The world is my expense
The cost of my desire
Jesus blessed me with its future
And I protect it with fire
So raise your fists and march around
don’t dare take what you need
I’ll jail and bury those committed
And smother the rest in greed
Crawl with me into tomorrow
Or I’ll drag you to your grave
I’m deep inside your children
They’ll betray you in my name

RATM- sleep now in the fire

The function of the Ahrimanic project is to first and foremost inhibit the perceptions of those it gets it’s hooks into, primarily by reducing people to the level of subhuman cravings , but secondarily by brutalizing them so profoundly that they haven’t the capacity to look beyond the superficial spectrum of sensations which Ahriman presents as ‘reality’.

If you have any working knowledge of the dark underbelly of global financial geopolitics, it’s easy to see that it revolves around power. Usually in the form of money, drugs, oil and political influence. Remember that we do not seek things in themselves, but what the things mean to us. While there are obviously exceptions, if we take the behavior of the ruling elites as a whole there seems to be a set of underlying premises that revolves around power and influence as the organizing principle.

The important thing to remember about all people is that no one ever wants to think of themselves as the bad guy. Everyone rationalizes themselves as the hero of their own story. So while you can imagine many of the dodgier elites in the world successfully telling themselves they’re good christians who enjoy the blessings of the church, or maybe a noble benefactor of the global economy, and social progress ( these folks are more likely to be luciferians btw ) when you stretch those activities to encompass mass murder, wholesale child kidnapping and abuse, and epic amounts of narcotics, the usual narrative probably comes up a bit short.

So how does someone like that successfully rationalize their existence? In the animal kingdom, a lion or a tiger or a vulture doesn’t need to rationalise the fact that they attack and kill the weak and the slow, or that they pick over the bodies of the dead and consume them. But humans are a bit different. We need to go to (for example) exclusive club events and participate in mock human sacrifice before the idol of a giant stone owl named after an ancient pagan deity.

I mean, what the fuck, right? But what you’re seeing is the symbolic structure of what you can think of as a social class of predators. Even ‘regular’ paedophiles do this. Even they can somehow mange to construct a seamless fantasy world wherein they are the heroes. So imagine what you can do with billions of dollars and lots of friends who are in the same shoes.

But at the end of the day, what it’s really about is not having to look at yourself. Not having to see what you really are and what you really do to people. Because that would mean you would have to see what has been done to you. And that’s the key to it all.

It’s common knowledge that while not all abused children become abusers, pretty much all abusers were themselves abused. It’s not instinctive to attack and brutalize other human beings. You have to have learned it from someone. This phenomenon is well understood in juvenile criminal services. The only difference between the hardcore juvenile offender who becomes the hardcore adult violent sexual offender, and the elite class predator, is the support network which conceals and enables the behavior.

Imagine an abused child filled with self loathing and rage, incapable of empathising with others, lacking any real impulse control, and then place that sadly all too common person in context of powerful contacts, influential family, and vast wealth. Most common predators end up in custody because they have no money to purchase gratification, no support network to protect them, and no social reinforcement to think beyond the moment.

With the elite predator or sociopath, there’s no reason why they would ever be identified as such, let alone incarcerated, and no reason why they wouldn’t be able to have family and children, and no reason why they wouldn’t imprint that behavior on those children, reproducing the cycle. This sort of thing happens even in lower class society. The only difference is the poor can’t afford the trappings to justify, let alone glorify, this lifestyle, and the rich not only can, but seemingly do.

In the same way paedophiles will band together on the internet for group identity and support, to justify, rationalize and glorify what has been done to them, and they do to others in turn, the elite predators have gone to great pains to construct an ideology based on social darwinism, destruction of the weak, rampant egotism, power, self gratification and dehumanisation. Any ‘normal’ person plugged into this reality tunnel would inevitably be trained and reinforced to mimic the behavior of the other predators. To do other wise would be suicidal.

I guess the idea is to pretend that the condition of being a bestial subhuman predatory parasite is somehow a superior condition to the hoi poloi, because if you were to face that really you’re just sick and damaged and unable to see outside the spectrum of degradation and abuse, the truth would destroy you. You wouldn’t be a master of the earth, just a degenerate.

So you can begin to see how this supports the Ahrimanic project. You’ve got a self perpetuating cycle that latches onto people, and essentially destroys their ability to see higher experiences, and plugs them into a fantasy world where they’re ‘free’ to do whatever they please at the expense of others who are in turn utterly dehumanised and blinded as well.

I think it would be mistaken to suppose that all of this is done soley to support the ‘system’ of political corruption, oil, drugs and what have you. It certainly serves that purpose, but at this stage it’s more a chicken and the egg thing. You need the predator religion to support the system, but the system is also progressively more slanted towards protecting and supporting the predator religion. If you dismantled the system of abuse, degradation and blackmail, the politics would collapse, but conversely if you took away the huge amounts of money and energy it takes to hide this thing from the public eye, the system of justifications these beasts rely upon to look at themselves in the mirror would begin to suffer as well. Denial is hard work after all, and lately as the energy system begins to unravel, you can see the little black engine begin to break through the floor boards.

3 thoughts on “Little Black Engine….

  1. Good stuff, Zac. I especially enjoyed the bit about how even the predators and scavengers manage to twist their worldview so that they’re the heroes. I guess we all need justification before we can bring ourselves to be assholes. It’s too bad that prostitution isn’t legal: otherwise, the would-be creeps would have a safe outlet for sexual gratification by an objectified woman. Not necessarily HEALTHY behavior, but at least it would contain some of the mess. Legit sex trade would also bankrupt the slavers, at least in this country.

    I wonder, though, how many abused children of the poor wind up in the military and swim like fishes (because they’re already used to a system of absolute orders and obedience), only to be caught by these elite anglers and later placed into positions of power to manage the support networks that keep the elite predators from getting in trouble. I mean, how are the local cops going to catch you if all their higher-ups are bought and paid for? I’d bet being Chief of Police in one of these elite neighborhoods is a pretty high paying job, and the perks probably rock!

    Once you realize that you’ve been raised as a predator in a secret society of predators, and you accept that, doesn’t it make sense that you’d study people like yourselves to find the benchmarks that differentiate predators from the prey, and then work to gather these people into your own “pack”??? Safety in numbers, after all. It reminds me of John Carpenter’s Vampires, where the vampires are smart, work in small packs, keep their numbers low, and move around to avoid detection…

    I agree with your conclusion: the money-drugs-power and paedophilia axis is a chicken and the egg argument. Dismantling the banking systems that keep us all down and the connected Elite on top is the first major step in taking down the official predators. Without the support network to obfuscate and impede criminal investigation, there’d be mobs with torches after these monsters if the law wasn’t effective in dealing with ’em.

  2. I find it hard to separate myself out from the predator’s since I am not in the streets protesting what it is they are predating. All of us are part of this cycle, allowing predators to go about their business as usual while I sit back and enjoy a somewhat comfortable life.

  3. alchemical brain damage? would this be going to hell for years and then totally changing metaphysically. would this process mean that somoene who has become cosmic would then see and read scripture in a totally different way. why is it that i now see the same as the rest accept they dont see the second meaning and hence the third. am i the only one who sees the eden story and resurrection story as a)a metaphysical map of the mind+external world. b)launguage that exists in three worlds.the first=this physical illness form.the second=magical/hidden forms and the third is the connection of these two things in the middle. why do they worship the metatron bearing wounds(blood sacrifice, his he not the son born of the slave women and is not sophia the same freeborn women who must flee to the wilderness to give birth to the christ mind. maybe its me but my experience tells me that all religions say the same thing in a trancindental language. 6 years of accute psychosis does change the brain from thinking in the left,sun,logic,male side of the brain into thinking with the right,moon,muse,female side of the probably is just me

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