Time is short and it’s my lady’s birthday party today, so we’ll keep it brief.

Part of the discipline of concentration is learning not to put your eggs in too many baskets. While you may have ten significant goals or twenty or whatever, on a larger scale you may resolve those things in bigger chunks, bigger overarching sets of priorities.

What I’ve evolved into doing that I find helpful is to lump everything I do into the smallest possible number of categories and explore the relationship between them, as a way of tightening the bonds and unifying my focus more.

What I’ve come to is these:

-My personal alchemical process. ( meditation, contemplation, insight practice, mind training, hypnosis, and character cultivation of various sorts )

-Martial Arts ( physical conditioning, budo taijutsu, wu kung, stretching, diet and general health.)

-Relationships ( Alaina first and foremost, then my close friends, sangha and family. skillful communication, sensitivity and empathy.)

-Creative Expression ( Alchemical Braindamage, writing of other sorts.)

-Work for $ (security, medical massage, ebay, cash in hand miscellany)

Now from moment to moment these oscillate in importance. It’s just a way of determining how many ways I irreducibly split my focus. What I’ve been doing recently is a kind of graphical representation. It essentially resembles an unfinished pentagram with five points, but it would depend entirely on how many foci you determined yourself to have. Five appeals to me because it is the number of time and motion. Four is static and otherworldly, while six is the number of perfected harmony in time. I had four originally but it seemed too rigid. I truthfully couldn’t find six, nor do I really want a sixth right now. We’ll see.

But anyway. What I do is, when I can truthfully say that one of the foci is feeding energy into one of the others, I draw an arrow between them. If the energy feeds both ways I draw an arrow going both ways. I can’t do this in every case. I can for instance say that I write about my meditation and I meditate on my writing, but I don’t really write about my relationships very much, nor do I feed my writing back into them all that much. But as you can see, I’m working on that.

The idea is that when every one of of the foci truly feeds into and out of all the others, then the concentration is no longer fragmented. The schisms are healed. Either that or I turn into a raving mental case.

stay tuned.

One thought on “Five to One

  1. If this develops a little further you may go down as elucidator of a truly post-Abyss structure of Higher Self: scaffolds vs. cathedrals, if you catch that metaphor. Pressed for time, got to conquer the world in this incarnation, more later as always.

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