Well, now that the flight from the wailing despair that was blogspot has concluded, we’ll be getting down to buisness as usual again in short order. but in the meantime i need a way to kill a couple days…

 since it seems we’re picking up some new market share in the attention economy, ( i feel slightly soiled even using the term, but I’ll file it under ‘nigredo’ )I thought I’d throw the mic out into the audience.

 feel free to announce yourselves and any general thoughts that do not neccisarily fit in the framework of my essays thus far.  I’m particulary interested to hear from anyone who is confused( hopefully not just in general, but in regards to something on my sites ), or needs something clarified, or has a request for expansion of some points. I’m planning to revisit banishing quite soon, and if there’s anything else you feel could use a second pass, by all means say so. I promise to actually try and reply rather than rain abuse and scorn on you as is my custom.

 otherwise, fire away with links to horse-porn, islamic jihadist recruiting sites, anecdotes from the homework assignments you’ve done up till now, suicidal cries for help, or simply ringing denunciations of myself and everything i stand for. I reserve the right to delete any or all of them without warning, of course.

 and while you’re at it, if anyone is knowledgeable in audio blogging or podcasting I’m intersted in doing something along those lines soon.

   talking shit is so much easier than writing it, dontcha know…


11 thoughts on “Hit the ground running…

  1. good to see the reestablishment here. been meaning to emigrate myself, sometime around my next substantial paycheck.

    here’s a question–how does one go about getting certified in massage? this seems like a hell of an alternative to doing low-interest tight-deadline moderate-paying tasks for the Cash Machine, and would free up time, which is currently my most precious commodity… I realize others bitch about this all the time, but I’m regularly putting in 14-hour days, which tends to lead to a lot of trouble elsewhere.

    here’s something else. Your approach is extremely deconstructionist and you use a massive amount of NLP. While this eliminates a lot of the spooky factor and the Bob Wilson inspired RPGers who talk shit but do nothing (I feel like an armchair practioner and I goddamn have idols on an altar), to me, this feels subjectively untrue. Demons don’t manifest to visible appearance, e.g., and they seem closely tied to our personal lives, but a lot of the shit I encounter feels so fucking alien, so not-self that I feel driven into mumbojumbo. I also realize there’s something of a meme going around, that “these-things-are-for-real.” Whether its a true illness or not… Short version: you’ve got more experience with meditation etc. than I do; what type of containers do you have, be they psychological or physical, to deal with this? I feel like even extensive banishing is not appropriate.

  2. lookin’ good. b’ieve me, the switch from fucking blogger to anything other than blogger will make you very, very happy. blogger is satan’s cms. no, it’s worse. it’s l ron hubbard’s cms.

    no horseporn, but i’m interested in breaking into podcasting myself, so if i come across anything good i’ll pass it along.

  3. well, mr. null, most of the masseur that i’m aware of aren’t certified in any way shape or form. granted, where I live, you can throw a rock and hit an ‘intuitive’ body worker, so maybe I’m confused by all the competition.

    in canada there is a program ofr registered massage therapists, but it takes several years to do. if you just want to ting it, then you, and your clients are at the mercy of whatever flim flam you can dream up.

    I, on the other hand am the active recipient of 2500 years worth of buddhist tui na technique, and thus am utterly impeccable.

    in short, if the us is anything like canada, whatever works for you and leaves you with a clear conscience is all good. nine times out of ten, just a gentle touch and the placebo effect will see you through. it obviously helps to aquire an actual working knowledge of physiology and nerve response, but where you get it hardly matters.

    ..and don’t fuck your clients. litteraly or figuratively.

    regarding your other question of ‘otherness’:

    as you might have guessed my reductionsim and deconstructionist approach is largely pragmatic. the actual practice is hard enough without obscuring it or dressing it up with all kinds of belaboured jargon, and unnecissary postulates. occam’s razor keeps the fucktards at bay.

    it also gives a point of entry for those with a surface familiarity with alternative thought. you may have noticed i spent several months learning the ins and outs of the gnostic parapolitical scene before i started holding forth on how to burn and loot consensus reality. nothing more fun than turning pathological, victum-scripted paranoids into actualised masters of the universe. or at least it sounds like fun when you say it out loud.

    I could take a more booga bogga aproach to entities and posession but that plays into our next installment.

    frankly i have yet to meet any entity that couldn’t be ripped up and integrated into my selfplex with a little effort. let em fucking come, if they think they’re hard enough. that’s my motto. the buddha dispelled the manifestation of all human delusion by touching the earth. i can certainly handle some hyperdimensional machine elves or emaciated little grey ass rapists.

    which is not to say they aren’t ‘real’ at least no less real than the human ego is, which is to say…not at all.

    which is to say, perhaps more clearly, it’s all as real, self or other, as you make it.

  4. Hey zac, just found the new site. Looks pretty good. I haven’t commented in awhile, but this would seem to be the moment to give a li’l shout out, so – hey. I’m not exactly ‘participating,’ but definitely following along. Cheers.

  5. Here’s another question , inspired somewhat by the new banishing piece:

    Practicing the Royal Art has created for me three main phenomenon: 1. the increased prescence of entities in my life: or, better put, my willingness to notice them. 2. learning that intention is so easy, and in many ways fulfilled in such a pedestrian manner, that success feels almost boring, although failure still sucks from all angles. Everytime a sigil manifests, it’s always in this wu-wei “ha you thought you’d get fireworks” trick 3. psychedelic experience happens, often in conjunction with 1, and it’s fucking bizarre.

    Numbers One and Three do not really seem to match with number Two. This may be my extreme antirationalism running at fullspeed away from my commitment to logic, I realize, or it may just be that we’ve been told lies about reality since we were children and now exist in a Virtual/Hyper/Consensus Reality Bubble and in the big psychedlic universe simultaneousyl, but little me struggles with this none the less. Does anyone have any commentary on this?

  6. Wow Zac, I thought you were crumpling yourself away from us. I am so glad to see that you have been writing some where else and have asked us aboard again. Thanks for your time and thoughts. I look forward to the next series of journeys that lay ahead.

  7. well unfortunately the latest blogspot cluster fuck threw a wrench into a smooth transition, but all will be well, friends. i’ve been slowly translating and categorising the old archives from there to here and soon we may abandon the ghost ship to it’s fate…

  8. New Bill Hicks material just discovered…recorded from the audience right after the Letterman fiasco
    frequency23.org in Mutant Media aural folder called “Bill Hicks The Lost Hour” the beginning will sound like nothing special, except he isn’t swearing hmmmm….that’s odd Bill, why are you swearing for the first 20 minutes?

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