Word up y’all. I’m sure all y’all will be pleased, or at least gently apathetic, to hear I’m doing fine. Just very busy.

I’m rather frustrated that I’m not making more time to write, especially seeing as how everything else is going so well. To compound it, I’m falling out of the habit of writing, partially because of the cusp turning that I mentioned earlier, where it still feels like I have things to say, but have more or less played out the impetus that led me to begin the iteration of AB in the first place.

So while I sort out a stew of new influences and experiences, I thought I’d indulge in a bit of an exercise on daily blogging, or as close I can manage.

Now before you pre-emptively spew from the bottom of your gut at the prospect of more high handed polemic at the expense of current affairs, rest assured I’ll not be doing that.

Y’see, while I’m generally happy with the ‘alchemy for the braindamaged’ series, and it seems everyone was too, more or less ( as near as you can make generalizations of any kind about such a lovable constituency of freaks, geeks, psychotics, burnouts, disaffected loners, shut-ins, mad prophets, nerve damage cases, misunderstood geniuses, armchair schizophrenics, and chemical disciples) I remain dissastified with the homework sections. Mostly I feel my offering of personal experiences were rushed, substandard, and poorly structured afterthoughts. Which is logical, because that’s exactly what they were.

Part of the point of this was create a more participatory atmosphere, and encourage more of a shared experience. I often feel like too much of modern occultism has descended into a morass of idiosyncratic bullshit and self congratulation. There’s all this faux-technical jargon being thrown around that gets used so much that you sometimes wonder if even those who prefess to do it know what they’re talking about. I think in part it acts as a shield against replication and peer review. If your work is couched in so much vague sounding bollocks, there’s no risk someone is going to replicate your experiments and come to the conclusion you were were just talking shit. I wanted, and still want, to destroy that element entirely.

But anyway. Enough venting. Time enough for that later. What I thought I might do, is re-approach the homework as a daily ‘magickal record’ type experiment online, which will allow me to keep up a brisk pace, with short and topical discussions of my ongoing regimen. Hopefully culminating in some definitive shift in focus and content for AB as a whole. More details to follow directly. I must resist the urge to become overwhelmed by a huge thought-download. Five minute pop song muthafucka!

Man the bellows! The crucible awaits!

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