The Mosaic Effect 8: Malthusian Catharses

   we close out our first month of podcasting with a prolonged discussion centered around the subject of peak oil, ranging into existentialism, nietzsche, relocalising primitivists, malthusian catastrophe,the philosophical roots of the power elite, scrabbling in the dirt, and the morally bankrupt circle jerk at the end of the world.

   All in hopes of driving a much needed stake through the heart of the current thinking on our resource/political crisis.  

  Divided for you convenience into two equal sections here and here.

The Mosaic Effect 7: Pattern Integrities

   A slightly grungier-than-usual sounding sermon under the bridge, as we plumb the life and inspiration of buckminster fuller.

   Life, death, rebirth, the highest good, and the alchemically smelted self run headlong into carbon nanotubes, metaprogramming and playing spirit horse.

   pull up a chair and unleash your “mini-christ”  here

The Mosaic Effect 6: The Chymical Wedding

    A heart-warming series of hard-won life lessons from a self confessed paranoid neotraditionalist, centering around the upside and downside of consensus, alienation, introverted flagellation, and the erotic dance of self and other, all in the guise of attempting to answer a serious question from a reader. That, and I try to beguile everyone that  I am a ‘real’ person, not just a raving charicature.

The Mosaic Effect 5: The World is not a Joke

  In which I slip on my neo-traditionalist drill sergeant hat, and engage in headstrong polemic against self satisfied slackers, dilletentes, and postmodern whiners everywhere. I extoll the virtue of discipline, objective standards, and reality checking, then top it off with an inexplicable rant against the simpsons.

  If I’d been thinking about it, I would’ve just sufficed to borrow the tagline from the viking youth, and say ‘quit dreaming like a pussy’, but you know me… always the long way around.

The Mosaic Effect 3: Revolt of the Elf Machines from Hyperspace


  Fate delivers us to the door of Uncle Terrence, and we rhapsodise wildly about heroic doses, neoteny, and the ‘human problem’.   

 I’m contemplating purchasing a bit more upload capacity from libsyn. the cost is negligible to my mind, but I was curious to see how far i could stretch the baseline level. For the moment i am at my limit for the month, but I’ll let you know what i decide.

   In any case, I come dangerously close to incohate ranting on this one, so enjoys youselves.