Howdy doody.   

nothing too structured today. alas my body has taken my ego out behind the woodshed for a sound beating, in the form of painfull muscle spasms, that make it more or less impossible to sit or write for more than a few minutes at a time. A couple pieces in the works though, but i need to be able to go into one of my fits to finish them without throwing my back out or getting splitting headaches from subbluxed cervical vertebrae. week at the most, i would think.  

in the meanwhile i thought i’d share the joys of total information awareness, alchemical braindamage style.   while I don’t condone flogging in any form, or the abuse of horses, living or dead, this link here represents a nice succinct word on 911 which would throw most rigid minds into a set of upheavals.   which is really the only reason at this stage to bother with it. ‘proving’ or disproving’ anything is secondary to the benefit of moving them into a state of imprint vulnerability. if you can use something like 911 to drive the wedge in, you can sneak all kinds of baggage in behind it.  

if you want to actually understand 911 and the gang behind it from an ideological standpoint, look no further than the marvelous webster tarpley. the man knows his shit.  
i don’t link to solari anymore but if your interests lean towards understanding the money side of the counter initiation then get your groove on right here.  

and lastly while I don’t under any circumstance condone online piracy, I cannot help but be amused by the noise regarding weapons of mass destruction, when you have this kind of stuff flying around for free. if any significant percentage of the population assimilated this material you’d have the mental equivlalent of a nuke on every corner. If you were to for example go on any number of file sharing services and download the works of hypnotists like mark cunningham or kenrick cleveland you’d be walking around with more psychological firepower than you could ever use. But i know none of my readers would ever stoop to something so crass and disrespectfull of copyright.  Someone in this society has to stand up for the rule of law, ya know.

6 thoughts on “Curb-Stomped by God

  1. Thank you for pointing the way to what one might do, if one were to be so selfishly and unlawfully motivated. ::)

  2. i thought so too, but it turns out that if so, then these are considerably more skilled and motivated surfers than I’ve met where i live. i know they grow up hard in new york, but fuuuuccckk…..

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