while I spend the next few days polishing off my latest psychotic diatribe, I thought I’d continue my civic duty as facilitator of usefull infomation. I will carry the attractor at the end of time on my bleeding shoulders if need be!

I’ve mentioned a couple times my admiration for webster tarpley. I don’t think anyone is really able to put the crypto-oligarchy in it’s proper historical context the way he does. So I’m obviously pleased to see he’s doing a weekly radio show here, where he holds forth on the onging unraveling of our civilisation. The first hour of every show is essentially a  lecture by him. Good stuff. you can take or leave the rest. fast forward through the excessive tinfoil hat right wing conspiracy commercials.

  Speaking of right wing lunacy, I’ve recently become aquainted with the thoughts of lyndon larouche. In  spite of all the hysterical accusations of anti semitism, demagougery, and spooky fascistic leanings, I’m shocked to find him at least as coherent, perhaps even moreso, than any politician I’ve encountered from the last century. I think it’s telling how thoroughly he’s been consigned to the ghetto of unnacceptable discourse. I imagine one of these three hour sessions is enough for anyone. it’s damn funny to watch this guy. I almost pissed myself after i realised he uses names like ‘felix rohatyn’ like swear words. I don’t even know who this felix guy is, and it’s still hilarious. he’s like your cranky uncle whose solution to everything is to get the shotgun and chase people off his porch.  

and for the uncle terrence fans, there’s always more loose ends: I’ve made it a project to track down anything he’s done, so if anyone happens to turn some new nugget that hasn’t found it’s way into one of the usual repositories, by all means do the world a favour and speak up!

 I’m a big believer in open source education so by all means avail yourself of the wealth of material at MIT online. they’re well on their way to making all thier course material entirely free within a few years. even if you just listen to all the free audio and video lectures, you’ll be a smart motherfucker. like that guy brad in pulp fiction. right before sam jackson and travolta shot him.

and in the interest of undercutting any shocking revelation in my timeline project before i get there, hook yourself up with some mark pesce lectures. here and here. he’s becoming a worthy succesor to king terrence, provided he outgrows his obsession with webcrack.

 and last but certainly not least i’m pleased to see this disinfo conferrence from a few years back is available for free online. Doug rushkoff does his post-post everything routine, kenneth anger debases himself shilling stop smoking tapes ( i shit you not ) and talks crowley, and pay particular mind to an impassioned speech by grant morrison as he lays out his post-invisibles cultural manifesto on pop magick, identity complexes and alien abduction. great fun and worth seeing if only to witness the ur-text of the modern chaos magick cult that finds it’s manifestation in and around key23, ultraculture, the barbelith underground, and generation hex etc. they’ll deny it of course…

 now away with you!


8 thoughts on “The alchemical echo chamber

  1. Nice, this should keep me info-tained for hours.

    Also, as an addition to the MIT pointer (thanks for heads up on that), U.C. Berkeley also has a solid online presence at http://itunes.berkeley.edu/

    I think you need itunes to access the lectures, and it doesn’t seem as extensive as the MIT site, but it is definitely worth checking out. I’ve taken some of those lectures and the prof.’s are great.

    Be Good,


  2. Ol’ webster, as knowledgeable as he be has had pretty deep ties to ol’ Lyndon LaRouche for quite a long time. It was as a member of LaRouches Executive Intelligence Review that he wrote, along with Anton Chaitkin, that now legendary and infamous biography of Dubya’s dad that reawakened the knowledge of Prescott Bush’s financial assistance (for filthy lucre) of the Third Reich. Webster doesn’t seem to advertise his ties to Grandpa Munster Larouche much and that can be read quite a number of ways…LaRouche is a landmine. He and his people cover a lot of valuable and good information, but mixed with a whole bunch of disinfo and fear mongering. Ultimately, m’eye opinion, based on experience and research is that he’s a master hypnotist (a Kal Master, to be obscure) and an anti-semitic, mercenary spook running a private intelligence agency on the backs of a lot of tranced-out LaRouche bots (capable of being every bit as wonked as any L.Rondroid). Eye like Webster but am wary. LaRouche–eye’ll peruse an occasional interview, but choose to stay away on the whole. He’s highly informed, intelligent and all, but so psychopaths are often high-functioning, what without the baggage of an intact soul to weigh them down.

  3. I deny your baseless accusations of, um, accusatory baselessness!!! Actually, I for one would gladly acknowledge Morrison as part of the urCanon for K23, UC, GH, etc.

    Re: LaRouche – i’d echo the disinfo/intel/psyop angle on him. I’m less interested in what he’s saying than WHY he’s saying it and who’s helping him say it.

  4. grant morrison’s bit at the end sounds like he co-opted the strategy of the villain quimper into his worldview!

  5. oh he certainly has… his whole series ‘the filth’ is an extended riff on delving into aspects of filth corruption, infection and debasement, in the name of integrating and evolving oneself.
    there’s a lot to be said for transcending simplistic dualisms to be sure.
    regarding larouche… all i can say is, the more i see the more i like him. he ‘s a spooky megalomaniac, the way he implies that there are forces all over the world ready to follow his lead once he seizes control of the united states is quite disturbing…
    but i just can’t help likiing him. he’s sort of an american julius evola: you know he’s probably a whole mess of trouble, but he talks some good sense. the way he wheels from mocking dubya’s mental illness to holding froth on the roman ‘powers’ and ’emanations’, and plato vs aristole then back to veiled gay bashing, to his theory of the sophic subversion of 1968. it’s just sheer delight of lunacy.
    I imagine he really does believe what he’s saying. he’s too obviously crazy to pretend to be that crazy, if you know what i mean. he probably has some handlers and backers who use him to drive wedges into the progressive and ‘traditionalist’ camps.

  6. That Disinfo.con is a step back in time, to those Halycon days of–fuck, that was only six years ago, before the dot-bomb crisis. The optimism there is ridiculous, but it reminds me of something a right-wing nutjob in the vein of LaRouch said about the Kennedy assassination: regardless of who did it, the primary purpose was sorcerous–it was a media act of psychic terrororism against the American people, to slay the Beautiful One who Promised a Better and Braver Tomorrow–even if he was just another Realist Interventionist Anti-Commie, he was far more populistic, a “blue democrat”, than any prez since hime–a magickal act disguised as a intelligence coup disguised as act by Lone Nut. In many ways, September 11th was the follow-up, a veritible coup that changed the course of things to come: see how dated the attitudes at the Disinfo.con sound? Regardless, it’s worth the watch, or at least, read Pop Magic, because back then it was kind of like, “Executives are partying, dot-bombers have more money than they know what to do with, you can make a billion dollars doing nothing as a consultant” and so we sort of forgot that we needed to be at the whetstone; now we’ve really got to sharpen our teeth.

    Re: LaRouche, good peg of him as an American Evola–“important but dangerous”, although I think Evola had his spiritual shit together far better (hence the “important” part) than LaRouche and Tarpley, who are both out-to-lunch on that issue. I also agree that LaRouche is an utter nut who deliberately modelled his political career after Adolph Hitler’s. I am also fond of LaRouche, if only because he is an example of “everything that getting Clear can do for a honkey.”

  7. I’ll echo lvx23 Re: LaRouche: disinfo/intel/psyop – I’m less interested in what he’s saying than WHY he’s saying it and who’s helping him say it. Tarpley – same thing. The propagandistic utility of this type of stuff is obvious, but in terms of factual accuracy, whether or not they “really believe” what they’re saying is as irrelevant as how amusing they are.

    Larouche actually reminds me more of Ramsey Clark (another probably sincere but potentially dangerous crank) than anyone else.

  8. I got here following Tarpley’s link to LaRouche, led by his references to the influences of Leo Straus on the neo-con cabal and his obvious love of classical music. His webcast bumpers are Beethoven for God’s sake. No other web/radio talker anywhere does Beethoven. LaRouche may seem egocentric, but I think it’s simply his impatience with his generally poorly educated hedonistic countrymen. You have to admit, this is the most philistine nation of all time…could be the end-of-civilization implications in their prognostications could suggest a blessing of sorts.

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