Yeah, I just want you to get with it
’cause everyone that’s under your shoe
And every bird and bug in the jungle, too
And everything in the ocean blue
They just happen to know exactly what to do
So why don’t you?
Yeah, why don’t you?
The flies get it
And the frogs get it
And all them big jungle cats get it
And I bet your little dog gets it
Yeah, I want you to get with it
Yeah, come on, and get with it
White Stripes- Instinct Blues

Okay, enough of the metaphysical bullshit. You want power? Lets talk about muthafuckin’ power.

It’s really simple. In fact it’s so simple I doubt you can handle it. Yes you. I am talking to you. I doubt YOU can handle it. You’re so hopelessly crippled by all the stupid bullshit in your head and all your idiotic concepts that I really doubt you will understand what I’m about to tell you. But let’s give you the benefit of the doubt.

The truth about power is that it’s already right there in front of you. You are born with all the authority you could ever need. You have way more power than you can ever use.

…and I can hear all the little bitches whining already…. but I don’t feel powerful..whinewhinewhine…

Yeah exactly. EXACTLY. You don’t FEEL powerful. Why the fuck do you think that is? Do you think they raise robot slaves and obedient servants to feel powerful? Of course they fucking don’t, asshole. Go banish some more and shut the fuck up. Come back when you’re ready to pull your head out of your ass.

Nothing you see, or read or experience is going to make you powerful. There is nothing contained in these words. There is nothing contained in any words, anywhere. It is in you right now. It doesn’t come from people either. You are either a master or a slave. You are either one of those people who is waiting for someone to tell them what to do or you are not. It’s digital. On or off. Get with the fucking program or go home.

Still not simple enough? Do you suppose that these powerful people have something going for them you do not? Do you suppose there is some real difference between you and the politician, the rock star, the millionaire, the prophet? Did somebody infuse Martin Luther King Jr. with his authority, or did he just do it? Did someone give Jim Morrison his magnetic serpent power, or did he just step forth and get it?

Really. Really. STOP thinking. For once in your life stop thinking and understand this. Nobody has any power over you that you did not give them. The book didn’t do it, the law didn’t do it, your parents and siblings didn’t do it. YOU did it. And you can do it again. You can do it whenever you want. You can say or do or have anything you want. Humans are the only creatures in nature pathetic enough to try and justify our own existence. You’re alive–there is nothing to justify.

But won’t that make me selfish?

Fuck off. Seriously. Shut the window in your browser and fuck off. I don’t have time for people like you. Morality is a construct. Don’t pretend that you give a shit about any arbitrary construct. You do exactly what you’re prepared to live with and nothing less. You can justify it any way you like, and lots of people do. Morality is an excuse to quit thinking. If you’re afraid to actually do something useful with your thinking process, namely to examine and make intelligent and healthy choices about your interaction with people, then go back to what you were probably doing with it instead, namely disempowering yourself and becoming a better robot. There’s plenty of people out there who will gladly tell you what a good person you are. I’m not one of them. I don’t know, and I don’t care.

Society is structured to check the tendency to exert power. Law is based on the terror of natural charisma. We’re constantly exposed to examples of people who abuse other people, and this is meant to frighten us into not going anywhere near our own power, as if doing so will automatically make you into Hitler or Charlie Manson. It’s all a fucking sham. Society has fuck all to do with laws and everything to do with influence. If you want to delude yourself that morality and laws make the slightest bit of difference, you need to go back and finish puberty. Society is built on those too stupid and naive to recognise that charisma and natural influence is and always has been the glue of human groups. Period.

The world, the things in it, and yourself are exactly, mean exactly, are limited exactly and only exactly in the ways you say they are. Get it through your fucking head.

You talk about authority as if it were something that fell from the sky. Granted, that is a popular story,  but it didn’t fall from the sky. All authority came from somebody who wasn’t afraid to use it, and make up a story about where it came from. God? God is everywhere and nowhere, it’s like open source software. Make up your own story if you want, and be ready to back it up. The hospitals are full of people who didn’t have the juice to walk their talk. If you can keep it together long enough to attract some followers, then you’ll probably be fine. Groupies, friends, or employees. Whatever.

Does this sound cynical? Does this sound like I’m condoning abuse of the innocent and gullible? Why are you still here? Why are you wasting both of our times? What in the fuck makes you think I have the ability to condone or authorise anything you do? Or anything anyone else does either? I don’t. Anyone stupid enough to think that is not someone who’s going to understand what I’m saying anyway. Just go away. Flagellate yourself with someone else’s words please.

People who want to abuse and harm others are going to abuse and harm others regardless. Would you like me to do something about that? Fine. All you out there who might be reading this and feel that you may be abusive and harmful at some time in your future, go kill yourselves instead. Or better yet, just be a nice robot. Raise bunny rabbits for kids in cancer wards. I dunno.

There. Happy now? Either you’re prepared to trust that humans are mostly positive and constructive in their natures or not. It’s pretty simple.

But all that shit is besides the point. Either you get it or you don’t . You are the source of authority. Full stop. The only obstacle is quite simply whether you are prepared to get it on or not.

You will not be flying in the face of all the other authority figures out there. there are very few, to start with. Most of them derive their power from second or third hand sources anyway. They have no idea how to deal with the real thing. In case it weren’t obvious already by the sickening spectacle of hurricane katrina, the paper mache reality of all your so-called authority figures is rapidly coming clear as nothing more than the naked use and abuse of simple power. I have a lot of sympathy for anyone dumb enough to cling to these delusions like the railing of the titanic. I hope you find whatever you think you’re going to find by living that way.

Start your own Church. Start your own FUCKING COUNTRY, already. It’s not like there won’t be room for new versions of both pretty soon. You think I’m joking? I’m not fucking joking. You still don’t get it. You should go watch the Simpsons and drown in the irony like the fluid in some geriatric patient’s lungs. The world is exactly the way it is because people LIKE YOU are too fucking meek to step up and do what’s best for the planet and the people on it. You can tell me all this simple compassion shit if it makes you feel better. You can absolve yourself of responsibility with more generation x slacker bullshit:

oooohhh but what gives me the right to decide what’s best for everyone else?

Exactly the same goddamn thing that gives the latest simpering cretin on tv the right to decide what’s best for everyone. NOTHING. N-O-T-H-I-N-G. Please tell me you get this. Please tell me you aren’t going to sit there and piss away the ability to do something good, because you’re afraid to make a judgement call. And yeah, I noticed I used the word ‘good’. Is that a problem? Too fucking bad. You obviously still aren’t getting this.

Once you start acting as if the universe will provide everything you want, you will see it quickly starting to comply with that state of being. All this other magick bullshit is simply meant to be training wheels and perceptual tools.

Homework: for all you fledgling power users out there, pick something on your list that requires an act of decisive will and just do it. NOW.

next time: More bullshit for those you who haven’t got it yet, and probably never will.

49 thoughts on “Alchemy for the Braindamaged IV: …I can do anything

  1. “If it is to be, it’s up to me.” Authority begins with authority over the “little self” or Ego, which begins with recognition of the True Self within.

    If only “the world” bent so easily just because I said so! I really wish I could state quite simply that my physical body isn’t limited by gravity, the speed of light, or the necessity of oxygen… and force the rest of reality conform to my demands. If so, I’d fly like Superman and leave this dirtball behind so fast that by the time I decided to check back in, time would have reversed and I’d be in the Stone Age.

    Unfortunately, in my experience, Magick doesn’t work like it does in Dungeons and Dragons. You figure out how to toss fireballs like Ryu and Ken from Street Fighter II, sign me up, Zac.


  2. Dude,

    Interesting scribblings.

    Which begs the question who are you? How about adding an ABOUT page? We don’t need your real name but it would be interesting to know a bit about you and your qualifications? Are you some weird Rasputin like monk or a kid working at McChoke & Puke at nights.

  3. incidentally i always find it amusing how quickly people will rush in and try to interrogate the messanger in cases like this. as if I had to pull out my ten inch cock that shoots fireballs and that would somehow prove something. it doesn’t. if i were a millionaire playboy superspy with models hanging off my every appendage, would it make the slightest difference to what i said? acting as if it does only proves my point automatically. you’re just giving me the authority to validate or invalidate my own statements for you.

  4. holy shit dude! i can’t believe the comments left by these monkeys:

    – “But but, it’s not that easy!”
    – “If you really want to know, try this other authority”
    – “What gives you the right?”

    AMAZING. your rhetorical skills are like ninja swords cutting through pretentious whiny catshit. great stuff!

    (watch me get flamed for this!)

  5. Why do they have to be monkeys Tim? Have you ever thought about that? Probably not because you are too busy calling people’s catshit whiny and pretentious. Where’d you ever get that one? Jesus, I knew it. I’m surrounded by assholes.

  6. Sorry, wasn’t trying to come off as a facetious asshole, Zac, though I can’t help my tone sometimes, especially on the internet. Just was trying to “pop the bubble” a bit: hard to talk plainly in a cathedral, thought it’s easy to receive a sermon. Chalk the it up to my irreverent Discordian sense of humor.

    Really tho, IMHO, “Real Magick” isn’t all that “Magickal” as we’ve been led to believe through our stupid special effects based entertainment culture (I’m constantly defending this use of the word “Magick” to my man, because to him it’s a misleading use of terms). I personally am far more impressed by skilled sleight of hand and conscious internal change through force of will (NLP, Magick, mind control, whatever) than I ever was with Harry Potter. But true appreciation of development requires you know something about the humble roots that person came from.

    It really IS too bad that you can’t bend the rules but so far. I’ve personally experienced a lot of things that could qualify as “supernatural” or “miraculous”; healing, non-local information, etc… but there’s always a limit where you bump your head and someone sits down with you and says, “Ya know you’re crazy, right?” I’m content with the variety of magick that helps me transcend this miserable existence of identifying exclusively with the ego, and gets me moving towards being a more aware, effective and flexible being. As far as “the Path” goes, my reasons are mine alone. If they weren’t, I wouldn’t be “walking the Path”.

    And no, Zac, I don’t need to see your ten-inch fireball chucking cock. *considers* Though it WOULD make interesting conversation later… *grinz*

    Honestly, were you to come in to a party draped in females as described, spouting grandiose lines about “empowerment” or “potential” with all the manufactured confidence of a carnie, I’d grin at you, listen to anything interesting you had to say, offer a few amusing repostes, and look for the real face behind the masks. If I couldn’t detect one, I’d probably think one of two things: enlightened magus, or bullshit artist.

    Sometimes, the two roles ain’t mutually exclusive. But remember: “the mark of a moderate man is freedom from his own ideas.”

    Tim: sorry, not trying to be a total downer. Just a fan of the saying: “Kick the world, break your foot.” Last year, I watched my old mentor self-destruct in the grip of a similar vibe. Last I heard, she was finishing her latest drug-frenzy and had succeeded in alienating all the people who actually cared about her… Remember “Fist of the North Star”? Power without perception is spiritually useless, and therefore of no true value.

    Yes, please, do go out and kick ass: lord knows that there’s asses needing kicking. We all wanna change the world… But you’ll be more effective if you’re careful about whose you kick and how badly you kick their ass: less friction, more efficiency. Enthusiasm can be good, but too much without balancing caution can make a would-be surgeon into a butcher.

    And by the way, KEEP FIRING, ASSHOLES! *grinz*

  7. yes, well part of the point is that I’m talking about the crack rock of esoteric development. but to skip it altogether is dishonest and counterproductive. that’s why i put it in context of the three articles in front of it, and all the other stuff on my site which clearly mitigates against all the hysterical hand waving which appeared in record time after this one.

    which only goes to show that many of us are too timid and traumatised to approach certain things with a clear head.

    ‘banish often’

  8. You wrote, “They just happen to know exactly what to do. So why don’t you?”

    Knowing what to do and doing it are only seperated by time. Once you have all this power you speak of, then of course, you always have all you need.

    What insanity is it that drives everyone to persue all you want, only wanting more the more they get?

    And if you had all this power and knew what you know, wouldn’t you want to help others? Wouldn’t you want to make a difference? My dear friend. Trying to help someone who doesn’t want help, is like pissing into the wind. We know that much.

    No matter. There is SO much to enjoy– and the learning never ends, each and every day.

    Maybe it is either or. Maybe Some people are waiting to be told what to do. Others of course are intelligent enough to think for themselves. Can it be taught. Can habits of submission be undone?

    Then again, maybe those who endlessyly strive for all they want, and those who stive for only what they need are also either or.

    I say, “Great displays of power only bring unnecessary problems to those who are content. Better to prepare youself now, while you have the chance. Better to wait until the wind is blowing in your direction. Easy sailing, I say.”

    Paul Townsend

  9. isn’t it amazing how much people think they know about you based on reading a piece of delibrately exaggerated polemic?

    but that was part of the point after all..

  10. Power

    What is power?
    Power is a word.
    Power is an idea.
    The Word is power.
    The Idea is power.
    Power is a distribution of
    energy, wealth, strength:
    physical, material, mental,
    metaphysical, social.
    Power is that which allows us,
    or, which we allow others, to have
    sway over their/our
    actions, emotions, limitations.
    Power is a rush
    of air, of water, of electrons,
    of words, of will
    — the force behind movement
    or stasis.

    (c) Laurie Corzett

  11. isn’t it amazing how much people think they know about you based on reading a piece of delibrately exaggerated polemic?

    Man, this is all too much. You really kicked everybody in the junk, it seems. Hilarious.

  12. I say, “Great displays of power only bring unnecessary problems to those who are content. Better to prepare youself now, while you have the chance. Better to wait until the wind is blowing in your direction. Easy sailing, I say.”

    Who’s to say there is no contentment in penning an exciting screed as zac has here? Why is that bursts of emotional energy are signals to those who command none of their own, that now is the time to begin quoting motherfuckers who they feel greater than they?

    Ahh the articles of pop culture faith. We subscribe to a veritable search engine of wisdom don’t we? So where’s the wisdom?

    Everything’s a pissing contest. Let’s stop intaking liquid for awhile and see where we’re at. Quit fucking judging one another — shit like that. Make observations all you want, but don’t assume someone’s not happy just because their prose doesn’t line up with your idea of ignorant bliss.

    Now, I know judgementalism comes in many discernable packages. So don’t think I’m saying for one minute that judging or even prejudice isn’t always a factor nor even unnecessary. I’m just saying fuck the pedantry. I say we either accept the existence of pedants or reject them altogether and quit quoting pop scripture to one another when one of them says something that ruffles our feathers. We’re past the point that the belief we can improve one another to our liking carries any intellectual credence anymore. Let Zac and the other pedants such as Paul Townsend fend for themselves.

    There is no easy sailing when you choose to not go that way and the information returned from those who do can help to prepare those who have yet to experience the inevitable. I’ll sail easy the day you show me where it can be done without becoming bored.

  13. Is your “10 inch fireball-shooting cock” a freudian slip or not ?

    May I suggest some other possible slips. Search and rescue team is my personal favourite. Its so abstract, it forces a freudian interpretation.

    # The True Hero
    # Bethany M
    # Big Ben
    # Big L
    # Hardy Boy
    # Jimmy
    # John Thomas (dated)
    # John
    # Johnson
    # Kit-Kat stick
    # Pedro
    # Percy
    # anaconda
    # angry Samoan
    # baby-maker
    # banana
    # beef bayonet
    # beef stick
    # beef whistle
    # beer can
    # bird
    # bishop
    # bone
    # boner
    # boycock
    # boyhood
    # boypole
    # bratwurst
    # butoh
    # choad
    # cock
    # dick
    # dickie
    # dong
    # donger
    # dork
    # dragon
    # drunk girls’ breathalizer
    # fang
    # ferret
    # fire hose
    # fishing rod
    # grapes and banana
    # hanging johnny
    # hose
    # johnson
    # joystick
    # knob
    # lance
    # lingam
    # little Bob
    # little Elvis
    # longfellow
    # love muscle
    # manhood
    # member
    # mushroom head
    # mutton
    # nob
    # old boy
    # old fellow
    # old man
    # one-eyed monster
    # one-eyed snake
    # one-eyed trouser-snake (Australia, UK)
    # panhandle
    # pecker
    # pee-pee
    # peepee (children’s term)
    # pencil
    # peter
    # pocket rocket
    # pole
    # pork sword
    # prick
    # purple-helmeted warrior
    # rock monster
    # rocket
    # rod
    # roundhead
    # sausage
    # schlong
    # schmuck, shmuck (Yiddish)
    # schwanz
    # short arm
    # skin flute
    # slim jim
    # snake
    # talliwacker
    # tassle
    # thumper
    # todger
    # todger (Australia, UK)
    # tonk
    # tool
    # toot
    # trojan horse
    # trouser snake
    # trouser trout ????
    # tube
    # twanger
    # two patch
    # wang
    # wee-wee
    # wick
    # wiener
    # willy
    # willy or willie (children’s term)
    # winkie
    # wooper
    # yingyang
    # yogurt gun
    # one-eyed cave explorer
    # one-eyed love goblin
    # one-eyed trouser snake
    # one-eyed wonder weasel
    # purple-helmeted warrior of love
    # search and rescue team

  14. I wholeheartedly second what JK said about people inserting famous quotes in lieu of responses to things. That shit annoys me to no end, and though not always the case, it usually indicates to me that somebody didn’t quite get what I was saying, and thus felt like they had to get somebody else to do their responding for them.

  15. When I said, “Great displays of power only bring unnecessary problems to those who are content. Better to prepare youself now, while you have the chance. Better to wait until the wind is blowing in your direction. Easy sailing, I say.”

    Those are my words. I’m not quoting anyone else. Excuse the quotes– my error in syntax.

    My comments on power and easy sailing… are from the perspective of a Forex trader. Now THERE is a place where authority is rewarded if you’re paitient enough to wait for the right wind.

    Thanks for all your insights Zac! These things you say about power are ALL very true, even for traders.

  16. Damn. I wish I could summon the power to write as much as Zac. This man is on fire constantly.

    I just have a couple critiques, but not really any huge problems. I agree that we can transcend control through mental alchemy. That’s the basis of gnosticism, the basis of all NLP practices, and the core of many world religions especially evident in Buddhism. But, as P-tar put it, when do you bump your head?

    “Start your own Church. Start your own FUCKING COUNTRY, already”

    All sorts of people have convinced themselves 100% they could fly and then plumetted to their deaths. How easy is it to Start a Church, or Start a Country? Starting a church might be doable with a degree of business and ministerial experience, but starting a country? I may have the “freedom” to declare my house an independent nation, but when I start violating the law of the land, the only freedom I have is to be hauled out of my house by force and sent to jail for the rest of my life. Or shot, I suppose.

    This reminds me tangentally of the “If you don’t like this country, leave it” argument. Sure, I can say I want to leave, but picking up and going is damn difficult (and not just because I’m whining or because Ive convinced myself of this). Likewise, I can mentally dissolve the illusion of authority in my mind, break that chain that the Archons have over me, but the Archons can still come shoot me if they feel like doing so.

    You say:

    “Either you get it or you don’t . You are the source of authority. Full stop. The only obstacle is quite simply whether you are prepared to get it on or not.”

    This is true, to an extent, until someone knocks on your door with a shotgun and says “hand over the cash.” I won’t have the power to deflect bullets no matter how hard I believe it. At that point I’m only “free” to cooperate and die. Its almost like to have real power in this situation, I NEED a ten inch fireball-shooting cock. Freedom in this sense seems to be a semantic illusion in the same way authority is in your article. Its very relative.

    “The world, the things in it, and yourself are exactly, mean exactly, are limited exactly and only exactly in the ways you say they are.”

    I am highly skeptical that we could reverse gravity even if every person on earth was POSITIVE it worked the opposite way. I am in fact fairly certain that gravity functioned fine before there were even people to believe in it. Belief isn’t THAT strong. If this isn’t what you mean, please explain without such absolutist language in the next segment.

    My main question is this: even if I have successfully BELIEVED that I am free from the power of authority, and the authorities come shoot me in the belly, isn’t my power to be free from their power far more illusory than their power to shoot me in the belly? Am I misunderstanding you? It feels like I’ve been through these hoops before with “magickians” who claim they have the power to throw fireballs and seduce women with mental powers, but can’t make a spark OR get a date.

  17. I can mentally dissolve the illusion of authority in my mind, break that chain that the Archons have over me, but the Archons can still come shoot me if they feel like doing so.

    A few months ago, I had an epihphany. I fully realized that one day, I will die. I mean, I knew this abstractly, but I had never fully allowed it to sink in. I am going to die. Everyone who is alive today is going to die. YOU ARE GOING TO DIE.

    This realization was incredibly liberating.

    The Archons set up elaborate systems which are ultimately predicated on the physical threat of violence. The slaves building the pyramids did so because they believed they’d get killed otherwise. People give the best hours of their lives to stupid corporations because they think there’s no way to get food otherwise. (There’s other reasons too, but most people who work at crappy stupid jobs do it for basic survival. At least I did.)

    I believe that people would be less cowed by the “violence inherent in the system” if they took the time to remind themselves, every day, that they are going to die. Sure, the Archons can take your life away from you, but most of the time they don’t go that far. And hey, one day, you’re going to lose it anyway. Might as well lose it in freedom rather than in slavery.

    Are our physical bodies, our lives, the only real thing of value any of us have? Certainly my body is worth more than any house or car or huge pile of money. But what about my soul? What about my relationships with other human beings? Maybe slipping the bonds of the Archons’ power means valuing some things more than life, and laughing at physical death. Maybe it means, once in a while, calling their bluff.

    This quote seems pertinent. YMMV:

    He who loves his life will lose it. He who hates his life in this world will keep it to eternal life.

  18. They say, and I have no reason to disagree, that life is a self-organizing system. From my experience, it is all about individuals expressing each their own essence. I do not see a specific span of life as being granted. What we possess is the possibility, not a promise. Life is a process, a being and becoming, and a no longer being. It is not so much acceptable as inevitable. That is not to say that we are any of us in any way required to go gently into that good night, or that horrific night of brutal violence. That it not to say we do not do what we can to end brutality or prolong the time of living. It has nothing to do with survival of the fittest. It is that all survival is temporary. If I have only a finite time, how foolish to use it doing others’ work, dreaming others’ dreams, existing in a box created by others rather than truly living the life I create.


  19. It may take a little time to frame an adequate response to this mess, but rest assured it is in the works.

    Nice to see widget hereabouts again. Your reply is forthcoming.

    It’s interesting to examine the dynamics of how people respond to unleashed force. It’s particularly interesting to see some of these new ‘playas’ roll up and act like they ‘get’ me, when it’s pretty clear they haven’t read anything else of mine, or put much thought into what I mean by this little screed. When you whip it out, someone will always ask to suck it apparently. kind of icky, but sadly true.

    on the one hand, yes there are some logical issues to adress, and I will, but anyone who expects me to conform to their standard of internal consistancy is both out of luck and missing the point.

  20. I think the past two days reflecting on this have given me some insight into what’s going on, but by all means, please, continue writing that followup! I am intrigued where all this is going. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think this article isn’t about actually DOING things, its all about the ‘tude you need. Am I on track here? I had to reread the other three sections a couple times.

    And dude I’ve been around here for a while! I just stick to the shadows.

  21. ” Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think this article isn’t about actually DOING things, its all about the ‘tude you need. ”

    Yes and No. You need the attitude to do anything, but actually doing it takes more than attitude.

    Wondering why attitude alone isn’t sufficent to make the world bend to your will is like wondering why chickens on crystal meth can’t do calculus. you only ask that question if you don’t fully understand chickens, crystal meth or calculus.

    there’s my zen koan for the day.

  22. “Wondering why attitude alone isn’t sufficent to make the world bend to your will is like wondering why chickens on crystal meth can’t do calculus. you only ask that question if you don’t fully understand chickens, crystal meth or calculus.”

    Goddamn, I needed something like that: Power-of-Positive-Thinkers, go fuck yourselves.

  23. You don’t FEEL powerful. Why the fuck do you think that is?

    Simply because there is not much “real” power to feel. With “real” power I mean being able to *make* someone do what I want regardless if he likes/wants to do that, because this kind of power needs to be based in reality, not in your thoughts!

    Did somebody infuse Martin Luther King Jr. with his authority

    Yes, the masses of people who followed him (for the reason that what he proposed would improve their lives).

    Did someone give Jim Morrison his magnetic serpent power, or did he just step forth and get it?

    Not someone, but becoming a rockstar did that.

    Nobody has any power over you that you did not give them.

    Tell me that again after you were robbed by someone wielding a gun (that you didn’t give him).

  24. well that settles it: let’s all be whiny emotional cripples and intellectual prisoners because somewhere, somebody has a gun they ( might be ) willing to use.

    that’s not what you meant? well that makes two of us.

  25. Oh, how I love it when people suppress any discussion about their sayings, even if you point out such obvious flaws.

    You can feel as powerful as you want, if you do not have the neccessary ressources (like wealth, weapons, family bounds, …), it will be nothing than an illusion.

  26. Start your own FUCKING COUNTRY

    Do you have any hints where and how one could do that? Where is the undiscovered/unclaimed territorry that you definitely need for a country?

    Unless, of course, you can conjure the military power to steal the land from another country or have technology like in “Diamond Age” at your hands to create it artificially. Oh, you don’t have? What a pity!

  27. Of course you can start your own fucking country — writers do it all the time. Many, like Tolkien, create their own fucking world.

    # posted by Laurie : 3:12 PM

    I agree with this “of course you can start your own fuckin counrty” after all i have read here. Without going back to re-read or re-post and comment on such, i think my agreement alone will suffice to say. Although a distinction must be made between a physical country and a mental one.

    -Do you have any hints where and how one could do that? Where is the undiscovered/unclaimed territorry that you definitely need for a country?-

    Of course there is no country willing to claim emminent domian over some property on earth these days (or else we would be pumping our own gas right out of iraq). But rather, it can be creating a ” ‘state’ of mind” that is responsive to your input and contributions. And in a physical sense in this CAN create your own country. You can relocate to another location in whatever country, or stay right where you are in fact. The point however is that you “own” your own existance and aspire to live it.


  28. Zac, when I first started reading this(pt 3) I thought you were a total asshole. Afterwards, I realized that whether you’re an asshole or not is besides the point, you’re the fucking man. Sorry to sound like a teenager who listens to P.O.D.

    I realized that the asshole comments were a great rhetorical device. I also finally realized for the first time, after hearing it at least a thousand times, that the only reason I don’t think I can do everything I want is because I act like a fucking pussy. It feels good to use bad words sometimes.

    To all the people who whine that it’s not that easy or you can’t do literally anything possible, you missed the fucking point. Yes, some things cannot happens in certain ways at certain times. I don’t know of anyone in history who shot a fireball from their dick without some amazing pyrotechnics and a very open-minded urologist. But you can do anything you want. The only thing stopping you is your ego. Yes, there ARE consequences, and it’s very smart to think deeply about what they might be and act accordingly. “There. Happy now? Either you’re prepared to trust that humans are mostly positive and constructive in their natures or not. It’s pretty simple.” I think that is one of the most important comments in the article.

    I’m off to be the next Bill Hicks in one way or another. And read the rest of Zac’s shit. Thanks Zac. Asshole.

  29. (edit-In the last anon post I meant pt 4)

    Quick followup after reading some of Zac’s other stuff. It’s VERY intelligent, articulate, and deep. The people who judged him based on this have no idea what his other stuff is like.

  30. Ohmigosh. I’ve arrived four years late.

    It seems there’s some profound arithmetic at work here. Place the word ‘power’ in a sentence, mix that word with words like ‘asshole’, imply that people are actually responsible for the nature of ‘power’ in their own lives… and observe as the shit hits the fan. With force.

    As far as I can tell, something is seriously wrong here. This opinion is a product of the fact that this post has 46 fucking comments, most of them spent trying to tell Zac how wrong he is, or how wrong the people who thinks he’s wrong are. All, rather ironically in the case of those who ‘beg to differ’ with the idea that cultivating power is anyone’s business, an exercise of power.

    I have a question, addressed to anyone who might read this with the opinion that power is worthless or too damn limited to be worth cultivating.


    Is this improving the quality of your lives? As far as I can tell, it shouldn’t matter whether you cultivate power because you’re some sort of Machiavellian sociopath or because you want to make the world a better place. Power is still the only thing that makes your doings matter.

    Wanna improve the world? You have to cultivate some ability to actually influence it first.
    That doesn’t float your boat? Perhaps you want to have everyone think you’re awesome, or in some other way inflate your ego? YOU STILL HAVE TO CULTIVATE POWER.

    Of course, there’s a fat chance that you’ll be so powerful that you’re able to prevent someone from shooting you. At least, that’s what ‘common sense’ will tell you. But what do you know? If this is some sort of goal for you, and you spend your time questioning your ability to do just that? You’re clearly not trying.

    Perhaps I’m floating my own semantic boat here, but I think I understand Zac’s line of reasoning here.

    Get out there and do it, and it will happen. Or you’re not capable of doing it properly yet, and you’ll have to become better at whatever it is you’re trying to do before you can pull it off. Still, you have to try to get better. What’s the problem? What on earth is the problem with that?

    M’apologies to Zac for using this blog as a mouthpiece. I really should get around to making my own, if only to help myself get an overview of my thoughts.

    Hey, that’s a thought. What the fuck am I still here for? I’ve evidently got things that need doing. Thanks for the kick in the arse, Zac.

  31. @ Zac: My first thought was A-FUCKING-MEN BROTHER!!! Sure I’m a few years late, but I just found this Braindamaged series and decided to work through it (told you I’d find some tasty nuggets!).

    This is all about Morality. A personal set of ethics, or rather ‘muthafuckin power’, as you so quaintly put it. Reminds me of Neitzsche’s master v. slave morality. “But what if everybody did anything they wanted to.” Uh, that’s what happens anyway, they just blindly choose to be “moral” b/c mommy & the preacher said to. It’s like hakim bey 😉 wrote : Not only have the chains of the law been broken, they never existed. I loved the ranting, I found it quite tastful & appropriate. But this can be made in to very complex & tricky subject, because imho, it is such a subtle thing. “Holy shit, you mean can anybody can do anything at anytime?? What does that meannn???” It means CHOOSE!

    I can’t wait to start knockin out my muthafuckin list!! thx, S.S.

  32. Hey, for some reason I thought this was part of the Augoeides series. Whatever, it doesn’t matter. This is the piece that punched me on my stomach. At the point I finished reading, I didn’t cared about who was Zac, and what right he had to say stuff like this to me – I was caring about my own fucking life. I could get angry and defensive, but why? I could only lose a crucial opportunity to put my life in question and choose where I’m going. Thanks (again) Zac, and more power to you!

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