I think the Buddha might disapprove of that one. Maybe you have to petition someone else for that kind of favor?

    By the way, I always did like your new tag…”apotheosis as a lifestyle option”. Fucking brilliant! You should trademark that. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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