There is no way out
You can scream & you
can shout
It is too late now
You have not been
paying attention

radiohead, 2+2=5

Okay. while I’m sure you’re all dilligently plugging away at your alchemical fires, this’ll be a kind of reapproach to the whole ‘crypto fascist, paedo-narco-satanic, counter-initiatory’ body of work which I’ve spent a lot of time on in the past, with an eye to bringing the whole thing into a little clearer focus, in hope that it all hangs together in an intelligible way.

I do want to give big props to Mr Channel Null for stepping up and taking a run at this stuff, and contributing to our collective understanding of the big picture. His work ethic is admirable. By all means have a look at his series of articles on these subjects. The come back and watch me wallow in the wretched hive of scum and villainy.

In so doing I’ll be taking another pass at the work of Rudolph Steiner. I’m really pleased to see other people take up his theories lately. I’m not a huge fan of Daniel Pinchbeck overall, but he seems to get Steiner, and goes out of his way to turn people on to this underappreciated genius.

Now the main thing when you’re exploring the metaphysical or occult roots of evil behavior, is to have a consistent definition of what ‘evil’ means. I imagine to a large extent this is a subjective thing, given as it is, to various kinds of moralistic and superstitious hysteria, but I will offer my own definition and I don’t think most of you should have any problem with it.

Most spiritual traditions would agree that the purpose and highest goal of human beings is to manifest unconditional love. By ‘love’ we mean an attitude of open hearted giving to others, in spirit, if not necessarily in deeds, as there is always an element of ‘idiot’ compassion in giving people things that may destructive or counterproductive to them.

By unconditional, we mean exactly that: to be free of conditioning. Unconditioned behavior, thinking and perception. To be fully ‘free’ and conscious at all times. These for our purposes constitute the highest good. From the viewpoint of Rudolph Steiner these would be the aims of the Christ current of human evolution.

The adversary of the Christ force, ( which if we were to take a broader perspective would include all the prophets and teachers such as Mohammed, Buddha, Krishna, bahuallauh, etc..) is personified as Sorat, the Dragon, and if we consider him the polar opposite of the Christ consciousness, then his attributes seem fairly clear. Totally conditioned lust. Taking anything and everything you want in a totally robotic and thoughtless manner.

So essentially Sorat would like to turn us all into heartless hypnotised zombies driven entirely by selfish lust and hunger. Anyone who does nothing but take, would eventually notice how empty they feel, but luckily, in this case, they would be too asleep to notice anything besides their moment to moment lusts anyway.

Posed between Sorat and the Christ are two other forces known as Lucifer and Ahriman. Each has a positive side and a negative side. An aspect to be integrated and utilized and an aspect that tends to mislead, trap or retard the growth of a human being, that needs to be outgrown and discarded. Each can be seen as an ‘arm’ of Sorat in their own right, but also as a pathway to Christ if taken correctly.

Lucifer is the maker of moral robots. He is the one who wants to lead everyone into a perfect homogeneous heaven in the sky, full of light and wonder. Everyone must fall into line with this purpose. Lucifer brings the light of love, after all, but the only absolutely certain way of making sure everyone loves each other is to control their behavior entirely. So the pitfall is dogma, lack of critical thinking and fantasy, which needs to be discarded in favor of an authentic choice to love, accept things as they are, and give to others.

Conversely, Ahriman is the champion of the Free but Amoral. We can do whatever we want, but nothing means anything, because there is no moral order. The quickest and easiest way to ‘free’ someone is to tell them there are no rules, and inhibit the ability to perceive any kind of larger reality than their own desires. In that sense Ahriman is identified strongly with the superficial material plane, because if the only plane you see is the material there’s little or no risk of spotting a higher meaning to anything and you can do whatever you like. So we need to free ourselves from conditioning but also be able to recognize a reality that transcends our selfish desires, outgrowing the childish indulgences and excesses of the willfully ‘amoral’.

So now that we’ve hammered down the defintions a little clearer, I’ll be looking to pull together a lot of my older material and some new stuff to paint a nice coherent picutre which can then become the basis for making some usefull predictions and analysing the incoming data.

along the way, I may make another contribution to the emerging genre of satanic satirical snuff fiction which I’m not sure I want to be rembered for, but hey, everyone needs a hobby.

5 thoughts on “Re-enter the Dragon

  1. With all due respect, Christ consciouness is still a Hebrewic consciouness, the messiah come to free the Jews from their Roman oppressors which is the fundemental root of christiandom. I have a difficult time basing my world view on narrow (yet influential) traditions. Set, and Typhoon are irrevocable allied with “evil” yet are not mentioned here, yet are the root of Hebrew ideas of evil (being based on those of Egyptian). The vast majority of Christian doctrins and schools are unquestionably Luciferian, as you define it. Esoteric christianity, a la Steiner, cannot seperate themselves from this tradition, people, fundementalsists, and politics, which is why I find it a waste of time to explore. How have you been able to seperate the facts from the ideas? Where is the love and humanity in the book of revelations you speak of? Where is the intelligence in the old testament? By reading your previous posts _I know_ those texts are not the basis of your worldview, so what gives? I would find that any entity that makes promises in exchange for your freedom is evil. That’s what makes Set evil (or at least the Setian current), and Set does not offer love or “fun”, or a shoppers paradise. Yet Set is one helleva esoteric archetype I would prefer over the Jew on the cross. Please don’t consider that I’m just playing devils advocate as I highly respect your opinions.

  2. well, that’s a bunch of complex questions.

    i guess i just don’t feel the need to burden myself with the historical baggage of christianity, or anything steiner happened to say. from what i’ve read of steiner, he took a similar approach to his own thinking. his cosmology was his own way of understanding something universal, as all good cosmologies ought to be. I’m interested in steiner or esoteric chritianity only insofar as it illuminates a deeper truth.

    I don’t need a symbol to tell me that unconditional love is valuable, but they can certainly give me insights into what it might mean, if I were to, for example take the more ‘absolute’ archetype of jesus, lifted out of his more conditioned context, as opposed to the historical/political/moralistic jesus which seems to be your slant.

    I’m not blind to to the functional dimension of christendom, but generally speaking I don’t care about it very much. lots of people do lots of things in the name of lots of symbols. not much you can do about it.
    I’m perfectly happy to take what suits me and leave the rest. I could give a more complex answer, but that’s about it. that’s the lovely thing about hermenuetics.

    I don’t mean to put you on the spot, but when you say that someone’s ideas ‘cannot’ be seperated from their contextual baggage, all you’re really saying to me is that you do not, can not, or preffer not, to do so. it’s not impossible. lots of people do it.

    in short i’m basicly hijacking steiner’s symbol system, and using it as a easy conceptual shorthand for patterns i know to be in effect.

    thanks for your thoughts. i might come up with something a bit more profound later…

  3. Okay, now we’re getting some where. I was raised christian (in the babtist variety) and I know all to well what fundementalists look like. It is my understanding that Steiners work and preference for esoteric Christianity was 1) since Christianity it was and remains culturally dominant, 2) esoteric Christianity is subversive to that current, 3) easy to recruit members of the dominant group wrapped in the language that would be unoffensive to any but the literalists in Christianity.

    Osho, or Bhagwan Shree Rajnessh, perfected the art of saying very revolutionary things in very traditional ways. Coming from India, he spoke of the differnt Indian tradtions and Jesus, and Socrates, and Krishna, Nietzsche and very articultly said they were all talking about the same thing and that their aim was the same even where their language differs. Osho is one of the most brilliant mystics to have walked the earth and perform a Jedi mind trick par excellence.

    As language _is_ a volatile bitch, I cannot let George Bush and Pat Robertson speak for the things I want to support. I would allow other people in the world categorize me into one camp and feeding steriotypes is a dangerous thing to do.

    The thing about symbols, language, and models of reality, is that even though people use them for a variety of different reasons, the collective unconscious of what those ideas evoke does not. Chaos magic does an equally good job of providing a model of reality without the structuralism of christ.

    What I respect about Steiner, this Thelemic initiate, with profound ideas of spirituality, was able to introduce to many people occult ideas and concepts that in other contexts would be very heretical. That’s a neat trick.

    Freemasonry is an example of a tradition that is doing just that, and from what I know, has done an even better job of keeping the occult mysterys well hidden well within more mysterys.

    Whew. Long post, but I think I’ve conveyed the ground that will effect how the current spiritual revival will shape world events in these troubling times. The words and symbols we use to communicate what we represent are just as important to foster understand between you and me, the others around us, and to differentiate ourselves from those not of our tribe.

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