Even if you’re currently in the throes of some divine revelation spurred on by your augoeides workings, you’re still going to need to give some thought to how you’re going to pursue your goals.
You may even say that being in the throes of divine revelation is the best possible reason to consider how you’re going to pursue your goals from one day to the next. Up until now we haven’t given too much air time to the prospect of ‘getting yours’.

Now we will. At this stage you can probably be trusted not to flip your shit, turn to the dark side, or hang yourself in the shower. If you’re just dropping in now… well, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I hope by now, you’re not reflexively bound by some set of neurotic limitations in what you think you can and cannot do, but it may still be that you’re not prepared to put the more outrageous or grandiose things on your list yet. Not to worry.. You’ll grow out of that.

If you think about it there are really only five factors standing between you and pretty much anything you can imagine, no matter how seemingly ridiculous.

1. Insufficient knowledge
2. Insufficient skills
3. Lack of time
4. Being subject to unpredictable randomness, ie ‘chance’
5. The ‘laws’ of physics, or any other science

We’ve spent a fair bit of time already tinkering with the first two. Or at least tinkering with your mind such that you can approach the first two in the most efficient way.

Time is fairly elastic, and depends largely on how you structure it, and prioritize your life. Your mental abilities will dictate how well you can use, perceive and reinterpret time.

The fifth is the most seemingly intractable. ‘Seemingly’ being the operative word. Very little you do would be more fruitfull than figuring out how to circumvent the supposed ‘laws’ of the physical universe. But I don’t suppose most of you care to spend your lives that way. Rest assured that as you develop in the first four, the fifth will seem a lot less imposing.

Which leaves the fourth. How exactly does one engineer around the apparent randomness of events?

The answer to this is rather simple.

Just ask for it.

It doesn’t matter whom or what you ask. The universe, god, bugs bunny, valis, your own higher self. Makes no difference whatsoever. All that is required is the willingness to ask for assitance from a force outside your normal understanding.

You might be calling bullshit just now, but tell me… have you tried it? Have you tried asking for a seemingly random bit of life to come your way? Not begging, not pleading, not threatening, not asking to be shielded from something you know is coming. Just stating your intentions clearly and asking for help. That’s it.

Some people call this prayer. Some call it conjuration, or enchantment. Some call it flow, or having the touch. It doesn’t matter what you call it. Chaos magicians usually call it sigilisation, create obscure glyphs representing their requests and wank or flagellate themselves to sidestep the ego attatchment to not asking for help. It surely doesn’t need to be that complex.

Now let me be more specific here about what you do need: You have to have a clear idea of what you want, stated in the positive, and you have to be willing to accept it in whatever way it presents it self. Most people, even if they do become desperate enough to try this, are asking for something they don’t want to go away, or they’re asking for something in an excessively specific way, or they have too much emotional negativity tied up in not getting it.

What I mean by that last one, is, it’s all well and good to ask for the universe to help you out one time, but if your behavior and consciousness contradicts the thing you’re asking for, then you’re already asking for the opposite thing a hundred times a day.

For example: you ask to meet a new partner. You ask to make a connection to someone that you think you’re going to value and cherish. But in the rest of your life you’re treating people like shit. Guess what? The universe doesn’t just listen when you ask it to. It listens all the time, and it gives you what you ask for the most, sooner or later. If your behavior is saying you don’t respect your connection with people, then asking for a real connection one time isn’t gonna make much difference. Keep in mind what I said here about clearing out your contradictory focuses.

The ‘sooner or later’ aspect is something to keep in mind too. The universe seems to be made of energetic wave material, that responds to intention the way lucid dreams do, but much of it is very thick, and very slow. If you want it to respond, you have to be consistent and you have to be willing to wait. If you change your mind a hundred times a day, or you can’t spend more than five minutes focusing on your stated result, the material universe is going to respond to the guy next to you who has it it a bit more together.

You also have to consider that there could be dozens, or even hundreds of people pulling in different directions. The smaller and more personal your arena the easier it is to make things flex for you. The public sphere is a heavily contested region for the ‘gangs of rival shamen’ that RAW likes to talk about. So you either have to wait for your opening, or get some help.

The one last thing to keep in mind is that because the material world is slow moving. It tends to preference what already exists. It’s inertia. The guy or gal who gets to it first has the edge.

All of this mitigates against your ability to influence probability, so it’s not suprising that almost nobody does it successfully, on a consistent basis, but since I like to think I’m such a nice guy, I’ll offer you a little exercise to sharpen your skills in this area.

Every day, compose a little story about how you want things to go. Don’t ask for completely out-of-context occurrences just yet. Just your regular routine, but specify how you want all the normally random stuff to go.

Specify how long it takes to get to work. Specify who you bump into on the way. Specify who phones you in the evening, specify what episode of your tv show is going to be on that night, which songs on the radio or in the setlist for a band you’re seeing. Specify which videos are going to be rented out at the video store. All the trivial random stuff that nobody pays any real attention to. Every day state in the positive how you want all the random stuff to happen. Don’t ask for something to go away. Say what you want instead. If you’re one of those folks who gets approached by strangers, who do you want to talk to, what do you want them to talk about? Etcetera etcetera….

This serves a few purposes. Firstly it trains you to formulate and state your intentions consistently, in a sphere that is least likely to intersect other people. And secondly, it teaches you to PAY ATTENTION. Most of you are so fixated on your big flashing shiny dream goals for a few hours a day and then shut your intention off the rest of the time. Is it any wonder your mind is so weak? The real exercise is in the down time. That’s where you build strength and that’s where you have to worry about resistance the least. Notice that these benefits all accrue irregardless of whether any of the things you ask for actually occur or not.

The last thing to be wary of is what crowley calls the ‘lust of result’.


justcan’twaittoget whati’ve

Clear enough? DON’T do that. Just chill, banish often, and assume that it will work if you stay with it and hold steadily.

Have fun. And when you start feeling extremely paranoid, just remember: it’s not you. It’s the nature of the universe. The world is a friendly place. Any problems arise from deranged people who aren’t shy about asking for help with their deranged ideas.

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4 thoughts on “Alchemy for the Braindamaged XII:Getting Yours

  1. Is it wrong to dance around with glee? This post is one of my favorites so far in the series, because it deals with a topic which is near and dear to my heart: getting what I want.

    Whatever else my capabilities, I seem to have a great deal of influence. I first noticed this in 1998 when I was on a trip to France. The first month all the students were together, and each night I would think about what I wanted for dinner, and lo, that’s what was being served. It happened too often for it to be coincidental, and that’s when I first began to have an inkling that something was going on, though I haven’t honed this power much.

    I’m not as selfish as this makes me sound.

    An update on a couple other topics: I’m going to start meditating again. It improves my whole relationship to time. What you said about time being elastic is definitely true. I’d say my biggest problem in life is a lack of discipline. Meditation made me realize that disciplining your mind is the root of discipline in other areas. If you can get your mind disciplined, everything else becomes easier.

    Also, after a brief and somewhat unsuccessful foray into I Ching, I decided to start learning about the Tarot. It’s been very fruitful so far.

  2. by all means dance with glee. too many sober muthafuckas slouching round here knowwhati’msayin?

    but yes. i think pretty much everybody has an episode of two in life like you describe. but we tend to bury it because of what it implies about us and our relationship to the material universe.

    if we actually took responsiblity for an active co-creative partnership with life, that would take serious WORK, and sustained attention, and most folks would rather watch cnn and whine about how disempowered and persecuted they are.

    all i would say is be mindfull of attributing too much power to oneself. it’s a slippery slope to thinking that you are in fact the source, and then you’ve got real problems. in fact, the more totally you can remove your sense of ego identity from the process the more fully it will flow with your intent.

  3. I’ve been following this series for a while, and I find it fascinating. You’re an excellent communicator of some really difficult ideas.

    I have found, in my limited experience, this technique works, but I really have to be careful to know that I want it. I’ve told my unconscious, for instance, that I’m going to have a relationship with someone in particular, then it just happens. They get drawn toward me. I can shift the nature of relations with friendships, collegues, people around me. It isn’t a schizoid episode or solipsism, it only acts on potentials, but it does utilize some pretty powerful though limited energy.

    In my very limited dealings with this practice though, well, I think I made some mistakes that have hurt others. I think I’ve inadvertantly, through setting wheels in motion, set others up for a fall. By not being clear about what aspects of myself want as desire, and what I want as in as part of an overall plan (eg to finish my thesis). Hell, I did it today, and I feel quite badly about it, even if there was no real ego intentionality. I wanted it, but “I” didn’t want it.

    I guess even though the ego has to be put aside to some degree. I’m beginning to realise that realising this sort of potential requires a degree of mindfulness and clarity, at least beforehand.

    More and more, I realise that the mind co-creates the world more than most people realise. Cartesian dualism, and by extension modernism, has a lot to answer for, in terms of limiting our understanding of the world and limiting our understanding of the world. Nietzsche was right when he described modern man, as an animal rubbing itself against the bars of its self made cage.

    Thanks for your great work.

  4. Kylark, Zac: I repeatedly experience this phenomenon. Usually on the order of once to three times a day. I don’t know whether to attribute the connection to me “forcing thoughts” or simply reading minds or the Zeitgeist, though it usually happens in the presence of people familiar to me.

    This is part of the reason I stopped playing Worms 3D competitively with my friends: I noticed that I’d “think a miss” when someone else was having their turn, and they’d do precisely what I’d thought and miss. I felt like I was cheating.

    This irritates me somewhat on a moral level: I believe that others should have their own personal choice, and that it’s not right for me to decide for them, if that’s what’s happening. If I’m just invading their surface thoughts, it’s still a bit messed up, despite the fact that I don’t TRY for it. I stopped consciously doing “magick” months and months ago: I find that the unconscious mind is far more effective and efficient in promoting “flow”, though I do meditate when I feel the need, and follow my hunches.

    I think your “List of Five Factors” has a lot to do with your “Evil Kung-Fu Masters” in the last article: in fact, I believe these factors to be a root of their power structure. Something tells me that these fools have totally fooled themselves as to their “illumination” and “power” and “mastery”, and they’re so convinced (and therefore, convincing) that the weak-minded people they’ve been cultivating to serve them buy it. If enough underlings with a partial mastery are under their control, then they’ve got a network as strong as a White-Hat Kung-Fu Master… stronger, maybe, at least as far as network strengths match up against individual strengths.

    Don’t worry, man. “The bigger they are, the harder they fall”, right? Just don’t get caught offsides before the Armageddon ball is hiked: our side can’t afford losing five yards and a talented playa’ like yourself. I’ll be lookin’ for ya at halftime… and again after the Gatorade shower.


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